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Paper Flowers

In my field of paper flowers,
and candy clouds of lullaby
I lie inside myself for hours
and watch my purple sky fly over me- Imaginary, Evanescence

Ok so this one went through quite the journey. I  wanted to do something  for  Ariadne Arca's challenge. Originally for  "paper" I was going to do something with Sorcha and Elden on a desk, shoving files out of the way for their kiss.  

Then Mei, still stuck in fairyland  started piping up about pretty paper butterflies.

Then I tried that and the butterflies SUCKED

Then I listened to the evanescence song above whilst looking at a picture of frost flowers and voila field of paper flowers and a kiss! These are the two protagonists of my latest novel in progress: Carterhaugh, a large chunk of which is set in Fairyland so a field full of paper flowers under a purple sky seems entirely appropriate and JUST about fit Ariadne's theme :D

Pose from Arcane Catharsis' stock…
As usual I used  a transparent layer and a stock photo to help me with the pose outline, then went to town with it to change up the picture and make it my own in my continuing effort to master the wacom.

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Eeee, this is great! I'm not as familiar with these characters, but I hope the novel's going well!
DarthVengeance0325's avatar
Oh dear. ._. That challenge does exist doesn't it. I should probably get on making something this year...
SaffyLailo's avatar
I win by default :P

Not that it was ever a contest rather than a challenge but I'm pleased I got something done for it :D
DarthVengeance0325's avatar
You win. *bow* I may try something from the alt but it's getting rather late in the month for it, isn't it?