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I looked around and found I was in my room. Was it a dream? When I started to get up I notice my ass was sore. No it wasn't a dream. My sister had taken all my girl clothes off except for a pair of panties and she had put me in my boy clothes. I got up going to look for her. She was in the kitchen and I hugged her.
"Hey Sapphy," Monica said with a smile. "How are you feeling? I changed you clothes cause I wasn't sure if you were going to wake up before mom and dad got here."
"I'm feeling better," I said groggily. "That was amazing."
"Just wait until you get with Candy. The real thing feels so much better."
"I don't know about that."
"Honey it doesn't matter whether she has a cock or not. It's rather do you like her? Are you attracted to her?"
"Maybe a little. She very pretty."
"Girl she is gorgeous. I love it when she was fucking me missionary style and our boobs were breast together. Mmmmm honey I loved that." I had to admit, I see that visual and it was a pretty erotic image. "Help me make dinner." I never help in the kitchen but I felt that I belonged there. It seemed that I loved cooking and we giggled over dinner until my parents got home. After dinner I also helped sis wash dishes, per her request. Again it wasn't as bad as I thought. I went to bed that night with my panties on under my boxers.

It has been a few weeks since I last dressed. At least one of my parents has been home so I couldn't dress as Sapphire as I would like. But then my parents did leave again for 4 days. As soon as they were out of the driveway that evening, Monica grabbed me and threw me in the shower and told me to get Sapphire ready. I did as I was told using the hair remover, shaving my face, and washing my body with her soap. When I got out I smelt like a girl and I loved it. I went into her bed room and she was there in a tight latex body suit. It showed every sexy curve and detail of her body. You could see that she was wearing nipple rings. Her hair was up in a sexy Elvira style, and her make up seemed demanding.
"I have your outfit ready on the bed," she told me is a sultry voice. "Hurry up and put it on." I looked on the bed and saw a lot a latex items. First I put on latex panties that hid my dick pretty well. Next were the fake breast the I stuck on my chest. Next was a latex mini dress that hugged my body like a glove. I felt so sexy in it. Next were the latex leggings. They slipped on my legs that was tight they were secured by the garters on the dress. It felt sexy as hell. Next were the knee high 6 inch platform boots. These made me feel tall yet so slutty. I felt like a hooker. Monica then helped me into some latex gloves. She blued up my make up and put a new wig on my head that seemed to swirl around my face and cover my right eye. I looked in the mirror and I looked like a sexy fetish slut. She wrapped a collar around my neck clipped a leash on it and led me out of the house and into her car.

We picked up Dizzy and Didi. Holding hands as they came down the walk look all smoking. Dizzy wore black latex shorts with a pvc belt straps for a top, 5 inch spiked heels, and a black leather over coat over that. Didi of course wore very little and didn't care who saw. With black tape Xed over her nipples, 7 inch hooker boots, And a black thong that just doesn't leave much covered. She also had long black latex gloves. Her gloves and boots were the only things that covered up the most of her body. They hoped into Monica's car and kissed each of us hello.
"Sapphire you look very pretty tonight," Dizzy said with a grin. "I love the sex slave look."
"Thank you I think," I said wondering what she meant as sex slave. We made our way to the same club we went to last time. Again we had to break up the two rug munchers in the back so we can go in. There was a different bouncer and as he let us into the club which seemed to have a different feel to it. I now know why dizzy said "sex slave". It seemed to have turned into a bondage club. The leash had pulled me to my senses and to face Monica.
"This is why I have a collar and leash on you," she told me sternly. "It is for your own safety. Any one could collar you and mistreat you here."
"Then why did you bring me here?" I asked her nervously. "I don't know if I want to be here."
"Cause I want you as a my sex pet for the night. To show you off. Plus also see if we can find Candy or find you a date for the night." She was looking for someone to take me home? I don't know about that. She walked me around showing me off like a prized trophy. She talked to some Ladies as she called them, and told them of what I was like. Monica didn't seemed to thank she was going to find any one. She also couldn't find candy. A few guy took interest in me but Monica told them I was pure lesbian. She was about to give up hope till her eyes looked as if they were sparkling. She led me to a smoking redhead with DD breast the seemed to wanna burst the corset that contained them.She wore black pvc pants and latex gloves that went up to her shoulders.
"Karen!" she exclaimed.
"Monica!" the red head yelled over the noise of the club.Monica pulled me over to her by the leash. As I got closer I could see that this woman was at least about 30, beautiful makeup. When they got to each other they hugged like they were old friends."How are you Doll?", Monica asked Karen.
"I'm good honey," Karen responded. she spoke with a British accent which was so sexy. I wonder if it's real or fake like my sister's. "And who is this lovely girl?"
"This is my sister Sapphire. She is my sluty sister for the night but I'm looking for someone to take her home tonight. She has a extra component if you know what I mean." she winked after she said that.
"Dose she now?" Karen then looked at me. "Is that true little girl? Do you have a boy clit?"
I couldn't talk. She was so beautiful but I was so embarrassed. I so wasn't sure what to say. It was then that Monica slapped my ass and pulled on my leash. "Answer her my sissy slut."
"Ummm yes Karen I do," I muttered. I was turning red but Monica yanked on my leash again.
"Sissy you do not say just plain 'Karen'. It is Lady Karen to you. Try again."
"I'm sorry, Lady Karen. Yes I have a boy clit."
"That's so hot. I haven't had a t-gurl for a sub in a long time. Is she trained?"
"Working on it love," Monica responded. "She's only been dressing for a few weeks."
"Ah then she needs lots doesn't she?"
"Very. Trying to find her someone to jump start her, if you know what I mean. Are you looking for some company tonight?"
"I have been a little lonely since I let my last boy go. You letting me use her for the night?"
"Mmm yes. Don't be to hard on her. She is still budding and the only sex she's had is me banging her with a strap on the other night."
"A virgin in most ways then?"
"Yes she is. You remember candy don't you? Candy Stevenson?"
"Mmm yes. She is so tasty."
"Sapphire here likes her."
"Oh, have thing for your own kind, girl?"
"Umm I don't know, Lady Karen." I responded."
"Dose it matter sugar? Dose what she have under her dress matter to you whether she is a beautiful girl or not? Don't you think she's beautiful?"
"Yes Lady Karen, I do."
"Then accept her as a women."
"Yes Lady Karen."
"Good sissy girl. Can I have her now, Monica?"
"Sure sweety," my sister responded. The leash changed hands and Monica kissed me good bye. "Be a good girl for her. She is one of my best friends and lovers."
"I will sister."
"Sweet girl." she hugged and kissed Karen and then I was led out of the club.

