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Whoa, hey guys. What's up?
I saw this, and figured it was high time to draw a bunch of faces. My hand really hurt afterward. Sooooo out of practice 8(
You can find the blank meme here:…

I have notes on some of the characters. I could say something about all of them, but dhfioeh that'd take forever and would get boring for all of us~

Freema: ESTJ
Thea: ESFJ
Eion: ISTJ
Torin: ISFJ
Torin is a protector if ever there was one. He jumped into a boat filled with pirates to save a girl he just met (it didn't end well, but he tried, right?). I wasn't sure which he was going to be, but now that I've seen this, everything makes sense.
Sidus: ESTP
Raian: ESFP
Es'len: ISTP
Well... this is the first time I've drawn this character in a half-dozen years.... if ever. This is his third name-change, and thus far, I think I'm going to stick with it. I'm surprised I even added him on this list, because I have very little information on him, other than his personality.
Tora: ISFP
Lucas: ENTJ
Lucas has always been a leader, even though he's gone through a few changes over the years. He's not particularly exuberant, unlike the rest of the cast (read: Aaran), and takes it upon himself to keep his motley crew in line.
Adrael: ENTP
While I don't agree with the title of "originator" for her, the description of ENTP fits her quite well. She's chatty, loves a good debate, tends to ignore other people's feelings, even if she notices them, gets really excited about new things, and will find loopholes in any situation.
Aaran: INTJ
K'ae: INTP
K'ae is probably my oldest character, though she has gone through many name changes, and her story has changed drastically over the years. While I usually have a policy to avoid self-inserts in anything except crack role-play, she is my one exception. The story she belongs in was cooked up on the playground in 4th or 5th grade with a number of my friends, and since then, the story has been pushed and pulled in all directions.
Avis: ENFJ
Avis recently underwent a bit of a make-over. I was trying to design a new character, but the picture just... turned into her. She's now a superhero, I guess. Originally, this personality type wouldn't have fit her, but in this newest incarnation, I think it describes her nicely. When I was role-playing her, she was much like a spastic version of myself with wings and claustrophobia, but I'm excited to see where she goes from here.
It's funny because in the past when I've taken this personality test, I have gotten both "Engineer" and "Mentor," with only a few percentage points between them. I guess I'm just a middle-of-the-road personality?
Reidyn: ENFP
Saerif: INFJ
Saerif is a rather complicated character, especially her personality and motivations. And backstory... And genealogy... As a child, she was open, friendly, and compassionate, but as she grew up, her role as queen forced her to be opposite of her personality, more like a very extreme "Examiner" type, which makes her appear rigid, icy, and pretty close to emotionless. She cannot afford to let her bleeding heart get in the way of her duty to her kingdom, or everything she and her uncle worked for will be lost.
*note: I stole her name for my username, but I am not her, nor she me, in any way. kthx
Voyan: INFP

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lol don't tell me you took the personality quiz for each of the characters
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I got about halfway (because I was bored and couldnt sleep and might as well) but then I gave up.