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Hey everyone just finished Wrestling with the thought's third chapter. I hope you like it. Sorry that the last update took so long but the holidays killed me cause of my two retail jobs. Going to start April Rain's 4th chapter. I'm also thinking about putting down at least into words my comic characters. 90% of which has never been on paper. The Tanaka Clan, Dragon Girl, Thorsa, and maybe more. The Tanaka clan as been running around in my head since I was a kind back in middle school. They're not erotica but I hope you will love them anyways. Thank you everyone for the loves. 

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After the tongue torture I gave her, Torri pretty much rage fucked me. Well first she slapped me around a few times, tied me up and the proceeded to dig her nails into me here and there, and shoot put me into a few leg moves that hurt like hell. All this turned me on by the way, and I was as hard as a rock. She then hopped on my dick and rode the fuck out me. The few clothes I was wearing was ruined. Once she came she fell off me and passed out while I was still tied to the bed.

The next few days Torri taught me how to act like a woman. How to sit, how to walk, how to eat. She taught me makeup, telling me I now had to do it myself especially so I can come to the arena made up. I remember that if we went to shows that were being taped or streamed, we had to put on some make up so coming in with makeup I should be ok. She even took me out on a date to a nice restaurant. No one batted an eye at me. There were even a few guys that came up and asked if they could buy us drinks and join us. I was scared to say anything but Torri said sorry but that we were on a date with each other. One of the guys called us dykes but the other guy pushed him away and apologized for his rude friend and walked away.

"See," Torri said patting my thigh. "They think you were a girl. And everyone else thinks that too. Relax. I know a lot of cross dressers that would kill to look like you. And I think you will get by at the shows. Only once a week....unless you want to keep dressing everyday." She winked at that last part. She fucked me hard that night. Both riding my cock and using her strap on me. I took it like a champ and came twice.

Two days later we were at the arena going to meet the promoter. I wore a corset in black, tightly as Torri could tie it, a thong with my dick pulled back, black silk stockings attached to the straps from the corset, with my fake boobs freshly applied to my chest. Over it I was wearing a nice black tight skirt that keeps my knees very close to each other, an open chest blouse that makes my boobs look more real with the corset, and a yellow suit jacket that did nothing to hide my boobs. My blonde wig was up in a hi pony tail. With a pair of black rim non prescription glasses, I look like the perfect bimbo secretary, which what Torri was looking for. The heels I was wearing were these 5 inch spikes with open toes. I'm glad I was able to practice in these during the week. They are second nature now as I can jiggle my ass while I walk. When we go to the office I waited. My new name was Cassie, but I was still nervous. 

"Don't worry, you'll be fine," she said. "You look amazing. I want you as my slutty secretary even if I go to other shows." Torri then knocked on the door of the office. We entered when we were asked to. 

Rachel Conners who was a valet 20 years ago. Rachel Divine was her ring name. She married an ageing Jeffery Conners, who owned the old TFW, Terrific Force Wrestling. He died about five years ago. She got everything, even the rights to the company. She closed it down and kept some of the female staff and wrestlers. She has been working on this project for two years. Now 43, She hopes this promotion can get off the ground. Looking up the info the new TFW, Top Female Wrestling, would be a success if she can get a TV deal. Being as old as she is, she still looks great. 

We shook hands with her, me trying to be less firm then normal.  She kind of looked at me quizzically but turned to Torri.  "Torri the Arizonian Amazon," She exclaimed. "How are you? I saw your work in Japan. Amazing stuff."

"I'm doing great," Torri answered her with a grin. "Thank you for inviting me to come work here. I'm excited to work with some amazing talent you have already got here. The Troll Girl Gina Mac is one of the girls I've always wanted to work with."

"She is a gem." Rachel kind of looked at me the back to Torri. "So is this your new manager? What happened to Teddy?"

"Well he's at home. And this is Cassie Mitchell, my new secretary. Had to hire her since Teddy wouldn't be able work here."

"Well yes he wouldn't be," Rachel looked at me weird. "All women promotion of course, even behind the scenes.  I have a few men ask to in the back and at gorilla, but no. This is a show by women, worked by women, for women. Men can be fans but we are not for that."

"Wow. Well I hope that we can get everything work out. So can I see the contract?"