She led me to her black German made car and opened the door for me. As I got in she closed the door and walks to her side and got in. "Ready for an adventure sissy?" she ask after turning on her car.
"Yes Lady Karen," I responded. "At least I think so. I have really haven't had sex before."
"I will be a point." She winked at me after that. She made a little small talk until we got to her house. It was a tall thin 3 story house. The paint was dark brown with dark red shutters. As she open the door for me she lead me up to the right side of the front of the house up the stairs(the main floor is the second level) and she unlocks the door and leads me in."Please have a seat on the couch and make your self at home. I'll pour us some drinks." I sat on her brown leather couch as I looked around her living room. She seemed to have a classic style as her book shelf has old books, her nick-nacks and table lamps look antique, and her places just feels old but good and classy. As I was looking around I saw her come back with two glasses of wine. "Here sweety, something to calm you down a little."
"But I'm underage."
"Not in the country of England sweety." She took a sip of wine. "Plus I'm only offering you one glass. It will only relax you, Sapphire. By the way, I see why your sister named you Sapphire. Your eyes sparkle like them. Very beautiful."
"Thank you Lady Karen."
"Your quite welcome." She let a hand fall on my legs and rubs them. It sent shivers up my spine. =13px"You are a very beautiful sissy. What are you doing for school?"
"Umm my father wanted me to go into law."
"But I didn't ask that, Sapphire. I ask what are you doing?"
"I want to go into art. I'm a pretty good artiest. But my dad won't allow it." She looks upset.
"I'm actually and art professor at a local collage. I would love to see your work. Maybe give your father some incentive to let you come to school there. What do you think?"
"I would love that Lady Karen. I just hope he would go for it."
"Enough talk sugar. Let us be in the now." She reached up higher into my skirt, and felt up my my crotch. I sighed and laid back and let her feel me up. Her hands felt wonderful to me. Of course my penis was tucked into my thong. She pulled the thong away and let it out of it's prison. She grabbed my dick and stroked it hard and slowly. I breathed in and out.
"Just lean back and relax," she told me. "I'll do all of the work. Well except when I have you lick my pussy." She winked at me as she bend down to take my clit into her mouth. She had no problem deep throating me. I was in haven as my first ever blow job was happening. I couldn't help put open my sissy mouth a moan like a little girl. Her mouth felt wonderful moving up and down, her saliva dripping all over.
"Lady Karen," I shouted in a high pitched voice. "I'm going to cum. Please may I cum?" She pulled off my cock and looked into my eyes.
"I did not tell you to cum sissy."
"No Lady Karen you didn't."
"Bad little girls who cum before their Mistress tells them they can, get's punished. You don't want to get punished do you?"
"No My Lady."
"Good slut." She paused a minute while still stroking my dick. "You are a slut aren't you?" I froze cause I had no idea how to answer that.
"I don't know My Lady."
"Hmmm unsure. Well any one who lust after Candy like you do has to be a little slut. Cause that's all she fucks....slutsn" she grinned after she said that. I must be a slut then cause my mind went to that night I met Candy. Her ass and breast were wonderful....even though they were covered up a bit. It's just the fact that she had a cock in her pants that made me wonder. I felt my cock twitch and so did Lady Karen, who giggled. So I answered her. "I guess I must be a slut My Lady." I look down as if I was ashamed. She saw this and smiled.
"Don't be sad, love. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There are bad sluts.....and then there are good sluts. The good sluts are little sissies like you. Innocent at first but very very wild later. The bad sluts are the ones who flaunt it and then get mad when someone calls them "sluts". Those bitches I can't stand. But I adore sissies. And I adore you." With that she went right back to sucking my cock. And again I was in heaven.
I couldn't handle it I was going to cum. "Lady Karen...I'm going to cum...may I please?" I ask quickly. She let go of my cock in responce.
"No not yet little girl," she told me with what sounded like love. "I need to pop your cherry tonight." She got up and un zipped her pants and took off her corset. Her naked body was beautiful. Her DD breasts look full and perfectly round. each nipple was adorned with gold ring piercings. Her belly button was also had a gold ring as well as her clit. That has to be the most erotic thing I have ever seen. She laied back on the couch and said only one word, "lick." I didn't move for a second and when I did, I leaned over her and licked her neck down to her breast. I took the time to suck, lick, and nibble on each nipple and breast. She moaned as I did, as I was licking a woman's body for the first time. My clit was hard as a rock as I pleasured this magnificent woman. I left her breast knowing what she really wanted and headed south. I stopped at her navel and licked it and it's ring. Then I moved lower and looked at her pussy, her wet pussy. Her clit was protruding out form it's hood with that beautiful golden ring adoring it. I leaned over and carefully licked the ring. Karen sighed, and I did it once again. And over and over I did it again. I made love to her wonderful pussy then biting licking and sucking her gorgeous lips. Her juices poured out and her flavor tasted wonderful. I drank from it more loving this wonderful experience. She was moaning and crying and gushing. I don't know how many time I made her cum but my face was covered in her wetness and her lower body was drenched. She finally pushed me back panting, sweat covered her body. her breast was heaving and looked wonderful wet with sweat. She caught her breath for a minute and looked at me with a grin.
"You, my love,"she paused before she continued, "Are a gifted pussy licker. That was wonderful. i haven't had anyone lick me like that in a long time. Thank you."

