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forgot about Deviantart for a while ^_^;;; WHOOPS!

There's so much social media to keep up with these days. I'm SO sorry to anyone I haven't responded to! I'm over on tumblr for art (same name:!) and twitter as b_1st for...the kind of stuff twitter is for.

Hope you're all doing well! <3
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Hey everyone! This weekend (Oct. 19th & 20th) is GeekGirlCon in Seattle! If you're in the area, come check it out - it's relatively new and smaller than ECCC or Sakuracon. I'll be there in the Artist's Alley with Jakface and Kitty Phoenix, with lots of art to sell! COME BUY OUR STUFF! <3
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...Heh heh, I haven't updated my DA journal since last year's Sakura Con ^_^;;; WHOOPS.

I'm in the Artist's Alley again this year - Table AA305, the company name is listed as Kat & Co in the guide. In addition to my usual stuff (prints, buttons, keychains, and some jewelry), I'll be giving out 20% off promo codes for the indie RPG I worked on: SKYBORN! Stop by and say hi! :D
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Yep yep, Sakura Con went well last weekend! Hellooooo to anyone who picked up a business card and followed it here :D It was awesome meeting new people, and also meeting people from DA! There ought to be DA member shirts, where you can print your icon on them....I probably met still more awesome people without even REALIZING it. o_O

I was happy to find that a good number of my originals sold this year in addition to the fan art ^_^ And sort of happy/guilty to find that people still remembered Undertow and are wondering about updates (THERE WILL BE SOME, I SWEAR). I have some prints left over, but I have not yet learned the secret art of mailing them without mauling them! Maybe someday.

:3 Okay, back to reading my latest manga acquisitions and catching up on sleep!
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The DA admins have deleted my piece from the art thief's account. Yay!! Thank you again to everyone who's helped out with this. Now we sit back, let karma do its thing, and forget about this loser XD


Update 2: Never mind, stolen art is still posted, just mired in a whole bunch of other crap that's likely been stolen. -_-


UPDATE: It looks like our friend the art thief has removed the piece he took from me. There's a bunch of other stuff still up there, and my ticket hasn't been answered yet, so I'm still hoping for a ban. Thank you to EVERYONE who reported this and who left comments, especially those who could speak Spanish! (I wish I could chalk up this person's stupidity to language :D


Firstly...I did send a report to the DA abuse ticket thing a few days ago when this was brought to my attention - still waiting to hear back. In the meantime, my annoyance reached the level of a journal post :D

Some silly person has reposted my latest deviation as their own, despite the obvious watermark! Haha. Then claimed "my sister made it" and later "I can't eraser the pic" and, finally: "I want treat...give me another pic thast all." ... ..., NO!?

I know art theft is a problem and all, but at least those people caught have mostly been obliging and removed their use of the pictures when they found out it was stolen. This is the first time someone has actually argued with me about it. Also the first time I've been asked for a free piece of art in reward for theft...yeah...that's new, and if they think it's gonna happen they're on crack. o_O
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Undertow Un-hiatus!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 13, 2010, 2:09 PM's been nearly a year but there's a new comic page!

I'm in a new town with a new job and aiming for new late Sunday/by Monday weekly updates. ^_^

It'd be easy if Aion would STOP WITH THE DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS D:

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Like the title says! I'm no longer taking new commission orders - anyone who's already noted/mailed me, don't worry - yours are in line ^_^ Thanks to those who ordered!

Here's who's left:

1. Oscar - 1/2 paid
2. Harmonic42 - partial payment
3. Danith - still discussing XD
4. Millenium 2 - scheduled, that's all I know :3

There were a couple people on the previous list who never paid and who I never heard from after receiving their character descriptions...if you two still want those, speak up!

