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I haven't been on deviantart much. That's probably a good thing.

No, don't get me wrong. This is a great site for sharing art, just not for creating it. To all of the young artists currently using this site.. please don't take it too seriously. Don't be afraid to ask all the wrong questions. Great art is not easy to make, and popularity is only a symbol of how commercialist art has become, not a measure of its authenticity.

But this isn't a diatribe; it's supposed to be about me. Wow, this feels self-indulgent. So let's go through three years of personal development in one journal, mm?

Art-wise, I've put a lot more thought to the concept behind my work before I'm distracted by the execution. I also want to connect art and science/math together--if you've taken differential equations, you'll know how beautiful and elegant the models are. Both art and math are ruled by abstract symbols trying to grasp a bit of the unknown.

Last June, I had the privilege of going to New York's Carnegie Hall for the Scholastic Art and Writing ceremony. It was exhilarating and magical; I got to explore almost all of NY and its many districts, and see the flows of people. I also met other artists much more talented than me, and by talented I mean hard working (of course). I saw Meryl Street speak in person.

Then I went to China for a couple weeks, visiting family and consequently bursting the bubble of self-complacency I had put upon myself. I saw a c-section, the little lives of those in the country people never write books about.

Then I went to the Summer Science Program. At the beginning of the year I had written a resolution to make 6 new friends.. at SSP, I made 36. Through sleepless nights and silliness, it made me realize how much I wanted to pursue research, science and math.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and college applications were no fun. No one wants to compact themselves into 500 words and then be judged so impersonally. Luckily, one university accepted me--UChicago. I'm telling the truth when I say that you're being an absolute idiot if you think Ivies compose the pinnacle of college education. But I won't go into that...

How have you all been?
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ctrl-4lt-d3lHobbyist Writer
No offense, but you kind of only applied to Ivies? It's good to see you back on DA, I'm not really active though.
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Saffy-in-the-CloudsStudent General Artist
obviously chicago is an ivy. :P
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ctrl-4lt-d3lHobbyist Writer
I consider it ivy level.