She then preceded to get me up on the couch and pushed my back on the couch. she straddled me and the grabbed my clit.
"I'm going to fuck your little clit, my slut," Karen said as she lowered herself on my clit. It was my first time fucking a woman. And the feel of her pussy was wonderful. She began to get wet again as she began to move up and down. "Is this what you want, my slut?" her pussy muscles started to tighten. I was on the edge.
"Miss...Miss Karen!" I moaned loudly. "I'm....I....I can't last to much longer."
"Awww dose the sissy slut need to cum?" Sweat was dripping off the both of us. "Beg for it slut. Beg to cum."
"Please, please Miss Karen. May this sissy slut have permission to cum for you?"
"Mmmm nope try harder. More passion little girl." she picked up speed even though I was going to cum."
"Please oh wonderful Miss Karen, may this sissy slut give herself to you and cum for you, Miss, please?!"
"Ohh are you willing to give yourself totally to me? Totally be My slut? And your sister's?"
"My..... my sister, Miss Karen?"
"Mmm yes. She owns you anyway, but I want to hear it."
"Yes Miss I give my self to both you and my sister Monica."
"Yes Miss Karen. please please let me cum!"
"Then call me Mistress Karen slut."
"Ohhh please!"
"Mistress Karen. Or I will get off of you."
"Please Mistress Karen may I cum for you? Oh please!"
"Yes slut cum in me. Oh yes yes!" We came together at the same time. I don't know how much I dumped into her wet pussy but a lot of it and her pussy cream flowed out of her. I couldn't keep my eyes open and I must have passed out.
Sapphire Ch 3
Sapphire wakes up back in his boy clothes but still feels the remnets of the night before. But monica isn't done with him as later he dolls her back up and takes him back out this time it's fetish night and monica introduses her to a old friend.

