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Yeah... First things first. I don't know how many of you know, but as a part-time job I'm delievering newspaper, and every Friday afternoon/early evening I'm sorting the advertisement while watching something, usually documentations.
This time we watched a documentation [actually it's more of a series] called "Hitlers Helfer", what's about all the people that helped Hitler through the years etc.
I actually don't want to write about that, but more about something I noticed again: How hard it is to be patriotistic without being a Nazi or something.
I'm a Patriotist by myself, and I already have to deal with being called a Nazi and all. But seriously, if you watch the right documentations, you can perfectly understand why Hitler was so successfull. Honestly, if I'd lived in this time here, I don't know what I'd do. But most likely I won't be one of those people who really DID something against Hitler.
Why? At first, I'd be too afraid, because I didn't want to be executed, being sended to a KZ or something along those lines. And actually Hitler... Well, this guy really knew how to talk. As a Patriotist it's really easy to get... well, a Nazi. Especially in times like this, where the future and all is so...unsure, and you aren't some rich guy.
If there'd appear a Hitler 2.0 today, I don't want to know how it'd end. Sure, probably not as bad as WWII, but it could end even worser. If something like this really happens, I hope not in Germany. Because we're already the "bad guys", and I don't want people to think we're all Nazi's, like it's already the Stereotype.
To all this people I'd love to say that Nazis are everywhere . I just watched a documentation in Nazis in Europe, there were some of course in Germany, but also in Hungary, France, the United Kingdom... To just name a few.

Ah well. Then, I guess we're coming to the second part? ^^;

I've been tagged by the awesomely epic :iconzirahz: ~ <3

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:iconzirahz: 's questions~

1) If i asked ya nicely, could ya do something to me :iconbegplz:

TO you? I don't know, maybe? :XD: But FOR you? Sure~

2) What's your favorite song?

Hard question. Songs I really love are, of course, Prussia's Mein Gott, but also SLY by the Scorpions, Now You're Gone by Whitesnake, Mocking Bird by Barclay James Harvest, and The Loner by Gary Moore [Although I don't know if The Loner can count as a song because no one's really singing :XD: ] Yeah, I guess that's it? ^^;

3) Fav icon plz account?

Too many. :iconfacepokerplz:

4) Do ya know my Skåne OC? If ya do, whd do ya think about her Olo

Sure I do~ Mmmh... I dunno, I like her :XD:

5) What country are ya from?

The country of awesomeness, also known as Prussia~

6) Go here [link] and ask a Q if ya have time? :iconbegplz:

Sure, why not? :D But this were only 6 questions :P

My questions:

1. What would you think about writing a collab with me? :D

2. What would YOU do if your country was suddenly ruled by Adolf Hitler 2.0? Of course, answer honestly :P [I'm sorry, but this questions keeps my busy...]

3. What's your favourite sweet?

4. What's your favourite word, and, if needed, the meaning of it?

5. What's for you the best writer here on dA?

6. Would you ever roleplay with me? :P

7. Are you satisfied with the place you live at? If not, where would you want to live?

8. Do you know Planetary Moe? o.o

9. What's your favourite singer? Purposely SINGER, not band~ :D

10. I'm sorry if these questions are weird, I caught a cold and am feeling miserabely ;-;

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Did the tag!~ [link]

And ahem,for the first part of the journal! If anyone dares calling you names because of that,I`m going to kick some ass! Nobody is allowed to do that,because I`ll make them suffer.And German people are not the bad guys - I already know how awesome you people are and if there is someone who thinks you are a bad nation,I`ll let Russia remodelate their dumb distorted thinking.
I`ll always be there for you,no matter what!~
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Awesome! :iconhyperglompplz:

Aiyaa, thank you so much for that! :iconsadcraiplz:
And actually it's just because of history, I mean, nazis are everywhere... Really badly in Hungary, the USA... Just everywhere! Someone told me if you go somewhere in East Europe [I don't exactly remember where], and they hear you're German, they stand on every side of the street, show this... I don't know, in German it's called "Hitler-Gruß", and really worship you, it's crazy!
Awww, again, thank you so much! <3 I'm sure they won't dare to try again. :iconheplz:
That makes me so glad to hear! :tighthug: :iconcraiplz:
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You are absolutely welcome my dear!

