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GJ test comic 002: It's Embarrassing


To be continued!


Here is the second ad-libbed strip DemonGemini6 and I made as a test for our upcoming content of Gemini Journey! Read more about the endeavor in the tumblr link below, and show that you love what you love with a comment or favorite!

[What is Gemini Journey, What are Test Comics all About?|


This one was a ton of fun and I'm truly enjoying creating these. Sapphire is a blast to write for, although I think we're a little rough on joke delivery (that's in part from the "just get it out there" nature of these comics which doesn't allow much time for editing- pretty much the bulk of what joke writing is- but I'm trying to be more conscious of comedic writing techniques for upcoming test strips nonetheless and researching more for official content).

Also, I'm excited for the next strip, as DemonGemini6 will be vectoring the work in our intended lineless GJ style, so we can get a better grasp of our process before we begin our official content next year, with the first story arc, The Great Barley & Bay-Lily Circus.
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True gal pals! :D
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I understand her completely !!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so glad! Thank you for the kind comment : D
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Fantastic work again! :la: :hug:
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X3 so CUTE! Don't worry gem, I still sleep with like 5 stuffed animals... and I'm a total grown up, ahem, most of the time u_u
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unu *pat pat* I'm a part time adult myself.
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Oh my goodness these two are AMAZING. I love Sapphire already xD
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Saph, she's definitely a favorite of mine too.
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Oh my goodness, I'm this close to wanting to befriend Sapphire xDD I love her so much~
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Thanks so much! She is a ton of fun to get to know as I learn to write for her.
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I love these two so much~ <3
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Thanks so much ^__^
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