In other news......AION!!! Anyone out here playing on the Vaizel server, Asmo side, or Yustiel-Elyos? :D

(I...also miiight have done a bad thing and planned a little bit of an Aion comic. o_o; You may or may not see it here soon - it depends on whether or not I come to my senses before the madness takes over).
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List update again. REMEMBER PEOPLE - If you're on the list but haven't paid, I'm not going to work on it!!! Please read item #3 again, otherwise you'll wonder why you never got anything @_@


1. I have the right to refuse any commission request, and will likely do so if it contains heavy sexual content or things that I don't feel I can draw decently, such as robots and cars. Also, please do not ask for giant murals with large groups of characters. I've done them before and it's kind of a nightmare.

2. Rates below are approximations - if I feel your request is complicated enough to warrant a change in price, I'll let you know, but please wait for a confirmation message from me before you pay.

3. PayPal payments only, please! Either half or all of the fee must be paid before I begin - my paypal address is

4. Finally, I'll do my absolute best to get to these in a timely manner, but there is a list, so please take that into account while you're waiting.


1. Character Bust Portraits - $25
   A fully colored head-and-shoulders portrait of the character of your choice.
Example 1
Example 2

2. Mid-size Character Portraits - $50
   Fully colored artwork of the character of your choice, from somewhere around mid-thigh to waist (whatever looks best). Less than a full-body image, but more interesting than just a portrait :D Simple background.

3. Full Body Portraits - $85
   A full-body, full-color illustration of the character of your choice.

Note: Price is per character, up to a maximum of 3 in one image (please).


Simply leave me a note or email with your request! Please include a description of your character - this can be short or longer, depending on how specific of an image you'd like. Reference pictures are great if you've got them. I'll send a message back confirming the commission and the price. Payment may be sent any time between then and when your order is next in the queue.
For the full body pieces, if you're concerned about specific details, I'm happy to send you a preview sketch for approval. Please let me know ahead of time, though, so I don't just rush on forward XD

***Current Commissions***

1. Harmonic42 - DONE
2. Edward-DeVille - not paid yet
3. Chris D. - not paid yet
4. Curran - DONE
5. Getas-PanChan - DONE
6. Oscar - DONE
7. Alan P. (x7) - 1/2 paid, in progress
8. Jurneejakes - DONE
9. Meagan S. - 1/2 paid
10. Harmonic42 #2 (x?) - partial payment

(These will be done in this order, skipping those who haven't yet paid ^_^).
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Alright! I'm off to SakuraCon in Seattle for the weekend. If you're going, you can find me in the Artist's Alley on the lovely skybridge. Stop by and say hi!

When I return...I think I'm going to open up commissions. My old monitor is not only ancient, heavy, and prone to making "tink tink" sounds, but is also making me blind at a quicker rate than a new monitor probably would (it strobes! Scary!) Problem is, most decent new monitors only come in widescreen...and my tablet is proportioned for full-screen. Sigh. I dunno if I should just find a good fullscreen or buy a widescreen & tablet...the only good full screens seem to be Mac, which is no problem, except that basically it's $1,000 either way. So! I think I'll be taking commissions to earn some money for that, and when I've reached the goal, commissions will close again. ^_^ Just a heads-up.
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Hey, all!

I'd like to take a moment to pimp out a great new online jewelry store...Kat's Creations!

^_^ The store belongs to :iconkatscreations: (I more commonly refer to her as Mom). Not only do I pimp this because of the shiny beauties you will see, or because of the fact that some of those feature the art of yours truly, but also because all the artists out there may be interested in the CUSTOM pendant option mentioned in the top paragraph of the store :D If I didn't already have a nice collection of guinea pig necklaces of my own art, I'd be *on* that like aggro on a white mage! O_O
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Yep! The new front page is up, as well as the next comic page. I have the time now to update it twice a week. Next update's on Tuesday ^_~

