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You can read more about this and the full presentation on my blog (As well as find a SMALLER version of the flash)

Just thought I'd post the interactive portion of my Creative Intern Portfolio presentation at Hallmahk for giggles. It's supposed to follow my usual cat-screaming branding (like on my website) and just be kinda fun. The idea is that when you click his face, which takes up the whole screen of the display computer, his mouth opens up to reveal the links to the work I have been doing at Hallmark so far (which of course you internet peoples can't see just yet).

(and Lots of love and thanks to my ever-amazing friend *DemonGemini6 who stayed up with me until the early hours of the morning to actually see the full presentation to completion ._. . She is an amazing person and no one will ever appreciate how much she does for the people around her on a daily basis)

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Everytime I want to click i was like this,
Me:"say aaaaa?"
Kitty: AAAAAAA...

I feel like this cat open his mouth just to get a check up LOL

Furthermore this is.. purrfect :icondesucraiplz:
:iconsqueeeeplz: I never seen such smooth vector like animation mostly i see vector pictures but not animated T_T u so pro..
Saetje's avatar
Haha, I imagined the "aaaa" thing too, actually!

And also, thank you so much for the incredibly nice comment! I kept it in my comment box just so it would make me smile :)!
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Wow this is super cute!! love it..
Saetje's avatar
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Thanks so much ^^
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this is quite funny.. :D
Saetje's avatar
grafffite's avatar
I love this :XD: Wonderful expression at the end.
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could his face go back to defult after i click it. like just slide right back into it gently?
(or atleast animated, not just "pop" back to the begining.)
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Hi there!

that's actually what I wanted to do originally, but ran out of time before the presentation, so good eye! I agree that it would have completed it to go more naturally into it's default face than the way it does now. Thank you so much for the critique <3!
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welcome =)

it might be more addicting if you did that.

like this, we have to refresh our page again..and again...and again.. get the idea.

so now i can start start my homework! :phew:
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Now this is just adorable!! :heart:
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lol if you're having trouble seeing it on your moniter there's a smaller version on my blog: [link]
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nice animation
Saetje's avatar
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AMG //stealsandruns
ShoJoJim's avatar
This is so cute and amazing, amazingly cute, and creative :XD:

You are so talented oh my gosh! I keep clicking!
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Thank you so much Jim, your nice comments always means a lot to me!
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