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Monica turned off the water and took a big fluffy towel and dried me off. She then took some pink lotion. She rubbed it all over me, spreading it here and there except my crotch. When she felt that it was into my skin good she grabbed a towel and led me by the hand to her bed. She laid the towel on the bed and told me to lay on it. She went back into the bath room and came back with some razors, shaving cream, and a bowl of water.
"Now you little 'clit' needs shaving," Monica said. She was wearing a see through silk robe. "Spread your legs for me, sugar." I did as she asked and she took some shaving cream and covered my penis and balls with it. She also spread some in my ass crack. She then took the razor and started shaving my private area. Oohhhh mmyyyyy gggoooooddd! It was so erotic. Monica kept touching and pulling on my cock and it was as hard as it ever was.
"Mmmmm," she moaned. "You are enjoying this little sister. Look at your clit. It so un-lady like." She then started shaving my crack. "Mmm have to clean around your little 'pussy', love. A girl need to be clean down there." I sighed, feeling the cold blade of the razor caresses my skin on my ass crack and actual anus. My sister smiled at me and did the unthinkable. She pushed the handle of the razor at my back door treating to push it in.
"Sis," I moaned." I'm not ready for that. Please." I don't think at the time I would have ever been ready.
"As you wish, darling." She pulled the razor away and washed it in the bowl. Sis then wiped my crotch area with the towel and put more lotion on my cock and ass area. I moaned cause it felt so good. Monica commented on it. "Love we will have to get you off soon but not right now, we have to get you dressed." She stood me up and I looked down at my body. I was so smooth. I looked in a mirror. If I hide my cock, I would look like a little teen age girl. Monica woke me up by throwing me a pair of blue boy shorts.
"Put those on," Monica demanded. I did as she told me, trying to do something with my cock. She walked over to me with a blue and black corset. "Get ready to suck in to get your figure, love." She wrapped the garment around me and told me to suck in. She laced me up then pulled, pushing the air out of me, or so I thought. She put the heel of her foot on my butt and pushed it and pulled the corset harder. I didn't think I could breathe. "Looking good is hard work sugar, but now you have a girly figure. Now let's get you something under you." She went into her closet and rummage around. She came out with what looked like a curtain. She took it and wrapped it around my waist. She buttoned it at the side. It was black with a few blue sparkles here and there. She then sat me down and rolled fish net thigh highs on my legs. Each one was a sexual experience. I shivered.
"Since you haven't walked in heels yet," Monica said. "These little 2 inch heel shoes will do." They were black and shiny. I was a little wobblely but with Monica helping me leading me around the room, it became a lot easier. Monica then sat me at her vanity and made up my face. Blue all over. Lips, eyes, everything. Some black too. When she was done, Monica told me not to look into the mirror and that she will be right back. I did as she told me but so wanting to turn around at her vanity. I have to admint that I was looking forward to seeing what I look like. She came back with a wig.... a blue one. She fitted it to my head and fluffed it here and there and stood back.
"Wow, doll," Monica said with a smile. "I should be in the make over business. Come to the full length mirror sweety so you can see the whole thing." She walked me over there to her closet door and I gasp. There looking at me in the mirror was a very pretty goth girl. She had long blue hair to her shoulders , fantastic make up, and her figure was totally a woman's with the corset squeezing her. She...I looked beautiful. Monica hugged me.
"I knew I had a sister in there some where," Monica gushed. "You look amazing. A lot better then what I thought."
"I look amazing," I said as I gazed at my self. I rubbed my hands all over my body. I shivered with each caress. "Ohh my god I even feel sexy."
"Feels great doesn't it?" I nodded. "Come on." She then threw me a little purse. "Let's go."
"Go????? Go where?" I now was scared as hell. "You didn't say anything about going any where."
"Do I have too?" She grabbed my hand and lead me out of her room, down the stairs, out of the house and to her car. She opened the car door for me and helped me into it. She got in to the other side and drove out of the drive way and to where ever we are going.
Then we pulled up to a house I know well. It was Dizzy's and Didi's house. Monica's lesbian friends. And there was nothing about them that says normal lesbian couple either. Monica open my door and helped me up out of the car. We walked up to the door and Monica knocked on it. Didi answered it. The rave goddess continues to amaze me. Her hair was dual cotton candy as in pink and cotton candy blue. She was mostly exposed with pink boy like undies on and a blue and pink striped bikini top. The top seemed ready to bust to her DDD breast and seemed to be unable to contain them. She grinned at both of us.
"Who is this Monica, dear," she said after giving Monica a hug.
"This is my new sister, Sapphire," Monica answered with pride. "Isn't she beautiful?"
"Delicious, please come in." She led us in to the living area which was a mixed of cute and goth furniture and nick knacks. Hello kitty pillows on a huge black leather couch. Also on that couch was Didi's "wife," Dizzy. Dizzy is the total opposite of her mate as she has natural shoulder length red hair. To say she's butch would be totally wrong as she is wearing a mid thigh length camouflage dress with what looks like a aviator tan jacket with pilot patches and everything. She was the butch of the two but she was far from it. Her lips covered in camo green. She was just putting on 4 in heel combat boots. Totally not butch.
"Damn monica," she exclaimed. "Is that really Steave?" I blushed at her statement, almost proud that Dizzy and Didi thought I looked hot.
"There is no more Steave," Monica said with the sexiest voice. "For now on she is to be called Sapphire."
"And a lovely blue gem she is." We sat there chatting as Didi went to finish getting ready. Well that's what she said. Ready for what I wondered. Now I have had jerk off fantasies about these two woman. Though I didn't have to imagine much as usually if you leave the two of them together long enough(like 5 minutes) they will start to fondle and make out. Usually nipples and pussies will be exposed and orgasms are not far behind. In front of me and my sister. So do you see the reason for my masturbation? Dizzy came back wearing nothing much else as what she had on earlier. The undies and the bra was still on and expose as she added 6 inch pink mules with leg warmers of both pink and blue with layered silk and fishnet stockings. She had light blue arm warmers and added those cyber dreads clip-ons into her hair. Her make up was also pink and blue on her eyes and lips with a pink hello kitty band aid on her cheek. She sat down and of course started to make out with Dizzy. Monica cleared her throat.
"Ahem. Can we go now?"
"Go where?" I asked. I was getting nervous. Where were they taking me?
"Ohh so sorry, love. I forgot to tell you." She was grinning from ear to ear. "We're going to Passion Nights. Ready?" She took my hand and helped me up. The two lesbians got up with us but pretty much still foundling each other. We all packed into Monica's car and drove into the early evening while the sun was just setting. I was worried. I had no idea she was taking me clubbing. With Dizzy and Didi on top of that. Totally weird. When we pulled up to the club's parking lot I looked into the back seat to see Dizzy's hand in Didi's undies. I looked at the wide eyed.
"Ladies we're here," my sister exclaimed. "Stop fingering each other. You carpet munchers can do that inside." They giggled as they got out. Dizzy winked at me and licked and sucked on her fingers. I totally got hard in my panties. We got to the door and saw a big black bouncer. I was freaking out cause I knew he was going make me as a dude and keep me from going in. Not to mention that he has to look at my ID. But the girls seem to know him. And when he talked it totally blew my mine that he talked like most gay men.
"Giiiirls how are you?" the big black gay bouncer exclaimed.
"I'm great, George," Monica responded. So George is his name. weird. "How are you?"
"Mmm girlfriend I doing good. Hi Dizzy, hi Didi. You all look fabulous. Ohh Didi your about to fall out girl. Let me help you back in that." He went and fondles her boobs back behind the thin and small prison of her skimpy bikini bra. "There you go girl."
