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A very belated gift for my buddy ~neo-dragon, of her werewolf character Rori. I wanted to give the idea that even though the character is standoffish, there is a lot of darkness beneath the surface.

I'm really embarrassed how long it took me to get around to taking care of this, and I am also very sorry. ~neo-dragon is awesome and hasn't complained once though.

Rori has a collar normally, which gives her the illusion of a human form, but I didn't put it on her int his picture because I couldn't get it to work without looking a little silly in the image.

Stock used for reference -> [link]

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Awesome. I love the limited color pallet and the graphical style of it.
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Really cool work you've got here. Love the contrast C:
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Fate Saga aside, this is a beautiful piece.
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Argh! This is so lovely! I love the composition!
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this rules some serious ass

good damn job
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:happybounce: :squee: Wow! Thank you so much, Tito!!!! I love how Rori's facial expression is so aloof and dispassionate but there's so much going on around her that she herself is a part of - the shadow cracks in the wall, stylistic wolf and the skulls. It looks so cool and does a great job of showing the darkness within her and how it's not obvious on the surface! I can also see how the collar might look awkward in this piece - I think she looks fine without it, here!

Don't be embarrassed about how long it took! I know how busy you've been, and I appreciate that you made it at all! Thank you so much! :hug: It's gorgeous!!!
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aww thanks Dana, I'm so glad you like it :blush:

and I just wanted to point out about the collar because I didn't want to seem like I overlook that about Rori XD! ee!!
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Your stuff is always so unique and chic. I really love the design-aspect of this. The whole composition is so engaging. I also love the volume of the face there, and your cel shading that really enhances that.
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Thanks so much Brianna n.n
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love your use of highlights, especially with the skulls.
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Thank you Jordan!
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In. Love. Man she is gorgeous in this, the salmon tones are amazing, and the style approach on the wolf form is incredible. This somehow makes me think of a Mike Mignola comic, mostly in the wolf form itself, with the sharp thin lines and high contrast. Beautiful.
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aww thanks Megan. That means a lot. I'm really glad you like!
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