"Well yes but first, Michelle," she said looking to me. "Am I paying you? Or are you taking a cut from Torri?"

"I am...taking a cut from Torri," I said softly but nervously. "She is actually paying me. I really re require no contract. If if that is ok with you?"

"Fine with me Teddy, as long as you're welling to work a bit."

"I am thank you." Then it hit me. I'm caught."Wait I I...."

"What the fuck. Torri I told you women only. I will not let this man in my promotion."

"Wait Rachel, come on," Torri said worriedly. "Teddy is my real manager. He dose all my contracts and money stuff. He likes being ring side. This is the best way. He's beautiful."

"He looks like a slut. I am not here to exploit women, even if he is cross dressing. What kind of message is she ....he sending. I'm not here to cater to men. And I'm not here to have any perverts in my company. Look at him. His fake tits are huge. Total pervert. I can not believe you were trying to sneak this perv in here. How much did begging did he do to get you to dress him like that?"

"Geez I came up with the  idea, Rachel," Torri said taken back by Rachel's seemly hatred  for men. "I had no idea you disliked men so much."

"I married Jeff for his money. This shouldn't be a surprised. I put up with that old geezer for over a decade. I've worked hard for two reads to make this promotion just the way I want it and you two are not going to screw up. If you has just presented me with this gimmick I may have said no but I wouldn't have been as angry with you Torri as I am now. Good luck out in the world. I'm not signing you." 

WE were so upset to get this amount of heat. We were just about to get up and leave when a beautiful woman walked into the office. She was about 5'9" in a tight knee length skit with a vest over a white blouse. She also wearing glasses. Her brunette hair was tied into a pony tail. She has the same gimmick as me. 

"Rachel Everything is set up for Tara Queen," the brunette said triumphantly. "She just dropped the women's belt at Pain Wrestling and her contract is up a week before opening night. She just texted me. She won't be able to be here until then though." She then looked at us. "Oh Torri, good to see you. Is the contract ok. I talked Rachel into giving you a little extra. Is this your new manager? Oh I'm Callie Homes. I'm the producer for the show. One of the Backstage people."

"They were just leaving," Rachel said laying a file on her desk. "I'm about to tear her contract up."

"What why?"

"They lied to me. This thing," she said pointing  to me, "is Teddy dressed as some kind of perverted slut. I don't need that filth here. I said no men."

"Well I was a man or a boy." All of us looked at her wide eyed. "What? I'm a pre-op transsexual. I've been living as a woman for 15 years since I was 19."

"Wait...Callie, I thought you were a woman?"

"I am a woman. Do you know me as anything else but a woman?"

"Well those rumors of Dick Roy hitting on you and everything? I thought you being legit?"

"I was. He didn't know I had a dick. And wasn't in to guys like him. He was hitting on me all the time. I told you this. That's why I left and why I wanted to work here. I'm not a total man hater. Some guys are cute. Sweetie are you really a pervert?"

"Not really, Torri came up with the idea," I responded. "I just wanted to be ring side for Torri. And this is what she has came up with. She taught me how to be a woman for two weeks." 

"Would you say you have more respect for women doing this?"

"I totally do. In fact I feel that I like this. Not all the way permanent, but, I like dressing this way. Torri even took me out."

"See Rachel, she's not a pervert." Did she call me "she". "I think she's awesome. If you don't give them this contract, I'll walk out too."

"What," Rachel yelled out in disbelief. "I need you. This show wouldn't get off the ground with out you. I need you."

"And Torri needs Teddy. You need to give them this contract. They will be be a hit. And she is not going to be a problem. Trust me. And no one will be the wiser. She is hot. They will make us tons of money."

"But I'm against sexual..."  Callie cut her off again.

"Sex sells. Women are sex.....well 80% of us are. You of all people should know this. You practically used your body to get this promotion. So you are being a hypocrite. There are tons of girls here that are ozzing sex. Any other arguments?"

Defeated Rachel pulled out Torri's contract and out it in front of her. I picked it up and looked at it. Rachel has to be loaded  to give Torri this much. Almost 3 times what she was making in Japan. I nodded to Torri and laid the contract back down in front of her. She looked at it and went wide eyed. She quickly signed it. She then pushed it back to Rachel. She sighed and put it back in the file. "Welcome to TFW. Callie can you show show them around?"

