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GJ test comic 001: Baby Toy

By Saetje

To be continued!

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Here is the first ad-libbed strip DemonGemini6 and I made as a test for our upcoming content of Gemini Journey, with a few still to come. Read more about Gemini Journey and this small comic endeavor in the tumblr link below, and don’t forget to fav, comment, and wash your flagella.

What is Gemini Journey, What are Test Comics all About?|

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RosesKeepMeQuiet's avatar
And then the secret is out Wink/Razz 

I think this would be a fantastic web comic! If with a brilliant story, which I think you have covered :shuffelin: Ene (Smile) [V7] 
Saetje's avatar
Thanks so much! :)
NycterisA's avatar
I think I already told you this, but someone around my area has a license plate "TAFETAS" which always makes me think of you. Keep up the great work! :aww:
Saetje's avatar
yes, I think I remember that! Man, I really want a GJ-themed vanity plate someday though. Thank you so much for your kind words :)
NycterisA's avatar
I try not to +fave every piece you post, but I really enjoy all o your art!
Myrcury-Art's avatar
Too cute! Adorable expressions everywhere! :love: and heck yeah, those of us who love plush know that they all have their own personalities and are not to be mocked! :nod: I'm with ya, Gem! :giggle: Love the colors, too, so bright and happy! :D And the changed up fonts to emphasize things is a nice touch too, like the "BABY" bit. :D Dig it!!
Saetje's avatar
Thanks so much! Your comment is so nice and sweet. My stuffed toys all have a personality too, I can't stand it if people try to make voices for them. XD
Warrayfinson's avatar
Hehe, so cute! Great work :+favlove:
Saetje's avatar
thank you so much!
Warrayfinson's avatar
Beeyonkuh's avatar
Super adorable! I can relate to Gemini already, lol.
Saetje's avatar
Thank you so much! And I'm glad, we're hoping she'll be relateable as our main character.
Naoru's avatar
:D fantastic comic!! Its so great to see your characters in more detail, and the colour/styling is so warm, the comic has an overall very pretty feel to it! Also I LOVE the variation in speech bubbles and text, really inventive but not hard to read either X3
Saetje's avatar
Thanks so much! The lettering is all DemonGemini6's beautiful doing and she'll be happy to hear that comment. We've collaborated on a few small pieces before with similar gorgeous results. Her work really brings out the art and gives the comic itself a whole new level of aesthetic:

OC Art Exchange Challenge : Ibara + Veil by Saetje Cain Battles Laryngitis by Saetje
Robo-Shark's avatar
AHAHAH their faces are so cute, ffff this really gives a great feel to Saph and Gem's personalities! Gem's last expression too cute. HAH. I love the warm color palette that Gemini meshes into so nicely too, and how Sapphire's deep purple tones pop from it. Not sure if it was intentional, but it helps to make it feel like this is Gemini's element and Sapphire is invading it right now. XD
Saetje's avatar
Thanks so much! I'm hoping their personalities come through and are endearing. It's fun to test them all out in this setting.

The colors were intentional design albeit quickly chosen, good eye! I also repeated a scalloped edge in Gemini's wardrobe to match the canopy frame along with her color scheme here, trying to push a quick read of whose space this was. I'm glad it worked. :)
AnticiaJK's avatar
ALSO I'm really happy about these test comics, it's my way too this year, to start to do comics and grow by learning from the mistakes of those! :la:
And this way the readers can be happy too and you get used to it! :heart:
Looking forward to see more! X3
Saetje's avatar
Thanks so much!

Yes, precisely. The key of these is to not stress myself out over them and just learn as I go, rather than scrutinize and berate during the creation process. It's so out-of-the-realm of how I normally work, so I'm hoping it should help loosen me up a lot and bring back a sincere, organic quality to my normal process while simultaneously allowing us to find our immediate weak points to work on throughout the year.

And yes, I also completely hope that some story content, even if it's loose and mostly unedited, will engage some folks with our characters while Jess and I finish up concept for the main story and prep for the first volume.

Thanks so much for your kind words and everything, I look forward to your upload this year as well <3!! Which story(ies) will you be working on this year? Age of Pheonix I hope!?? :)!
AnticiaJK's avatar
Haha, it's easier for me I guess, originally i started with fancomics where I just did what came to my mind, no pressure. It only started to be stressful when I decided to take comics - and my originals - seriously. XD;
So I'm about to apply more "fun" as well, let's do it! :D

Ohh, sounds good! = D

Theehee, thank you!
Originally I wanted to do another story since it has finished storyline, kinda ready to go, yet it didn't hold my interest long enough. So yepp, Age of Phoenix precisely. Thanks for the interest, muuuch appreciated! X3
AnticiaJK's avatar
Hahaha, everybody is sensitive about their childhood favourites! :D
Btw, totally adorable, I kind of want one! *u*
Saetje's avatar
Thanks so much! Can't hide what you truly care about, eh?

And just wait, Wib-Wob gets a bit cuter a few strips down the line.
AnticiaJK's avatar
Nope XD

Awww haha, can't wait for that XD
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