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Hey everyone! This weekend (Oct. 19th & 20th) is GeekGirlCon in Seattle! If you're in the area, come check it out - it's relatively new and smaller than ECCC or Sakuracon. I'll be there in the Artist's Alley with Jakface and Kitty Phoenix, with lots of art to sell! COME BUY OUR STUFF! <3
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I just saw that Republic of Thieves came out yesterday!  I can't believe I missed the release date.  Whats the verdict so far?

P.S. Hail and Huzzah  from your forum minions.  :)
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Definitely worth a read - it FINALLY gets around to exposition of a certain character that I'd been burning with curiosity about.

...MY MINIIIONS!!! ;_;
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Is it the leads secret special female friend?

I thought I remembered her name, but apparently I was thinking of Ilyena (Lews Therin's wife from WoT).  
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Yep!! Sabetha :D
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Damnit, wrong contignent again!

Enjoy! :-)
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Waaah, I'm on holiday abroad so I can't come~! :iconcryingplz:
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Bah! I wish I could teleport across the country! That con sounds so fun. 

Check out the gals from Project Spark there if you have time. Phenomenal people!
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Wow, Project Spark looks gorgeous!! *o*
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That's the truth!
I'd say you should sign up for beta, but if you're anything like me, I doubt you need something else to demand your time. :7 
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XD Pretty much. I've been trying to put off buying the new Pokemon so I can finish up some art... >_>;
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