"Of course Rachel. Come on, guys let's go." WE got up and followed Callie out of the office. 

"Thank you so much for coming in to save us," Torri said shaking her hand. "We needed this job. I Couldn't think Rachel saw through Michelle."

"It's ok. I love you Torri. Been keeping tabs on you for a long time. I love your style. And I think Teddy...." 

"Michelle," I corrected her. 

"Michelle. I love that. She will be a hit. I get the slutty secretary, but is there anything else about her gimmick that will make her stand out?"

"She's going to be on her phone getting me other gigs during the matches of stuff," Torri pointed out. "Like if I'm in  submission hold close to the ropes, Michelle will had me the phone to talk to a client. Or vice versa."

"That's hilarious. Let's go talk to Roxie about that." She took us to the back area of the arena. There was Roxie Givings. Been a major women's world champion 12 times all over the world. At 45 she still looks amazing. Beautiful short brown shiny curly hair with with gold bangs. She wore a low cut t shirt that had a metal band I've never heard of and the tightest jeans. She knows she still has it. Rumor has it she's dating her old rival Leather Linda Shine. Linda just turned 39 and is still wrestling so if rumors are true they are sticking with kayfabe and haven't let the cat out of the bag. She and Callie hugged. When She saw Torri and her eyes widen. 

"Torri the Arizonian Amazon," she grinned. "I've been wanting to meet you since you put Linda in the Phoenix wings. She's been wanting me to try to lock it in on her the right way but I've never been able to do it right according to her." They shook hands. 

"Your thighs aren't as strong as mine." They still haven't let each other's hands go. Roxie looked Torri up and down and licked her lips. 

"Maybe you can show us both one night. Want to do a triple threat?" She then looked at me. "And who is this?"

"This is Michelle," Callie chimed in. "She is Torri sexy secretary. She is going to try to sell Torri on on gigs while she's wrestling."

"Oh my gawd," Roxie laughed. "Can she take bumps?" It was then that Callie whispered in into Roxie's ear. Her eyes went up to listen then to me quizzically. Her facial expressions were intriguing. "No shit?" then Callie kept whispering. Roxie's mouth opened and smiled then grinned. "Why are we whispering?"

"Cause I think Rachel doesn't want it to get out that that's what she is."

"I don't believe you." Callie only nodded to her. Roxie looked me up and down and grinned again. I guess Callie told Roxie my secrete.  But Roxie doesn't look convinced. "Would she mind?"

"I'm sure she wouldn't. I liked it when you did it to me."

"That was three years ago. And you're like her. To convincing."

"Well......" Roxie giggled as she walked up to me. She was in great shape and could probably still suplex the shit out of people. Even in converse shoes she stood eye to eye with me in my heels. I was intimidated and was wondering what was going to happen. I looked over to Torri who had a big grin on her face but wishes it was her that Roxie was eyeing up and down. To not say that Torri was a super fan of Roxie would be a lie. I've been on Torri's computer and seen some of Roxie's modeling pics from her younger days. Roxie's real C cups came within a inch of my fake Ds. She then reached out and grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it  up to my hips, exposing my thong and guarder straps. She reached under and felt my crotch and my dick. She giggled and rubbed me for a bit making it hard and a little uncomfortable. 

"Gawd you are hot and have a dick," Roxie said grinning from ear to ear. "And you're getting turned on. I love it. Trannys are so intriguing. They got the boobs and got the cock. Some times it's still hard and strong. Sometimes they are soft and shrunken down. Either way they can be fun." She stepped to my side and spanked my ass. "Now pull your skirt down, baby. Gawd I had so much to tell Linda when she calls me later.  WE may have phone sex tonight." Blushing I did what she told me to and made sure my skirt was all the way down as it could go. Torri then came over to me and whispered that she will take care of my clit when we get home. I blushed again and followed the women back around the arena. 

Roxie and Callie said they were going to be very liberal with story lines and creative. They kind of told Rachel to let them run the show even though she insisted to be in the back at all times. Torri brought up the sex stuff and Roxie laughed. "Rachel has become such a prude in the last ten years. I guess the old man made her that way. I mean she had women lovers while she was with him. I think she has been a lesbian since forever. I know her and Gary Knight never hooked up when she was his valet. Nor did i think she hooked up with The Groove Master. Well Donnie never liked the Groove Master gimmick and he wasn't that great to look at. But none of the guys she was a valet for, I think she only hooked up with one or two. But I always heard she was with some of the women." 