"Thanks George," Didi said happily. "Dizzy had her hand on them all the way here."
"Mm girl I had no doubt. And who is this lovely young thing in blue?" He eyed me, like he wanted me for lunch. I was shaken in my boots.
"This is Sapphire," Monica said as matter of factlly. "My sister. Younger sister. It's her first night out. She just came alive today. She been brooding in her dinghy room in ugly boi clothes and just being a boy." It's a official. My sister is a total bitch. Ohh how I love her though.
"Mmm nice to meet you girl."
"Ahahh sapphire is a total lesbian. We're going hunting for females. Well at least people who look female." She winked at him.
"Well little Miss Sapphire, if you change you mind about what you like in a lover give me a call."
I stared at him wide eyed and scurried past him into the club. Monica took my arm and asked me if I was ok. I told her I was a little but still scared. She kissed me on the cheek and patted my butt telling me we should be dancing. I fallowed her to the floor and we shook our booties. The club was obviously a combination of a gay bar and a goth club. People were in dark clothes, over whelming hair, and crazy make up. Both men and women. I seemed to blend in with the people that always wanted to stick out. After awhile she went and got me a soda, and we mingled with her friends at the club. I was separated about 10 feet with her. I started to talk to this goth girl who had strawberry blond hiar with black tips. She was charming and sweet. She told me she liked my outfit and that her name was Candy. I loved her outfit too. She was wearing a latex body suit that shows off her cleavage. She wore that with latex spiked heels and a red leather jacket. She asked me if I wanted to dance. I said sure but I was so nervous. We danced a little together while chatting.
"Is such a breath of fresh air to have more girls like me running around in here," she said as we danced. "I mean there are but not totally like me. I love your style girl." I was totally confused. There were a bunch of goth girls or girls in latex. What other kind of girl is she talking about? Monica collected me at that time.
"Hi Candy," she said as she walked up. They knew each other. Didn't surprised me to much.
"Hi Monica. How are you sweety?"
"I'm good hon thanks. I'm taken my sister home. We totally have to go."
"Ohh. I'm sorry to see you leave." she kisses my cheek and whispered into my ear, "tell your sister to give you my phone number." She winked at me and walk away. I watched her ass until it disappeared into the crowd. Monica and the other girls piled into her car. Dizzy and Didi looks like they had a few orgasms since they were in there. They look like they had a few drinks too. They still were making out all the way home. I was blushing and trying not look back at them. When we finally got them home they kissed us both and walk in the house arm in arm. When we got home my sister took me into her room and hugged me close to her. She kissed me, not as a sister but as a lover, frenching and using a lot of tongue. I kissed her back only cause I was lost in the passion. She pushed me unto her bed and straddled me going back to kissing me as she undone the knot of my skirt wrap. She took off her own dress and laid next to me. she continue to kiss me while taking my hand and putting them in her panties.
"Push you finger into me sweety," she told me in a husky sexy voice. As I did I felt her wetness and warmth of her pussy. "That's it sweety. Fuck me with your fingers." I continued to pump them in and out feeling her get wetter and wetter. While I was doing that she put her own hand into my panties. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke it causing the head to rub up against the panties which was driving me crazy. We laid there for what seemed 20 minutes jacking each other off. I was going cum so hard I could feel it. Monica was now totally drenching my hand. she was close too. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I blew my load into her hand and panties. This seemed to turn her on as Monica came too. My hand was flooded with her pussy juices. We were panting hard as well as sweating a little bit. We held each other and I knew I went to sleep.
When I woke up the next day it was my last as sapphire for awhile. Sis was already up and she walked into the room and told me to take a shower. She helped me out of my corset and ushered me into the shower. I washed myself with my sister's soups and shampoo. I loved it. As I got out, Monica held out a towel and helped me dry off. She then put the wig back on me, followed by a blue pleaded skirt, and a black pvc tank top. She helped me into stay up stockings that were black and some 4 inch heels. She didn't put me in panties saying some girls just don't wear them when they go out. she winked at me.
"Don't worry love," she said with a grin. "We're not going out today. Just relaxing and chilling." True to her word we did. We hung out in front of the tv cuddling kissing on the couch. Her hand was constantly up my skirt stroking my exposed cock. She also was rubbing her finger over my asshole. It felt different and after awhile very good. She even pushed a finger in me a little. I sighed totally aroused and hold on to her tightly. "Now my love it's time for your training." Training? She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She told me to kneel on the floor and I did as she told me before she walked into her closet. She came out without her jeans on and a strap on dildo to her waist. "This doll is your training," she said holding her "rod" with the biggest grin on her face.
"Training?", I question her. I was totally afraid.
"Yes, if you want to get with Candy you have to learn to take a cock."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well she has one." She winked at me when she said that.
"A strap on?"
"No, honey. A real cock."
"What?! she's a guy like me?"
"Well no, she's a transsexual." A transsexual?
"Mmm yes. She has wonderful breast, and then a wonderful 9 inch cock."
"Wha wha what?"
"Mmmhmm and I've been fucked by it. It was awesome to have her cock in me while our breast mashed against each other." She pushed me on the bed. "now I have to train you to take her."
"But I don't want her if she's a guy."
"Sis, if you told her that, it would break her heart. She lives as a woman all the time. There is no way she's a guy anymore. Your not much of a guy right now. So you have no room to talk." she lifted me up on my hands and knees. "And I saw the lust in your eyes when she walked away. You want her just as much as she wants you." She lifted the hem of my skirt and pushed a lubed finger into my ass. Then two, working her fingers into me opening up my ass for her strap on. "Are you ready my dear sweet sister?"
"Uhh I think so." I was so turned on I wanted to do anything to get off.
"Good enough for me." She touched the tip of her cock to my awaiting anus and pushed. It felt so big that I didn't think I could take it. "Monica it hurts," I cried out.
"Only at the beginning," she coed. "If you relax and let me push it all the way it will become extreme pleasure. Trust me. I've done this with other guys and sissies too." She pushed in farther and I did relax and I felt the head get all the way inside me. I squealed like a girl and my cock was rock hard. She eased it in some more and then I felt her hips bump into my ass.
"Ooo took it all in," she teased as she ran her nails across my ass cheeks. "Such a big girl your becoming. I love it. If you can take this you can take candy." She moved out slowly till I felt only the tip remained in me. I was moaning so loud. I wanted it back inside me. She read my mine as she pushed back into me. Then back out. Then she really started to fuck me and I loved it. Here I was dressed as a total goth slut having my sister fuck me with her strap on. I cried out for her to fuck me faster. And she did. Monica picked up the pace saying all types of nasty things while slapping my ass more and more. I loved it as I knew I couldn't hold on to much longer. I told her I was about to cum.
"Ohh good sis," she panted." Cum with me sweetie. This is making me so wet and horny. I'm there ohh yes cum you slutty sister of mine. Ohh yes!" I felt wetness run down my legs as she just came all over my ass. That did it for me as I exploded with a scream. I fell on my face and my crotch and cock fell into my own cream. Monica landed on my back, her cock still embedded into me. I must have past out cause I seemed to awoke from a dream.
Sapphire: ch 2
Monica dolls up her new sister and takes her out on the town. The newly dressed Sapphire is taken to Monica's lesbian besties Dizzy and DiDi. off to a club they go as Sapphire gets more and more into her new self when she meets a hot new friend. 

