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October 19, 2008
Last Treasure of LLyr by ~saeriellyn. From the suggester: "A lot of fantasy fans from our generation might have read the late Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles as children. ~saeriellyn's gorgeous painting style captures the essence of the books. She has many such wonderful pieces in her gallery, but "Last Treasure of Llyr" is a personal favorite because of the gorgeous choice of the color and the just overall lovely atmosphere created by the characters' expressions."
Featured by aunjuli
Suggested by XueLian
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Last Treasure of LLyr

From The Castle of Llyr - third book in Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain. After Eilonwy's rescue from the fallen Caer Colur, she gives Taran a silver battle horn, the only remnant of her house, in pledge to remember him until they meet again.

*sappy romantic sigh*

A redux of my favorite Prydain illustration. I've been wanting to perfect this for some time. For those familiar with the original, I'll be geek enough to mention the differences: other than a complete background overhaul, the changes are subtle - slight costume variations, lighting consistency, and anatomy have all been fiddled with. The beauty of digital!

Corel Painter IX
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I just love how you imagined Taran :)
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For a couple years now I have had this printed as a 3-inch square from a color laser printer, and framed in an ornate heart-shaped metal frame, and hung among other such treasured pictures on my bedroom wall.  Relationship goals.
saeriellyn's avatar
I'd be happy to send you a larger version for better printing, if you so desire. :D (Big Grin) 
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I re-favorited this piece. I missed it so much I went searching for it in my favorites, glad I found it again. I absolutely love the colors and the expressions. It makes me remember what it was like reading The High King and I miss Taran and Eilonwy all over again. 
saeriellyn's avatar
Thank you! This one still holds up pretty well if I do say so. 😁
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I love everything about this piece.  I love their expressions, the sheer adoration that they can show each other clearly in this moment, at long last, no longer masked by amusement, worry, exasperation or bafflement; I love the positioning of their hands that says yes, the horn is a precious gift, but it's her he really wants to hold; I love the little details, like the Celtic knot embroidery on her dress and the strong contrast between highlights and shadows that gives her sleeve the texture of satin, while the softer contrast and duller versions of the same white highlights and purple shadows on his sleeve suggests a coarser fabric like hemp or linen; I love the way the sunset both illuminates and echoes the colors of her red-gold hair; and as always, I love that you capture like no other artist I've seen illustrate these characters what that phrase "red-gold hair" means inside my head.  I've seen a few sunsets like that, here in Arizona during monsoon season, or over the Pacific from the beach at Santa Monica.  I haven't seen very many artists capture the look of one this well.
saeriellyn's avatar
😊 I look at this now and think they are both too well-dressed and clean, given everything they've gone through by this point in the story, and I don't know how I forgot that when I was planning it. But I suppose it still works if you think of it as a sort of dream-like memory; all rose-tinted and perfection - and both of them would.
fader2011's avatar
Ah, true; the fact that they literally washed up on that beach a few hour before isn't apparent.  But I like the idea that this is how they remember it, not exactly how it was.  It also occurs to me that if Eilonwy was wearing something like this, the multiple layers of waterlogged cloth would have made it very difficult for Taran to hold onto her and keep both their heads above water while swimming for shore.

The only thing the text says about her clothing during the climax of the book is that "She still wore the robe Teleria had given her, though now it was torn and mud-spattered."  Since she'd been on the way down to breakfast when Taran last saw her at Dinas Rhydnant, it would have been something appropriate to wear among the other ladies of the court, not a sleeping gown, but also probably the least formal thing she would wear outside of her own bedroom.
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I just read The Chronicles of Prydain--I'm so ashamed it took me so long to finally buy the book (I'm now 25 years old). I love this--they look just like how I imagined them!
saeriellyn's avatar
Well after all, it isn't your fault they're so under-represented in the average bookstore. I think they may be the last of the author's work still in print. Congrats on the discovery, and glad you like the artwork. :)
istilldontwantthis's avatar
This is so sweet, and well worth the dd! Wonderful job!
hillerj's avatar
I've been trying to find GOOD Chronicles of Prydain art on here and I finally found some! This is beautiful :) 

You definitely captured the emotion of the moment and you did a great job getting the details right. Kudos!
saeriellyn's avatar
So glad you like it! If you check through my faves, you'll find a folder of nothing but Prydain stuff. Can't say whether you'll like it all, but at least it's all in one place for easy browsing. :)
hillerj's avatar
I saw it! Thanks for that. I was trying to find some decent art relating to the series but all I could find was crappy sketches based on the cartoon. It's always nice to find someone who appreciates some of the same stuff and actually has the talent to express it. 
saeriellyn's avatar
Yeah, the cartoon art doesn't do much for me. I hate the character designs Disney came up with.

Do a google search on Justin Kunz Prydain art and you'll see some nice stuff. His main gallery doesn't show it anymore but I think he still has a page on elfwood.
hillerj's avatar
I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it. It butchered the storyline and characters so bad!!!

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look :)
keitone's avatar
Wow, so beautiful, this is just how I imagined Eilonwy to look like :) Really good job!
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starbrightluster's avatar
I love love love love love this series so much!! This was my childhood, I looked up to these two so much.... I love them, and seeing this really made me want to go back and reread those books again.. I loved the high king so much!! It was the best ending :')
saeriellyn's avatar
Very bittersweet ending, but under the circumstances, satisfying. :) So glad you like this, and please check out the rest of my gallery. I am in the midst of doing a graphic novel of the series, beginning with the Book of Three - slow going, but steady, and would love to have more fans of the series following its progress. You can find it here: [link]
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