WE met some of the other performers through the tour. Even some of the girls we wrestled in the past live "Posh" Violet Leningrad and Kasey Knuckles. Both of them had no idea who I was but welcomed me anyways. after the tour Roxie said she had a few more things to work out and will talk to us later. She kissed both of are cheeks but made sure to grab my ass afterwards. Callie saw us out. 

"Now Me and Roxie will need you here the night before the first show," Callie said as she was giving me all the paper work we needed to turn in before Torri can wrestle. "Not only to run down the angles we you and the other talent but physicals as well. we want to make sure you are all healthy and ready to go. Also there is a press conference in two days. You don't have to come but we want to build the company around you and a few other girls so It would be great if you showed up. I would love kayfabe Torri as well. Maybe Michelle can barge in and hand you some papers or have take a call or something during someone else's promo. We'll figured it out." She kissed us both on the cheek and waved at us as we left. 

Torri held my hand as we walked to her car. She told me this was going to be great and that we were going to know it out of the park. Once in the car she grabbed me and pulled me to her and kissed me hard. "Watch Roxie grope you made me wet and jealous. let's go home and take care of each other.  

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"Will you be coming for dinner, love?" Jane asked me as a invite. How could I refuse?

"Sure. Let me call Cora and tell her that's where I'm going."

"Awesome. Let me go get out tips is we have any." I called Cora and she has happy to here I was having dinner with Jane and Victoria. As I turned back around from hanging up with my sister, Jane appeared right next to me. She handed me a little more then a hundred dollars in cash. "This is your share of the tips."

"What? This much for only a few hours?"

"Yeah hon. Just think of what you could have made if you spent the whole day with me," she said with a wink. "Come on, let's go home." She took me by the hand and led me out of the salon while I tried to stuff my cash into my little purse I brought with me. It seemed that she didn't drive to work as we walked away from the salon to the city proper. "I only live a few blocks out. So most of the time I walk. Only when it's nice out though." We held hands as we were making our way to her place. But like no time at all we were there. Her little brick town home looked like the cutest little place I have ever seen. White shutters flanked all the windows and each window had some flower vases in them, each different from the other. Since it was September she had a fall leaves wreath hanging on the door.

"Don't let the charm fool you," she said to me. " In a month will be the scariest house on the street." We walked in to her house. Her southern charm seems to run through the rest of the house. Sitting area that looks like it should be in an old plantation was to the right.A stairs going up was in front while a hall way goes to the back of the house. I followed Jane to the back of the house where the back of the house where the kitchen was. I was smelling food coming from there. When we made it to the old-timey country kitchen greeted us some Italian smells. Victoria was there cooking. She wore a tight pencil stripe skirt with stockings and house shoes. When she turned around she had an apron on over her white blouse, that was red and said, "Eat my sausage." I loved it.

"Hey baby," she said to Jane bending down and gave her wife a kiss. "Hi my Raven. I hope you love spaghetti and meat balls cause that's what I'm making." She kissed me on the cheek as I said hi as well. 

"Sounds good to me. Smells good too."

"Thank you baby. We are also having salad and bread sticks." Me and Janet took our shoes off as Jessie finish setting the table and putting the food on it. We sat down and had the most amazing meal. I asked how they met and Jane said it was at a fetish convention four years ago. 

"She had just got her boobs done and I told her they looked amazing. She wore this amazing harness that went over the shoulders around the boobs cross behind her and up through the crotch region then back across itself and connects under the arms to the side." She was motioning how the straps went as she talked. It sounded erotic. "I was her number one fan. I know I walked by her five times or so."

"Each time she started at me for ten minutes," Victoria chimed in.

"Well do you blame me? I know you were wearing that thong, but everyone and their brother could tell you were born a boy. Even back then when you were 20 you were huge."

"Well I was modeling harness for a friend of mine. I was at her table as a favor because she helped me through the transition."

"She wanted your cock," Jane laughed. "That was the favor. That girl was something else."

