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Wanna Be Player 2?

By Saetje
An homage to my lovely girlfriend, DemonGemini6, who requests I stick to drawing her as her raccoon fursona, Cake. She's an avid gamer, and she'll wake up before me on Saturdays to play her newest game obsession, so I often get out of bed on the weekends and stumble in- happily- to a sight like this. :love:. I love you, sweetheart.

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Depends. I'm not that good at... Anything, but I can kick some ass in Overwatch

Great art
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Ahahah that smirking expression! I absolutely love her attitude here, and who wouldn't wanna wake up to such an invitation? This is so adorable, I love it!
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Thanks so much! 
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It's a sweet story. :)

And you have a PS4! :D
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Thank you!

Well, she has a PS4 lol! It is definitely not mine either in spirit or reality XD. I'm not much of a gamer, I just tag along on her gaming adventures sometimes because I'd follow her anywhere :love:
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That's sweet in many ways. :D
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Awwwwww so awesome hehe :)
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Saetje's avatar
my answer exactly, haha :)!
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