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Taffetas Animation : GemTest01

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Here's part of a mock/test animation I'm working on for The Taffetas with many more to come. These are being done in order to figure out our production pipeline while we wait on some storyboards to finish up. Hopefully they're something everyone will enjoy looking at along the way as well!

Puppet > Illustrator
Animation > Flash
Compositing and Lighting > After Effects

Puppet was made by the amazing *DemonGemini6

EDIT: wow, almost 100 favorites and a lot of views to our blog and almost 100 likes on our facebook??...I'm floored, guys. Thank you. It's all you nice people coming forth to show their support and all the amazing artists and fans I've been getting to talk with that make this project for me.

thank you.

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Darkellia's avatar
She looks like Amalia from Wakfu. But great animation :)
02Lei's avatar
Beautiful animation!
Saetje's avatar
ForsakenDreamsTheif's avatar
I get the Cheshire Cat vibe XD  :iconkawaiimugiplz: Awesome XD
Saetje's avatar
ForsakenDreamsTheif's avatar
You're very welcome~ :iconsmile-luplz:
MoniquePalmerine's avatar
you dont have an idea how much i love this <3
Saetje's avatar
oh gosh,thanks :blush:
Emaretto's avatar
Man, I really love the swipey shine on the eye. Super fun detail.
Saetje's avatar
KindLittleMoon's avatar
So expressive~I love it!
Saetje's avatar
mopixit's avatar
Waaw ! Very good animation ! I think I will take it as model !
Saetje's avatar
well, gosh, thanks! :blush:
Rockformed's avatar
why there me no replay button
Saetje's avatar
Hi there! It's so short that I made it as sort of a loop animation. To see it, you can right click and check the "loop" option so that it plays continuously! Thanks so much for the favorite :)!
Rockformed's avatar
Now... pretend i asked a stupid question. Where's the loop button?
Saetje's avatar
Ah, no, it's not a stupid question. I didn't explain that you have to right click the flash file and then check loop. There is no button within the flash itself :)!
Rockformed's avatar
Awesome! Forever in love with this animation. I really love to draw and would like to ecome an animator or concept artist, so your video really inspires me!
TastesLikeAnya's avatar
SO very full of life. Especially that shine that moves over the eye!
Saetje's avatar
hey! here in seattle we're looking for an animator to team up with via email to make a game! asap!lol

animation needed is way way simpler then this! think castle crashers! please reach out to me asap!
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