"I wish she didn't move though. The three of us had fun. She lives out west on the coast. We keep in touch and when ever there is a fetish convention around the area or I have a business trip over there, we get together. She still makes the harnesses.  Might have to get one made for Raven here."

"I agree. She would look scrumptious in Maggie's harnesses."

"Maybe as a Christmas  present," Vicky said with the wink. "Have to get her next month when she comes for The Ball of the Snake."

"What's that?" I asked being intrigued.

"It's a goth/fetish event and convention held every Halloween. Usually it's the 31st and November 1st. But sometimes it's four days depending on what day Halloween falls on. This year it'll be Friday so it will last until Sunday evening."

"So they will have vendors and the like on Friday afternoon. At night they will have a horror and fetish show where they will have hunted house areas maybe a whole building, and stage performances. Saturday will be the stroll through the park as those who want to go will dress in period style outfits and walk and picnic at the Elisabeth park which is right across from the venue.  Then Saturday night they'll have a masquerade ball. It will start at 7, but then then it's turn into a concert at 10, then it becomes at rave at midnight, and it will last until 3 a.m. Then late Sunday morning will be the hangover brunch. And after that will be more vendors and stuff until 5 p.m. It will officially end at that time, but there may be some rooms holding after parties well into the night at the hotel next to the event."

"Well there will be room parties all weekend. You just need to find the right ones."

"Very true. It will be a blast though."

"We have been to the last eight. Four as a couple of course. The best is if Halloween is on a Thursday. Then they will have a four day party. It starts later on Thursday but still. Or Sunday. Then it would last from Friday until Monday. Halloween landing on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday sucks cause it will only be two days. And they can't do Friday to Tuesday cause that's to many days."

"That sounds amazing," I said with sparkles in my eyes. "I never knew this event existed."

"I'm surprised you didn't know, considering your sisters go to it every year since they were 18."

"Well they said they were always going to a Halloween party. It would make since why they would be gone for a few days."

  "We have to get you a Victorian style dress. Being the southern belle that I am," Janet said with some dignity, "I will not allow you, dear Raven, the dishonor of not escorting me to the stroll and to the masquerade. I will not except no for an answer, and I will drag you by a leash and collar if I have to." The southern debutante came out extra strong just now. 

"Of course I'll go. I will never say no to you." 

 "Thank you darlin'. I would have to punish you if you had said no. I would be so lonely if it was just little ol' me."

"I would escort her," Vicky spoke up. "But I would be spending all of Saturday with Maggie. She said she needed some help doing vendor table early afternoon. Then we'll go to the concert, and then rave for a bit then go back to her room for the rest of the night. But we'll meet you guys at the hangover brunch." 

"Awe that's sweet of you," I responded, but then something made me think. "Janet didn't you say the house will be decorated for Halloween?"

"Yes baby I did," my sweet girl-friend said to me. "And I know what you're getting at. No we will not be here for the trick or treaters. But my sister, Tamara will be here. She lives in a crappy neighborhood doesn't get a lot of trick or treaters. She'll be all dressed up and handing out candy. Plus house/cat sitting for the other days."

"Oh you have cats? I didn't know."

"They're up stairs being scrady cats. When you visit more often they will show themselves a lot more. Come let's clean up the dishes for Vicky. I'm sure she'll want to change her clothes and relax." Vicky thanked us as she chugged the last of her wine and left the kitchen. Jane washed as I dried. Jane told me that Jessie worked at a progressive graphics firm. They are very pro LBGT, and are on the cutting edge of some high-tech technology. She handles the marketing branch. She should get promoted by February. We should pay off our mortgage by then. Maybe do some updates. It is a firm owned by your sisters' company. After the old CEO died and after your sisters took over your dad's company they were already  in negotiations. Your Sisters got it done pretty quickly. They picked up like three companies. It's pretty impressive. And Victoria has been on their radar since. I think they are going to make her a partner for her to be CEO of that company while still being under your sister's brand."

"It's interesting  to hear that they think so high of her."

"Well they love us of course. Vicky was helped by one of the female heads of the company to not only get Vicky to where she's at, but her transition as well. That lady is doing better things." She winked at me after that statement. 