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Characters for a new story, Jade's Vlog. There are a lot of characters in this story so I'm going to forget a few so I am putting all of them down here. These are only the characters I have so far, and in order of appearance.  

Jayden Munroe: Our Vlogger. Everything in story is Jade and his(her) nightly vlogs. Each chapter is a day in her life from Jade's perspective once arriving in Queenston.

Jack the cabby: Jack picks Jayden up from the train station on the first night in town. If you want to picture Jack as the ghost of Christmas present from Scrooged.

Kimberly Williams: Night clerk of the Hotel Queens. The pretty redhead is the first Girl Jayden meets.

Tina Troy: Morning clerk of Hotel Queens. The blonde who seems to always flirt with Jayden when he shows up.

Tiffany Stevenson: The Maid waitress of the hotel restaurant. She really likes Jayden. Tiff will become a love interest.

Samantha Silver: This MILF owns a new age type mystic store. She always wears tight sweaters and skirts. She seems motherly and later become Jayden's landlord.

Trina Lopez: Assistant to Piper's boutique. She is visiting Samantha while Jayden is looking around.

Piper Reid: Jayden's first boss who just happens to run a lingerie boutique. And Jayden isn't the first guy to work there. She's a take no prisoner Irish red-head.

Stacy Honey: One of the workers at the arcade. This curvy girl invites Jayden to a special event happening that Saturday.

Steve Larson: Steve owns the computer store in town. He helps Jayden out to getting a new computer. which will be shipped later.

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My old name was Steave. Back when I was 18 I was a pretty sorry excuse for a guy, 5'5" 150 lbs. I was nothing. Though my dad wanted me to be some big shot lawyer. It isn't me. I'm more of an artist but my dad is always wanting me to fill out applications to all these major law schools. I didn't want them so I have been putting them off. Thank god I did. It happened one day when I was in my room playing video games. Then my older sister, Monica walks in. She oozes gothic sex all the time. Today she was wearing an old ripped up motley crue shirt, pleated leather skirt and blue and red fishnets. Her hair color of the week was midnight blue...or was it purple. It was too dark to know. She use to look normal, but as soon as she turned 18(she was 24 at that time) she went out got a few tattoos, got everything pierced (and I mean everything), and dressed like a total slut....well a goth slut. She told our dad that she was going to school for graphics but in reality, she majored in law. She wouldn't give the old man the smirk he would have had had she did tell him she was taking law. She did it in a small school and she dose help people and charge them less then most only because she one of the sweetest people I know.
Just out of collage not even 2 months and she has won 5 cases already. And they were really big pay offs too even with her low price. She was only staying at the house until she got the final strings of her house straighten. Yes she is already about to buy a house. She was so lucky. She is doing something she loved and I was being forced to do something I hate. She smiled with her black lipstick and sat down next to me.
"Hello Brother," she said as she sat down next to me. She put her arm around my shoulder. "I'm in a pickle." now we were American. Many generations of Americans. My sister likes to chat with an English accent. For no reason that I knew of. And to my dismay I loved it. I love it when she spoke like that. At the time it was wrong and I couldn't help it. "There is something I want."
"What is that, Monica?" I asked her.
"I want a sister." Now she didn't say sister. she said sista. That accent again. I wanted to shiver.
"Go ask dad and mom to make another one. What do you want me to do about it? Go adopt?"
"No silly. Dad stopped fucking mum, after you were born."
"That doesn't surprise me. He would be like, 'It's a boy. My heir.' I swear if I was a girl it would be like henry the 8th again."
"That's so fucking true." She pushed her DD boobs into my arm and nuzzled me. "I wish you were a girl. We would have mad fun."
"What are you talking about."
"I want to do sister things with you dear brother. Even some naughty things."
"Wha wha no that's wrong."
"Why is that? Cause we're siblings?"
"Well yeah that one reason."
"Boring little brother. Stop that. You're a useless male. Let me make you a girl."
"Wh wh why?"
"Beacuse I want to help you sweety."
"Help me with what?"
"Yo get laid. Stupid little brother."
" Wha wha.... why?"
"Cause you never gonna get a girl looking like that. At least not a good looking one. You better off finding someone that likes little sissy girls."
"But I don't want to be a sissy. Your being absurd."
"So." she then whispered. "I'm doing this to help you. Say yes."I had no idea what to do. Was she promising that I might get laid? I don't know. It's hard to change your life. "You know brother dear," she spoke in that lovely tongue. "Father hate's the fact that your an artist so much he doesn't acknowledge it. I can help you with that as well." I draw good. Really good. Though I don't think I'm great. Is she now wanting to help me with my carrier as well?
"Wha...what do I have to do?" I asked.
"Simple. Say yes to being a girl, my sister." Think. Think of something about it that would not help me. But I couldn't, not that she couldn't fix anyway. My sister was very smart.
"You promise to help me with everything?"
"We would be sisters sweety," she whispered into my ear ending shivers up my spin and back down."I would never do anything to hurt you or you wouldn't want yourself."
".....Alright. You can make me into a girl I guess."
"Splendid! Let's go to my room and get you changed." She grabbed my arm and brought me to her room. More like dragging. She took me to her in-room bathroom and just as easy as you pleased told me to strip off everything.
"Everything?" I stuttered.
"No sugar, you can take a shower in your undies. Of course everything. Please don't let me spank you on the first day, dear." Did she say spank? Of course the threat made me move just a little faster. Once I got everything off I covered my cock. My small 5 inch cock."Ohh don't be so modest," she gushed."I've seen it before. You don't have to cover." She took a tube of purple gel and squeezed it into her hand. She then proceeded to rub it all over me except on my cock. My chest, back, ass, underarms, and legs were covered. She then took and egg timer and then turned it to 4 minutes.
"When that goes off get into the shower and wash it off." She then walked out. Now Monica never told me what the stuff was but I trust her. Then it stated to sting and burn a little. Ouch it fucking hurt. When I felt I couldn't take it any more, the timer went off. I jumped into the shower and turned it on and washed it off quick. Then I saw my body hair go. She used hair remover. She was really trying to turned me into a girl. Monica walked in just then. I turned red all over. She was totally naked. I tried not to look.
"Ohh look at you all smooth,"she said with a grin. "Ohh don't be so bashful. We're sisters after all. You shouldn't be so modest." She joined me in the shower and grabbed one of her puffy sponges and soaked it in her girly soap. She then started to soap me down. I totally got hard. "Ohh sis that's naughty." She winked at me. "We will have to take care of that later." She then washed my hair with both shampoo and conditioner....twice.

