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Cain Battles Laryngitis

Characters belong to > :iconneo-dragon:
Drawn by> :iconsaetje:
Backgrounds/Word Bubbles > :icondemongemini6:

A gift *DemonGemini6 and I made a few months ago for our buddy ~neo-dragon because she was afflicted by Laryngitis :-). It's of her characters from her series pitch, Fate Saga, with the main character, Cain (red knight guy) , struggling with the sickness himself.

I worked on Fate Saga's original trailer in college as an animator and color designer, and I have the pleasure of seeing where the concept is now whenever ~neo-dragon and I talk, usually on weekends with *DemonGemini6, where all of us exchange critique and thoughts about our two projects (we call it a "brain jam"). I can say that her pitch is fantastic and I'm excited to see this as a show someday.

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The last panel - LOL XD
HauntedBreaker's avatar
I love this style! I desire more
Saetje's avatar
Well thank you! :)
Robo-Shark's avatar

...Cyrus at the end, I can't bahahahah. Your simple design take on them is hilarious! Cain's expressions, ahahah poor guy!
Saetje's avatar
Thank you! I thought it would be better to try not to emulate Dana's designs since it's not that serious of a story. So, I guess in my mind I created a fan AU or something. Fate Saga Mini, haha.
Ifurget's avatar
I just adore these expressions, Cain in the middle panels are priceless. and i love your depiction of Cyrus, especially that first frame of him (that smile and lanky pose).

Have you ever thought of doing a series of mini comics with the Taffetas?
Saetje's avatar
Thanks! Cyrus is such a cool character, so his personality practically beams through even with the streamlined designs.

I would love to do little Taffetas comics, actually, but haven't found much of an excuse to yet! Maybe someday :)
neo-dragon's avatar
:love: :heart: :squee:

These had absolutely made my laryngitis-infested week worthwhile!! They're sooo funny! I freaking died every time I would look at them - especially when Cain's emasculating himself in front of poor Larkspur. Thankfully she understands what he's saying, somehow. :giggle:

I love everything about them. The styles are so cute and their expressions are so emotive!! Rori's a jerk, Cyrus is a troll and Larkspur's a sweetheart (as much as she can be dealing with him)! :lol:

Thank you again sooo much, Tito! And a big thank you to Jess as well! I was feeling craptacular at the time and these really made my whole week! :love:
Saetje's avatar
Aww, thanks Dana! I'm so glad you liked these, they were a ton of fun to make. I kind of imagined I created the first FS A.U....Fate Saga Mini haha XDDD. Anyway, I just really love your project and characters and wish you the best :)
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
The part with Cyrus is new, ya? He looks like a creeper. XD
Saetje's avatar
Yep! The Cyrus part was completed for her birthday, actually. I had a scene in mind with Guile and another with Lukas and Bianca, too, but never got to them. I replaced the Cyrus comic with the Vektor one for DA since I think the Vektor one is only funny if you know Dana's characters pretty well (I suppose all of the jokes are a bit like that though).

Also, Cyrus is a creeper! ;P
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Yeah, I reckon so, but some of them are self-explanatory.

I'm aware, I've animated him myself. XD But this style makes him particularly nutty.
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