When we were done washing the dishes, Jane took me by the hand and led me to the TV room just off the kitchen. Vicky was already there under a blanket and what looks like a housecoat on. She had her hair clipped back, but was still wearing her makeup. She was watching TV on a couch and smiled at smiled at us when we came in. Jane gave her a kiss then came back to dance with me a little. "Let's get you undressed some," she said to me with that southern drawl. She seductively took both my top and skirt off leaving me in only in my undies and stockings. I was hard in my panties as Jane ran her hands over my ass. She played with my fake boobs, telling me can't wait for me to get my real ones. She sat on the couch and pulled me to her by my ass. She kissed the tip of my clit through the silky lace of my panties. Then licked over the skin around my panties' legs and waist band. She then frenched my belly button which felt amazing. The fiery southern belle went back to my clit, licking and sucking and kissing it through my silky confines.   I ran my hands through her curly hair as she gobbled my girl cock. She then pulled the waistband of the panties down so only the head of my clit was exposed and engulfed it sucking it making me weak in the knees.  She then pulled me down to her, embracing me, kissing, and tongue fucking my mouth. She kept her right hand on my ass only taking it off to slap it here and there. With her left hand she dragged her nails up and down my back making me shiver in delight. My eye looked over to Vicky to see what she was doing. She noticed me eyeing her and winked at me showing that she was loving our make-out session. Jane the broke the kiss and moved me to her right laying me on Vicky's lap. Her blanket felt nice and fluffy as Jane pulled the hem of her dress up just over her hips and her little red thong down and off. She clime on top of me so her pussy was just inches from my face and simply said,"Eat." She lower the rest of the way so I can lap at her love box. She didn't have to tell me twice. I was happy to eat her out her yummy pussy. I felt Vicky squirming underneath me as Jane held on to her for support.  

"Oh, baby she's such a good pussy licker," Jane sighed happily. "Oh~so good. Bite my clit Raven, honey. Do it. OHH!" She yelled as soon as I did. Her juices ran out of her honey hole and all over her face and into my mouth. I couldn't get enough. I held on to her as she came and came and came. Finally she got off panting, crawling over Vicky to the other arm of the couch. I sat up panting myself. It was at this point that Vicky threw off her blanket and stood up. I noticed she was wearing heels and gloves. She turned around and pulled away her house coat to reveal an amazing site. She was wearing the harness that Jane was talking about. The heels she was wearing were these thigh high leather boots the zipped up on the side. Her latex gloves laced up to her elbows. The only things that were really exposed was her pierced tits, that had black hoops hanging from the nipples, and her giant cock. She was wearing a cock ring which made it look bigger and angrier. While I was staring at her in awe, Jane took and put handcuffs on me. I looked at her wide eyed as she grinned at me.

"I hope you are ready for Vicky's cock. I know you took it last night but it's going to torment you all night. Now let's go where most guest are not allowed to go." They both pulled me up and led me out of the TV room, to a door under the stairs. "We keep this door locked when we have normal guest and clients. Don't want to shock their little vanilla minds with out kinky secrets, now do we?" When she opened the door there were stairs that goes straight down. Vicky came up behind me, poking the small of my back with her cock. Again, I've had it in me before, but tonight it feels different. Jane led me by the chain of my cuffs down the stairs. When we got down into the basement I noticed it was a dark unfinished basement. Mostly unfinished because what was down there make any BDSM practitioner get all giddy and excited. Bondage gear all over the place. On the walls every few spots were a variety of paddles, whips, crops, chains, and other things. Props and racks and other things lined the other parts. 

Jane brought me over to a simple T-stand in the middle area that had a chain hanging over it. Well.... more like in front of it. Jane then bent me over the T-stand, that was just high enough to keep me on the toes of my heels. She then took my cuffs and hooked them to the chain in front so I am always leaning forwards. The main thing is that my butt was exposed. Jane kissed me on my for head and told me the safe word was "tea time." She walked around me. Vicky then walked in front of me with a pink padded paddle that was shaped as three hearts together.

