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Cynthia and Garchomp on the beach

"Dont kill him, he's a friend" says cynthia to garchomp, while he probably thinks "hey dude, what are you looking at?" 

Its the first time i made a pokemon as it is, without humanizing it, and its pretty neat, i havent done scaly textures before


BTW I just finished the second page of the Super Princess Holiday comic (featuring the mario princesses), if you want to check it out plus this pic and the others in my gallery, they are available in huge HD and NSFW versions, both 2800 x 3600px, and in PNG format, you can check them and support me on my patreon page:


If you want a commission, feel free to send me a note, and ill give you all the info you need ;) (Wink)
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Can you draw her farting THOUGH?>>???????

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Never, i dont draw that kind of stuff, theres a lot of other artist that do that in this site, but not me...

Lustrous and Adamant Orb joke

Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1]

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Yes, indeed. Cynthia got the booty.
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She looks so damn sexy. Very hot !
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I agree I think she looks nice too.
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one of the hottest cynthia pictures i ever sawed...
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sexy waifu is sexy
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The beautiful Dawn's Waifu X3
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No no no! No, no no no no no NO no no no! Pearlshipping!
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Cynthia has the looks.
But also a good protector. Always good to have someone that keeps you safe uwu
Even if it's an overpowered land shark dragon who beats the hopes and dreams out of unsuspecting children owo
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garchomp is daddy shark for sure ;)
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She got the booty
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This is amazing!!! :O
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