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masterlist entry // #381

Esk Badge 381 By Ahorseforeveryseason-dbvdys8 by saeqlopur

current reference:

Mjuka by saeqlopur

growth points:


last updated 11/17/2017

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Mjukabw by saeqlopur

Mjuka's origin begins as a roe deer who was strongly bonded to her mother.

her mother meticulously created a burrow for them in the deep, European woods, bringing home bits and pieces to adorn the interior after long days of foraging. her favourite items to bring home to young Mjuka, time and time again, were the biggest, brightest leaves she could find in the forest. for Mjuka's first autumn, the sight of new colours dappling these leaves was akin to magic. the trips seemed to take much longer than normal when Mjuka's mother would return with these special leaves, but soon the burrow was full of fall colours, soft beds of red covering the rough floor.

a day came when the cold winds found their way into the burrow and the view outside was dark. foraging was difficult. the pair of them were tired and hungry. Mjuka's mother nuzzled her softly. 'cover yourself in the leaves,' she looked into her fawn's eyes, softly pleading. 'they will keep you safe until I can come back for you.' and so, Mjuka clumsily nudged her way beneath a pile of damp, red leaves toward the back of their woodland cave and waited. sounds of dripping, crunching, and the wind howling echoed around her. she waited. and waited.

it seemed like one long, unchanging night had passed when in reality it had been nearly a quarter of a moon's cycle. there was a soft noise of steps in the distance. these weren't of Man, and these weren't of a soft woodland animal. weary, shivering, aching with hunger, Mjuka pulled herself up and stumbled outside of the burrow. the forest floor had made a mess of itself, and white flakes were dotting the bottoms of trees, though sparcely.

a shape emerged from the opening in front of her, slowly making its way between two trees... with blurred vision, Mjuka struggled to focus on the detail settled atop this being. it was unmistakable - a large, leaf-bearing tree, shaded in deep red. several of the leaves broke away and drifted calmly toward her as the intimidating shape came to a stop. they were inches apart when the being's face lowered to meet her gaze. their eyes were deep, patient.. knowing. the cold began to leave Mjuka's body, her shivering subsided over the next few minutes. her legs tenderly curled beneath her and she brought her head down, ready to fall into one last sleep in her corporeal form.

traveler | introspective | forest floor | dainty

uncommon traits: none
rare traits: none
nature features: mother fern, blue mouse ears hosta, common fern moss image

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Lvl5 by Esk-Masterlist

player level: Bud

total aura points: 890 small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist
last updated 12/7/2017

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current goals:

Blossom level (1200 AP)

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participation & rewards:

Forest Biome Event: Participation Badge (color) by Esk-Masterlist

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AP Log


Sprite Rip: Small Sprout

artwork created for others:

play! +25AP

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout

artwork created for myself:

a path untouched by men +15AP
may it be  +15AP

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commissioned artwork:

381 commission completed by :iconunseraphim: +10AP