"This will hurt for a bit," Vicky said, patting it in her hand. "But I don't think you will use the safe word." She then seductively walked behind me. There was nothing for a second, then a hand on my ass. It was a small hand so I knew it was Jane. But then a bigger hand replaced it. That was Vicky's. She patted my butt a few times then took her hand off. She then took the paddle and rubbed my butt with it. Getting me ready assuming. "Get ready baby," Vicky said with glee in her voice. "Your world is going to get rocked." And then it happened. It was soft, and I still had my silky panties on but it still made me yelp. Then another landed, still soft but each couple afterwards got more and more intense. The harder it got, the more pain it was inflicting on me. The pain though was intoxicating. It hurt but my clit was growing. I had tears in my eyes, yet I was in ecstasy. My ass was on fire, but it was sending pleasure through out my body. The whacks of the paddle varied. Some were on one cheek, some were on both. Some were as low as they landed on my thighs. Each thrust was like a fuck thrust. I was moaning and crying like a slut. My clit hasn't been touched and yet it feels like it is going to burst and second. More.....I wanted more and i was mumbling it.

"What's that baby?" Jane said while kneeling to my left. "I can't hear you."

"Please give me more," I started to speak through my sobbing. "Please give it to me harder." 

"I think we have a pain slut on out hands. She keeps wanting it."

 "Well bare her cheeks for me then baby," Vicky said seductively. "Let give her the full effect." As Vicky finished that sentence Jane took my panties and wedgied them into my ass. I could feel on my butt cheeks cooling the burning sensation. But I was not giving to long to recover as Vicky started on my ass again. Whack, whack, whack went the paddle with each land, making a more distinct sound over what it was making while my panties covered it. The pain was more sharp that it felt that it was ripping me in two. But it made it that much more intoxicating. So much so that I was close to cumming. My clit was on fire and rock hard. 

The it happened. A well placed smack with it landing on both cheeks  that also caught on my wedged panties which reverberated through my balls to my clit. The cum hit me to a new level and again, I found out a whole new thing about myself. Even From all the fucking from the night before, I seemed to have filled up my panties. I moaned and moaned way more like a slut then I can remember from last night. Jane seemed to picked up on it as she stopped Vicky from continuing. She did it cause in the state I was in, I wouldn't be coherent enough to say the safe word. 

"Raven, baby are you ok?"

"I.....I," I couldn't catch my breath.

"What honey?"

"I hard."

"Oh love." Jane unhooked me from the chain and helped me from the T-stand. She took me to a chair and held me tight in her lap. She kissed my for-head and wiped away my tears. I saw Vicky hand Jane something that looked like a tube of lotion. Jane took a little bit on her hand and started to rub it on my ass. It was cool and I gasp as it toned down the pain and heat. I sighed and rested my head on Jane shoulder. She added a little more lotion to my ass then unwedgied my panties. I purred into her neck as she giggled. 

"You know we're not done with you, don't you?" Jane said looking into my eyes. Mine widen as her hand went into my panties and her fingers found my boi pussy. They entered as I gasped again. Then Victoria cast a shadow on us. She was stroking her cock and it was shiny. They were not done with me.
Dressed to sexual bliss ch 7 The Paddling
Jane takes Raven home to have dinner with her and Victoria. Afterwards some playfulness happens.

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Through out the gang bang, I was fucked many times by everyone there. A few times I had no time to rest, as once one cock left my ass, another filled it. I also had a chance to fill a few holes, though most of them I was on my back and who ever was fucking my boi-pussy either dictated my pump into a cunt or ass, or I was on my back and they were on top grinding and bouncing at their own pace. Janet has returned to me a few times, mostly for me to eat the cum of others out of her pussy while another time she fucked my ass with a strap on. She kissed me deeply every time, showing her love for me. My mystery tgurl who I gave my first blowjob to also came back to me as she fucked me missionary style. She barely kept her lips off mine as I hope I found another girlfriend. She unloaded into me as I cried into her mouth in pleasure. My shemale lover kissed me deeply until she pulled out of me.

The rest of the night was a blur. I really wasn't ejaculating any more but went beyond as it seemed I felt and had more orgasms afterwards. My sisters made sure to give me water with a little booz here and there. I don't remember anything else as more cocks enterd me and more pussies got on my face. Somewhere in there I blacked out.