I know! And the thing people are blaming other people for the history and I find it rather rude and unnecessary. I mean okay, my country was under communism,does that mean I am strict and have predetermined ideas?
I can`t judge people for their country history...that`s bad.

I`m glad I could help at least a little bit!~ :iconlovehugplz:
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That makes me really happy to hear! >w<

Oh yes, that's just... well, stupid to say at least. I'll never understand those people... And hey, Thuringia was under communism as well, that affected Mama's view on things a bit, but mine? Nopenopenope.
And that's good like this, because I hate people who are like that :I

And you actually helped my quite a lot, darling~ x3 :iconglomp2plz:
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*repeats OMG so many times that almost explodes* OMG IS THAT N??!?? (stupid question, of course it is him) WHERE DID YOU GET THAT GIF IF THAT FROM THE ANIME I HAVEN'T WATCHED THE ANIME DID HE SERIOUSLY APPEAR THERE?! OR IS THAT GIF FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE? I NEEEEEEED THE LINK!!! (I'm terribly sorry, I thought my past N fangirl had already died but nope there it still is)

I don't think you Germans (or Prussians, like you) are Nazis or bad :C I guess it's because our leader during WWII was a good friend of Hitler, and we don't really have so strong opinions about Nazis... even though they're bad. We just don't think of Nazis when someone mentions Germany, more like Russia since there are some new-nazis and stuff...
Oh, wouldn't the new leader in N.Korea count? XD

ugh, sorry, I don't have the time today I'll do it tomorrow DX
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Yeah... Calm down, calm down, my friend! :XD:
And somewhere at the bottom there is the creator of this skin...
And I don't think it's from the anime, my little brother watches the whole thing and he'd tell me for sure if N would appear, because he knows how much of a fangirl I'm.. And yes, same here. Until I re-played Black.. D:

Awww, thank you so much! :tighthug:
Yeah, maybe... Ah well, Nazis are never good. But I think it's unfair to say German = Nazi... :I
Okay o: Mmmh... I think it's a dictator, but a Nazi...?

Ah well, you know I'm here very seldom, except for secretly reading fics, and you actually already did it :XD:
Oh, and prepare to get spammed as my one and only editor tomorrow, I'll write and "Author's note" at the first~ :iconheplz:
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Ehehe... sorry ^^; I have both Black and White, but I haven't played White 2 completely yet... You're too his fangirl? :D Highfive!

No problem, I just told the truth ^^
I know... It's not fair people are so offensive about the historically very sensitive subject of Germans... But good that we can be GRAMMAR-nazi if we want XD
Yeah, it's a dictator, and communist, contrary to Hitler, but I hope he's not gonna be as bad as Hitler was... that's what I meant, kind of

Heh heh XD Oh? I haven't yet even edited anything yet, credit me only if I deserve it XD
Oh darling :iconohstopityouplz:
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Don't worry x3
Well, I've got black and my little brother white, he wants to buy Black 2 soon...
Yes, I am! And AWESOMELY epic highfive! >D :iconepichighfiveplz:

Thank chuu! :iconchuplz:
Yeah, it really is... And actually it's also very bad with the Nazis in the USA itself, for example! D:
And I want! >D
Yeah, and I hope so, too :I

You did more than that! O:
Kesesese~ :eyes:
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Oh, and are you going to buy the sixth-gen. games X and/or Y?
o(>3<)o Nnnnnnn~~!!

You're welcomee! :iconchuplz:
I haven't heard of those that much... but I know they're there... ._. bad people... baaaad people...
So do I! >D
Because none of us wants a war ;_;

I hadn't started editing when I commented that... so eheh ^^;
o hon hon hon >D
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I don't even have Black or White 2! TAT However, if I ever see them cheap anywhere, I'm certainly going to do it!

Aww, that makes me really happy to hear <3
Yes, that's true... They're, like, everywhere :V
Good~ War is bad :/

Ah, okay :D
...Fusosososo? :XD: //shot
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You'd better! They're awesome :D

But... if love is war, then is love bad? ._.

I remember when I once really screamed "aiyaah" ._.
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i wanted to do more Q's but i could't come up whit any :iconotlplz:
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Don't worry, I know this feeling perfectly well :iconifeelyoubroplz:
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and remember to ask that Q~~~
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