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My eyes open. It was a blinding light at first. But then when my eyes adjusted I found myself in what looked like a recovery room. Most of my body burned. Or felt like it was. As I went to rub my face I noticed it felt smoother. They must have shaved my face......really good. I felt no stubble at all. Maybe that's why my body feels so hot. They did that laser hair removal thing I have heard about. But my whole body felt different though. As I rubbed my hands over my chest the pressure was tremendous. My breasts seemed like they were bigger. Not really big though. Just little lumps it seems. Not as big as that amazon bitch said they were going to be. My butt felt numb. When I went to feel it with my hands it felt slightly rounder then I remembered. Not that I always felt my butt or anything. Then I grabbed my dick. It was still there. But it felt smaller. Why would she lie to me about my dick getting bigger? I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I sat up try to rub the sleep from my eyes. Putting my hands down I looked forward. In front of me was a mirror. And in that mirror was a person who's face I kind of know but wasn't sure. It was me. A more of a girlish version of me, but me non the less. My hair! My hair was PINK! It was silkier then it used to me. I was naked save for a pair of silky panties. I step out of the bed to look at myself. I was a total girl. Hips were thin. My ass is very round. My chest looks very girly as in I'm growing boobs. Like I'm a teen age girl going through puberty. My body was so sensitive. I couldn't stop touching myself. I also noticed that I had a bracelet on my left wrist. It was like a hospital bracelet that had the word "Aithne." What kind of word is that? It was then that the door opened. It was That doctor.

"Hello Aithne," she said. Was she talking to me. "Let's take a look at you. Put your arms out, girl." Since she was a doctor I did as I was told. She walked around me poking me here and there. "Looks good so far. How do you feel?"

"Very sensitive."

"Good. Your Breasts will grow in the next day or so. their permeate state. Still a few cup sizes to go. You are still at an A cup right now. Your penis?"

"Smaller. Then it was." I made sure she knew I was mad about it.

"It will grow bigger in the next weeks. Don't worry. Butt?"

"Bigger. Can't feel it."

"It will gain it's feeling in a few hours, Aithne."

"Why are you calling me that?"

"That is your new name. You will get a new last name later. That will be be up to your Mistress when the time comes."

"So it's really happening?"

"Kid," she sighed and took her glasses off and looked at me. "You are going to be in a new place. With new people. You will be here as long as it takes......"

"To break me."

"Well that but.......To free you. To give you the lesson of the life time. Plus it gives you more respect for females. You are here cause you disrespected a well mannered woman. As much as you may think she isn't, she really is a lovable person. She only gets as mad as you had seen when someone pushes her over the limit. I've seen it. It's nasty. However, if people would just respect her more then she wouldn't be so nasty. Make since?" I Shrugged and nodded. "We may seem like we're going to break you, but it's for your own good. Punishments are inevitable but you can avoid a lot of them if you keep your head up and do as you're told. Dose this sound simple to you?" Again I nodded. "Girl you need to get into the habit in saying Yes Miss Michelle. Miss Any Domme that is here. Always address your superiors as such. Less punishments that way. Understand?"

"Yes Miss Michelle."

"Much better." She wrote on her clip board. "Miss Cardixia la Mans will be your mentor. She is very good. She needs six months in mentoring of freshmen. What she doesn't need is a little shit fucking her up. She is about to enter the Domme training that she wants and has earned. It's not easy to come here and leave a Domme. Don't hate her. She was only following orders. She has stopped by a few times while you were out. She thinks you're beautiful. She can't wait to get her hands on you. But she has to fully wait until you are fully develop. No sex. Sure you may have to lick and suck some one for the first few weeks, but no touching of your penis or anus."

"No one is touching my anus!"

"Oh little girl, you have no say in that until you're free. If you are to be free. Most stay with a Mistress. In some fashion anyways. Most that come here are tied to their wives or girlfriends. They keep them under their thumbs. Most deserve their fate. Some of the women just want them this way for no reason. You are lucky."

"Humph. How and I'm lucky?"

"You're single. You are attached to no one. Which gives you a lot of options if you make it through. Maybe Cardixia will take you on. Full time. That isn't unheard of. A mentor takes on their apprentice. It could be the best for you."

She looked me over a few more times and ask a few more questions. I answered as best as I could until the door opened. IN walked Lorana. "Well how is our new girl?" she asked Michelle stopping right in front of me. Big smile on her face. Michelle adjusted her glasses.

"She'll be ready for full training in two weeks. I did some calculating: Her breast will be no smaller then DD. Her penis will be 9 inches tops. With proper training, her waist will be at most 24 inches. Which is almost 6 inches from where she is now. Bend over girl." I did as I was told as the women walked around me. They were inspecting my ass. "Her anus seems that it can expand about five inches in circumference. Add in with that ratio she should be able to take 10 inches easily. Her X-ray shows her rectum and insistence reconfigured to perfection." She slapped my ass as she told me to straighten up, which I did. "Her ass can take real punishment. It is very durable while still giving the pain and sensitivity. She will bleed but it will heal in half the time then it normally would, which is good for this one I assume. It should finish rounding out in a few days. But no severe punishment until the end of next week when the whole body develops. I know you want to put her through the ringer but if you do it now, you will damage her for good. Miss Dumas will not like that."

"I know I know. I know I won't be her Mistress either. I do want one shot at her though." They giggled a bit as Michelle went back to her examination of me to Lorana.

"After taking some blood samples, her matabalisim is through the roof. She can eat twenty cheese burgers and not gain anything. As long as she has regular sex rate of course. Her sperm is in good health. Though they are dormant until we reestablish them. Her testicles will grow but will go into her body like they suppose to. From how I can see their sperm productivity will be massive. Not as much as Bedwyr, Cardixia, Enid, or Gwernaeh, but still enough to coat someone. It will also leak into her anus for lube when she is totally turned on. Not a lot. Just enough to help the entering penis gain smooth entry. We will try when her body fully develops. She is now 5'4", so her shrink was a success. Her feet is now a size 7 women's. Piercings will be great for her body since it will heal greatly. Open your mouth, girl." Again I did as I was told. I didn't want Lorana to punish me right then and there. "Her tongue will maybe grow another half inch. Pretty disappointing but still pleasurable. Of course the taste of sperm will turn her on. If Cardixia is going to be her mentor, then she will be totally drunk with lust. Blow jobs will be easier because of her jaw and throat positioning, which is also a success. A perfect slut she will be." She lifted my chin to close my mouth. "Now Lorana, She is going to be giving off the highest potent pharamones I have ever smelled. Normally it's very light and almost undetectable to females. Her, you'll totally smell but thankfully it has a very pleasant smell.  The other....gurls, will be wanting to rape her constantly. It is good that we teach restraint here. They will be all over her."