I woke up on the couch hours later. I was covered in dry cum, I felt sore all over, and most of all, I was still wearing my corset. I was so uncomfortable in the thing as I unhooked it from the front. I felt a lot better after that. I got up on very weak legs to look around at last nights after math. There were a few bodies on the floor or in a chair but most of the girl seem to have gone home. I made my way to the bath room and took a massive leak that seemed to make me feel all weird.  I made my way to my room to get a little more sleep. As I opened the door i noticed there was someone in my bed. It was only one person and i looked closer i knew who it was. It was my shemale lover. i giggled as i slipped into bed with her under the sheet. She woke for a bit saw it was me then kissed me full on the lips. I cuddled up to her and i felt our cocks touch. She introduced herself as Kayla and held on to me ass as she slipped her leg between mine. Both our dicks were limp from all the fucking from the last few hours but this was fine. I dozed off in her arms and slept like a rock.

I awoke with Kayla getting dressed. She heard me stirring in the bed. "Hey love," she told me in the most wonderful voice. She was still topless as she came over to me. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. "Wanna go anywhere today?"

"Well I was going to go to the salon. Janet told me to stop by. Are you going to tag a long?"

"I'm thinking about it. I have nothing to do today. I just can't spend the night."

"That's fine. I don't think I am ready for any sex today." We finished getting dressed. Kayla was wearing blue jeans and purple tshirt with the word "slut" on the front across her boobs. It's so her I feel and I just met her last night. I wore something a little sexier. A little black dress with a pleated skirt and purple skulls all over it. I also for fishnets tights with some girly combat boots. Kayla helped me with my makeup. It was light makeup since I figured Janet will doll me up when I get there. Kayla commented that I was a total goth girl. We grabbed our purses and headed out the door. We ended up walking to the Salon. Kayla had came with a friend, who had slipped away in the night.

I was walking a tad funny from all the fucking last night but Kayla kept me steady. I was walking a little more normally when we make it to Sassy Sammy's. While my TG girlfriend was casual, my GG girlfriend doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word. Janet was wearing the skimpiest red leather skirt  with a black corset top that did very little to hide her wonderful breast. She pressed them them into me as she hugged me.

"Hey doll," she said before giving me a quick kiss on the lips. "How are you?"

"Pretty good," I said blushing. "I brought Kayla with me. She wanted to spend some time with me. She kinda helped me over here."

"MMM Kayla is always welcome here. Need somthing done today, sugar?"

"I think I do need a pedicure," Kayla responded. "Where can I get one?"

"Ohh Teresa over there can give you one," She pointed to the Blonde 40's vintage doll across the room. Kayla perked and walked over to her. Kayla was going to have a time.

"Ok so...," Janet said walking me to her chair. "Let's touch up your make-up. Pay attention. You need to learn how you do it yourself." Janet went to work giving me tips her to perfect my makeup technique. Janet doing anything to my body is a turn on. When she was done, I saw that she did just touch me up. All she did was take the make up i wore over here and gothed it up a bit. I loved it. By that time Janet had a customer come up to us. She was beautiful, and wore a slutty tight dress with the hem only going a few inches below her ass. Her boobs were on full display as the top of her dress only came up over only some of her breasts. They were at least D cups. it was hard to not stare at them but her blue eyes and blonde hair kept me looking away "My name is Janet and this is my protege Raven. She'll be assisting me today. What's your name, love?"

"Tina," said the buxom blonde. "Good to meet you both."

"What can we do for you tonight?"

"Mmmm well I have a party to go to in a few hours and I hope you can make me look my best. Nothing to.....slutty."

"I wasn't thinking it honey," Jane said with a wink. As she helped Tina into her seat, Jane started to direct me to and fro. She showed me how to do nails and how to buff and style them. "We must make sure the customer look their best. If not, they won't come back. Jane done her up good. It will take me quite a while to learn this.

Afterwards Tina gave us a big tip. She gave us both a wink and went to go pay for the service. Jane patted my butt and told me good job.
Kayla then came up to us and hugged and kissed us both. "I have to go. I had promised a friend to have dinner with her this evening. I hop you both are ok with it?"

"That's fine," Jane replied. "I'm about to lay some boring stuff on her anyways. Have a good night."
so I have been thinking to have all, if not most, of my stories take place in the same universe. The one thing major thing that will connect most if not all of them is the Lillith Society. Most of the TGs with well to do mates and such will most likely have access to the LS. The gurls will most likely get a dumb downed version of their sissy serum. Just to get into girl mode. Not full sissy slut like we will see in the LS story. They will still look more or less them selves.  


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