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I am branching out to even more social networking websites, this time Tumblr:
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I'll obviously have most of what I put up on there on Deviantart as well, although I will try to go into more depth on the blog, put up more WIP's, and post on things other than my art.

It's been a difficult year for my art, and me in general, but hopefully things pick up soon. I hope to have a proper website up as well as an intentionally low-key webcomic up by some time in early 2012.
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A few things that I've been meaning to say something about for months...

The new Ares Kingdom album came out in November. My illustrations where featured on the inside and back of the CD version as well as the same illustrations being used for the 12x12" LP booklet for the gatefold vinyl LP version and the slip case for the special edition picture disc version. Very proud to have been a part of this album and it's over the top packaging presentation. The album itself is absolutely staggering, and one of the few metal albums in recent times that has offered anything of this level in both quality and originality.

Both Faustcoven albums where released on vinyl recently at the same time. Both are either available on black vinyl DLPs or as a pair on clear vinyl with a patch and sticker. I'm even more excited about this as it's the first time my artwork has been used for the actual album cover on an LP. I'm in the early stages of working on the artwork for the third album now.

Both releases are available from the label:

I also did the artwork for the new Countess album, which should be arriving at the label very soon. The Warhorde album I did the cover to three years ago is also being released at the same time, and both where offered as a pre-order along with the first Countess shirt since the mid 90's. I probably should have said something here, as there where only around 60 pre-orders I think, so I guess that shirt is going to be pretty rare as no extras where made.

Should be available very soon from:

More label news:

We put out our second release a while ago, In Death I Become's "Black Wings, Grey Skies". I've been doing quite a bit of trading and made a couple sales, mostly in person and at shows. We will actually be sharing a merchandise table with The Basar North America at the Maryland Deathfest, so if you're around say hi and buy some shit from us.
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First of all, I went to the Maryland Deathfest VII a couple weeks ago and had a blast! Great bands (Destroyer 666 and Bolt Thrower TWICE, two of my favorites), lots of great people, some of whom I've been talking to for a couple of years but had never met face to face, and a lot of good promotion and trades on behalf of the label.

Some new stuff coming up:

The illustration for Ares Kingdom is about 95% finished (just have to add some text and a couple of other details) and has been approved by the band. It is a very large watercolor over pen drawing, and will be included in the CD, gatefold LP, and maybe other things such as a poster and t-shirt. Probably the best band I've ever worked for. If you like death/thrash metal and haven't checked them out, you need to, and maybe some of you overseas can see them on their European tour with Nocturnal Graves this fall!

Starting a couple of other projects. I'm sketching for the cover for a 7" split EP between Graveyard and Redimoni, great death and thrash metal bands from Spain. I'm going to put a lot of effort into this, as it's great promotion for myself as well as the two bands (plus I'm fond of the Redimoni guys and their music), and will be the first full color acrylic painting I've done for a cover.

I'm also taking a shot at doing an illustration for IDIB's shirt, which will be difficult as the band and my label partner have to all agree on it.

Also in the works is something secret... which hopefully I can reveal soon.

On the non-metal side of things, I graduated with my associates in commercial art (Communication Design at CVCC)! It's taken me a while (3 years of classes and another year and a half procrastinating).  

My beehives are doing well, some more than others, and I might check for honey soon. Hopefully the bear doesn't come around this year, as it caused a lot of pain and misery for me last year. Hopefully we have a good amount of honey which we can make a lot of mead from.
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There's a few things coming out soon that I've illustrated for or will be shortly.

Faustcoven's two albums are to be re-released on glorious double gatefold vinyl. The standard versions will have a poster, and the limited die-hard versions will have a patch, sticker and either colored or picture disc vinyl. They will be released on Nuclear War Now!, probably the best vinyl label in the world. The second album has the artwork I've already done, and the first album will have an alternate cover and artwork that I'm working on.

Rising From Below the Earth is out now by the way. They did a great job on using my artwork on the layout, and the album it's self is AMAZING (in the old school black/doom vein). It's popping up on a lot of best of 2008 lists, and Fenriz from DARKTHRONE is talking about Faustcoven inseveral recent interviews, including a Myspace blog soley on Faustcoven.

The drawing of the burning church I did for Kult ov Azazel will be featured in thier new album's interior some time this year, probably sooner that later as most of the music/art is done, I beleive.

The Gravewurm shirts that I did the artwork for are at the printers now. Even though they'll be printing more after they run out of the first batch, it'll still be in very limited runs.

The logo for Withersoul is done, and awaiting approval. Once the full rez files are in thier hands, they'll be using in on a bunch of merch. I might approach them about doing the artwork for their full length too if I have time.

I'm talking to Ares Kindom about doing some thing for them. They are one of the better bands I've been listening too lately, staggeringly epic death/thrash, and I am extremely happy to get any response from them period, let alone get to have my artwork associated with them.

And finally, at least for now, I'm starting my own record label!!!! Or at least with my friend Andrew, the guitarist from Towards Global Holocaust. I'll have the money to put out some of my own releases on the label, starting with a lavishly illustrated In Death I Become t-shirt. Andrew with be putting all of the TGH stuff out on the label as well. After that we will both work to put out a 7" split between IDIB and Withersoul, and the next IDIB full length which is almost finished in the writing phase. Hopefully it will have a proper studio production, although nothing too slick or fake sounding. After that who knows.
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