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Home Sweet Home - Coco Bedroom

This is actuallly my bedroom, not an special design, I just want to renew my space... So this is what I'm planing to do XD

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wowww awesome nice ideas for my home
TurquoisePastel's avatar
loving the colour scheme c:
Relic-Angel's avatar
How did you paint the flowers on the wall? :D
raynorallen's avatar
This is simply beautiful! I'm in love.
merrak's avatar
I like that bookshelf - but my wife, who is a librarian, would say there are far too few books on it!
leneghan's avatar
I was planning a similar paint scheme for my own room ... was curious to know how did you plan on going about the design on the wall and would you have any tips ... oh i must say this concept looks pretty awesome aswell :D
DerekTheVaporeon's avatar
Well, it looks like in good order, and nice looking.
I like this!
thatsniceofyou's avatar
this is adorable (i especially love the shelves above the bed). the design has been handled incredibly well, and you've been clever and not gone for the simple colour co-ordination to make the entire scene flow. the room looks like one that's been lived in, not the stereotypical 'dream rooms' which look like they belong in doll houses, and yet you still manage to make it look irresistible. brilliant work!
saescavipica's avatar
As this project was intended to be my own bedroom I wanted to make something nice but practical, something that could be really used, as you said, thank you. XD
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I want a room like that, <3
RoamingDragon's avatar
I wish my room were like this. Impressive design
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fish-o's avatar
Wow, this looks amazingly cool. Wouldn't mind living there myself. I especially like the wall and the shelves together.
saescavipica's avatar
MattsyKun's avatar
I'm going to steal your room. :D :D :D

HMM... You've given me some ideas for my room! XDD
saescavipica's avatar
jaja, go ahead, good luck XD
Acoldwar's avatar
Sexy I also into interior design! brilliant work! I envy you :)
brandimillerart's avatar
Very nice! I love the flowers on the wall, and those shelves and picture frames are so cool!
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wulfnstein's avatar
looks cool, and thats actuall a cool frame for those foto's on the wall. =D
auxeru's avatar
Wish my room looked like this. I'm really digging the picture frame too. :D
WizardOfUnseen's avatar
Wow.Awesome.Sorry but I cannot help but feel a little jealous.
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