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OC Art Exchange Challenge : Ibara + Veil

Ibara, carnivorous plant immortal, and Veil, not-so-immortal blue elf, cross paths one unfortunate morning.

My submission for :iconoc-art-xchange: March (I know ;^; ) exchange. I got :iconpheoniic:'s character, Ibara , and the theme was your OC meets [your partner's OC]!

*DemonGemini6 did the amazing lettering!!! Thank you Jess!

I tried to paint the character best I could and put in humor I felt was based around the description I had of him. Along with this comic, I'm going to be sending the full script (this is about 1/3 of intended comic unu/) and some sketches (probably tomorrow!) :>. I hope this makes up for my tardiness.

This comic is all in good fun and I think it's obvious this is very non-canon for Taffetas, but I just thought I'd put that disclaimer there. I hope *Pheoniic enjoys it, and that you all do, too!
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haius's avatar
Oh, man, that frame. "I can't help thinking something will go wrong..." and then MOOSE. I lol'ed for reals.
SharpAce's avatar
This is awesome! I love the style as it plays so well into the tone of the story!
Saetje's avatar
Thank you XDDD/
neo-dragon's avatar
Wow, Tito!!! This is absolutely fantastic! The colors, the flow of the panels, poses, expressions, everything is so well-crafted and amazing! :wow:

I wouldn't worry about it being late. Your entry is so huge, it's obvious the amount of time you took on it and how much it pays off! Gorgeous work, Tito!! You're so good with comics. *0*
Robo-Shark's avatar
Hah WOW you really did go all-out! So that's what some of those Veil sketches you posted earlier ended up turning into :V That moose is HILARIOUSLY DERPY and very delicious as far as I can tell BUT YES. I LOVE IT. (You always have very solid color choices too.)
Saetje's avatar
ha, thanks uwu/~
Libberachi's avatar
I've always wondered how these "membership by invitation only" groups work... o_O
Saetje's avatar
What do you mean? XD
Libberachi's avatar
The OC exchange group says it's invitation only. I have no idea how exactly that's supposed to work, like how does the invitation thing get decided and all that. Don't mind me, I'm just musing. XD
Saetje's avatar
I think in this case it's just a bunch of friends and acquiantances the mods felt would enjoy the group. Most of us were chosen because of our link to *Robo-Shark or *Myrcury-Art, I think!
Libberachi's avatar
XD Ahaaaah, okay, then! Thanks! :)

Lol, DA needs to make an ability to make groups private for this reason. XD That way the rest of us aren't sitting here going, "BUH HOW DO I JOIN, THEN??" or "So lonely... ;____;" LMAO.

(Sorry if this whole thread is totally off-topic, I was just curious is all...)
Robo-Shark's avatar
You could always send the group a note if you wanna join us! We just wanted the group to be invitation only because it seems like SO many irresponsible people join exchange groups and never do their half. I've been in those situations so many times and so has *Myrcury-Art, so we wanted to at least know the people who were joining were serious about contributing, and to try include those with similar quality of art and work ethic, lol. (Plus exchange groups with hundreds of people are REALLY hard to run unfortunately D: )
Liketheisland's avatar
Sweet! I especially like the balanced color scheme, even lines, and direction of movement, particularly in panel 4. I'll have to do one of these exchanges myself someday; I love discovering others' characters!
Saetje's avatar
Thanks! I did something different than my usual stuff, so I'm just glad it's mostly legible and tells a (somewhat) comprehensible story. There are parts I like and parts I don't but that is going to happen. And yes, exchanges are very fun! I've always been into other people's OCs, I like it more than fanart for some reason XD.
Liketheisland's avatar
Oh GOD yes, same. Kinda bugs me the way fanart gets way more attention than original creations around here. :/
Saetje's avatar
haha, well if "around here" you mean "Around everywhere". :nod: The fact of the matter is, with most OCs, there isn't a whole lot of content for people to experience these characters through- a few illustrations and a ref sheet just isn't enough- so it's difficult to fall in love with them as much as their favorite show/book character! So I think that's what it comes down to, but then there will always be people who fancy drawing OCs, too :love:
theanimeotakugirl's avatar
The coloring is phenomenal and I think your sequencing is fantastic within the panels.

Veil's expressions are priceless. :rofl:

And I love Ibara. He's hilariously adorable.
Saetje's avatar
Thanks Cass <3! I tried to step out of my comfort zone and did something different- I must admit that I think there are some parts that show promise for me as a visual storyteller so I guess that is encouraging even if I'm not crazy about other parts ene/! I am so glad that you think the flow of the comic works pretty good. uwu
theanimeotakugirl's avatar
You should be proud of yourself. :3 You stepped out and owned it. Like a boss.
Pheoniic's avatar
Hahahahaha! Oh my god IBSSS!! :iconlaughterplz: Poor Veil!
Kaisae's not going to let Ibara hear the end of this. Totally stepping out of his bounds.

I love it! :D
I think all that effort paid off because wow, this is so polished and stylish!

Your depiction of Ibara is certainly extreme and comical, but when the time is right Ibara really does goes nuts. :stare: (Mostly when he's hungry. Veil must have caught him at a bad time) But I poke fun at Ibara’s bloodlust all the time so I got a total kick out of this! :XD:

And afterwards I can just imagine:
:iconibaracarnivoreplz: …......Er, my full apologies about your bike, sir!
.......But a man’s got to hunt!
G-Good day!
*Does a curtsy and drags the carcass into the underbrush*
And I know this is a minor thing to point out, but to avoid misconceptions I guess: "Immortal" in my story is somewhat of an umbrella term/misnomer for "not physically aging". If Ibara was cut in half he would die. He's just like a tree I guess, he lives a long time naturally until he's chopped down or dies of old age. :nod:
Saetje's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

The script has him calm down and show that polite side of himself- until Veil demands money, and currency is made from trees and minerals, y'know <n<! I hope I haven't made too much of a farce out of him, though. It's all in good fun, I was sort of going the same route I had for ~neo-dragon's goofy Fate Saga mini comic.

Anyway, it's always difficult getting a stranger's character just right ;^; but I'm happy you got a kick out of it.

Also I didn't mean 'immortal' to imply that Ibara couldn't be hurt in my synopsis there. I just took it as he's not really quite a God, but he is of a mightier-than-mortal status. My character is technically undead & can heal at an expedited rate, but he's not in the same 'league' as Ibara- which gives Ibara some room to be all holier-than-thou in the script, too. hehe :giggle:

Annyywaaaay! Glad you like. Thanks for being so patient and understanding!
Pheoniic's avatar

Oh I see! Yeah Ibara is kind of touchy about how trees are being used for currency... And in ways doesn't quite believe it in. :XD:
Also he's kind of freeloading off of Kaisae, so he's poor. XD

Nah its really okay! It is all in good fun! :) Ibara has his ups and downs, so the comic is still actually quite accurate. :nod:

Ahh It was really late when I posted that reply last night, and I guess I was worrying that Ibara comes across as invincible with the term "immortal". I guess I should really make up a new term because then the "fake immortals" will get confused with the truly immortal immortals!
But yeah Ibara really does that "holier than thou" thing.
A lot. xD

Yes it is awesome! Thank you! :hug:
Mgonz46's avatar
Hehe ^^ Very entertaining! Excellant job
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