"That is good to hear. Maybe one day I'll leave her in a room with a few and let them have at her."  

"Remember to ask permission," Michelle said pointing to her. She took off her glasses before talking again. "Miss Dumas wants to see her in the next few hours. Who will be her room mate?"

"I don't know. Miss Dumas will choose for her I guess. She wants me to take her there. She can go like this. Her new clothes is in her room where ever it is. So Miss Dumas only knows. Aithne, are you ready to go meet the head Mistress?"

"Ye-Yes Miss Lorana," I answered a little scared now that I was even more shorter then her.

"Wow she's learning already."

"I may have got into her head before you came in. But I think she will be a good sub. Ohh she will get punished I'm sure. But not to much. She is ready if you want to take her. I'll let her know you are bringing her." Michelle then left the room. It was then then that Lorana stood in from of me and smiled.

"Well, here is the deal, little girl. You are about to meet the lady in charge.  You will be on your best behavior. She makes all the decisions here. You are to respect her at all times. While I am the one that brought you here, she is your captor. She may not be a hard bitch like I can be sometimes,  but she has her moments. It's best that you do as she says. Now come with me. Yes you are going to walk through campus in only in your panties. This will be your first humiliation punishment. I'm sure you will turn beet red as everyone sees you. No one has been through this. They will know you are special. They will want you. Of course they will already smell you. The gurl's will be hard for you. Get use of everyone wanting you."  

She took my hand and led me out of the room. Already I was embarrassed. I wanted to cover up my breast. I don't know why. I've been shirtless before. Now that they are growing I feel I have to cover up. We passed several people in that first ward, which was I learned earlier, was the medical ward. As we got into the main hallway though, there were more people. Some were these Dominate looking women wearing either sexy tight business suits or latex fetish type outfits. The others were like me. Girls with mostly unnatural hair colors, outrageous breast, and in either some forms of undress like a fetish fit with barley there covers or no covering at all for there privates but covered completely everywhere else.   Their dicks out, which were huge. The other "gurls" were in maid outfits. Their stances are proper and straight. The heels of their shoes where very high, and all have stockings or hose on. Is this going to be my life for however long I'm here. We turned out of the lobby after I kept feeling eyes all over me. Walking down this long corridor, Lorana's ass led me down it with her heels clicking all the way.   We came to a large set of double doors at the end of the hall.

"This is the Head Mistress' office," she told me before turning to glare down at me.  "You are only allowed to look at her if she lets you. You are to respect her no matter what. Her word is law here, and if she says you are to be punished, there is no getting out of it. So if I were you, I would mind my manners." She opened the door and led me in. The office was amazing and classy. It looks old but everything was neat and clean that I could tell. I tried not to look over the big wooden desk to the woman who was sitting at it.  I took a small glance at the Lady who was sitting there. Adoring face with long blond hair. I forced my eyes down before she could look up and Lorana's hand gripped my shoulder and pushed me down as in to make me kneel.

"Miss Aithne," She called over the desk with a sweet but stern tone. Lorana lightly taped the side of my bum to urge me on.

"Y-Yes Head Mistress," I responded with a squeaky voice.

"At least you know your place." She got up out of her chair and walked around the right side of her desk to my left. I saw her black heels out of the corner of my eye as they came in to view. I could tell she was wearing hose or stockings made of silk. She bent down and took my chin into her fingers and pulled my head and eyes up. She looked beautiful. Deep ocean blue eyes, with long blond hair that is tied into a high pony tail. Her business suit was super tight and her skirt is barely covered her ass. Her giant breast was trying to bust through her white blouse. But those eyes burned into mine. I was totally turned on. Turned on so much I felt my panties getting wet. It was funny because I didn't get hard as I thought I would. But I was leaking out of somewhere. Miss Dumas knew though. She smirked as my situation I was in. She straiten up and hopped on her desk. She crossed her legs and I could see she was wearing hose.

"Leg gurl, huh," she smiled after licking her lips."This is good to know. I will have to let Cardixia in on your little fetish" I blushed full red as I do look at women's legs a lot of times. For her to figure that out made me feel even more exposed then I was before. "So are you up to date on what goes on here? If not I'll tell you anyways. You are here to be trained as a sex maid. You will constantly be on edge all the time. Always horny, always in lust, heat." She grinned as she said that last word. "Eyes down slut," she said as she got off the desk and walked around me. "Her sent is stronger. Dose that mean the gurls will want her more?"

"That's what Michelle said," Lorana responded. "She will make the others lust for her 50 yards away."

"I'm a normal woman standing right in front of her and I want to put on my strap-on, throw her back, and shove it in her girly ass until I stop wetting myself. Girl you are going to get fuck while you are here." She walked back in front of me and put her shoe on top of my thigh. Again, I was so turned on but I wasn't getting erect but leaking from where I'm guessing my ass. So Cardixia is your Mentor/Domme. you are to do as she she tells you and love it. Though she is under us she is your superior. Yes I am over her, Lorana is over her, But she is in the Dominate program that's just not for everyone. Lorana's male accountant who always did a wonderful job but was always lonely and depressed.  Lorana took pity on her. Now she's the girl you met the other day. And she has proven to have a Dominate streak with the other gurls which is perfect for the rare Dominate program she's going into. Normally it's reserved for Woman who are taught how to control the new sissy maids. She will be perfect for you since she knows the ropes. You can always ask her questions and get info from her unlike the other Dommes and senior Gurls. She is a very affectionate lover and will more likely make love to you then to simply bang you."

Mistress Dumas moved her foot off me and walks around her desk and sat back down. "Her Room is in the left wing," she said. She then grins while adding, "Room 42. A
The Lilith Society: Chapter 2
London wakes up to find his body totally changed. After an inspection by Dr Michelle he goes to meet the Head Mistress herself.


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