Woah! I just woke up and saw all these new messages, wow....I don't know how I can possibly go through all of them to say thank you so I'm just gonna say it here! THAAANKS XD :heart:!
(Cross-posted from my LJ)
@_@ The Undertow bandwith ran out again, naturally, as soon as I begin coloring the next page. Which means it won't be able to go up for another week since I'm going on a trip. Soooo annoyed. I want to move it over to the same site as Poultry Arisen, but then it might start taking both of them down at the end of the month if this keeps happening. It'd probably make it worse. I'd like to buy more bandwith and such, y'know, if I had a job. I'm thinking mom has been pushing me to make t-shirt and tote bag designs, and maybe I could make a little bit of money off of that (I'd only need to sell like, 1 a month, probably not even that, to cover the site costs if I upgraded). Would anyone actually buy that stuff if I did? I can vouch for the quality, since my mom would print the stuff and she's got a small business doing that right now. No Cafepress for me. this a good idea or not? And what would people want to have on shirts/bags/etc? o_O
Dur, well, I don't know how many DA people are gonna read a journal with that title, but oh well ^.^ I put up my newest comic project, Poultry Arisen! I hope it doesn't suck *too* badly! XD (I'm still tweaking some HTML so I hope that doesn't suck too much either)

I apologize in advance for the sloppy artwork...I started the project as a bit of a joke ^_^; Also, there is no shading, because all my Pshop-comic-shading-energy must go into Undertow! I don't know how well I'll do on keeping 2 comics running, but for now I have no job and no school so it should be fine XD Bah! Anyway...yeah I forgot that Poultry Arisen! has no cover, so I better go think about making one while playing Harry Potter on the Gamecube ^___^
I almost have a whatsitcalled...kiriban? (What does that meeeean?) But anyway, 2000 is a lot, so I am happy =^_^= I don't know if I'll do anything special or not; depends how busy/lazy I am. I gotta get cracking though; I leave on the 19th for COMIC CON! And the 17th is my birthday!! (Not that I have to do anything for that XD)
I finally found my PS2 memory card from when I moved. I was so happy I think I cried...I thought it was 142 hours of FFX, all wasted! ::covets::
Durrr better go try and make some money. Ohcrap and I gotta work on my comic again too. And my PE stuff. And and and @_@;;;
Yeah...XD Not too much going on lately; just counting down the days 'til my birthday on the 17th (YAY! Free stuff!) Got my hair cut today, but no one can tell, even though 4 inches are gone -_-; I'm still spazzing out over not having internet connection on my own computer (on my parents' now). My DA messages are getting out of control!! And my FFXI thief has been lv. 19 for weeks now!
I'm trying to work on Undertow but my mom keeps yelling at me for it ;-; And there are random internet people yelling at me for not updating fast enough...but that's nothing new...nyar!
Eh...whatever! My birthday in a few weeks and COMIC CON soon after! YEEAAAAH!! *dance*
HIGH POLY LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:…

Oh, I've been wanting this for so long....XD I loved Windwaker to death...but Powerpuff Link is just not the same Link I was in love with. I went berserk over Soul Caliber 2 Link...but now there is whole game devoted to grown-up high poly Link!!! YES!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I love you, Japanese game-making people, you make such pretty pixel men...*_* This has made my day.
I was looking at the screenshots and I thought they were CG, but apparently it's in-game. ::drools:: I wonder what high poly Ganon and Zelda will look like? Phweeeeee!! I haven't been this excited for a game to come out since Kingdom Hearts 2!
Umm...this post is advertisement for a whole bunch of super-talented artists! XD I would post the icon thingys but then it would take me like an hour to open my own page with the crap dial-up connection I have ;-;

brianne333 crumpetbeast jakface DreamworldStudio luciole lynnwood ambyuler rebeccasx luckymirai rekka jala katra aerismccain luniara fuzzyduck boum silent-mooby emlan tea-san cozyfire clarence-mcgraw rabid-potato hallucinojen sierra-f00 bubastis chaypeta spikecomix llyse miva anyasy brighnasa cybre emme Cabycab RkoZukin maina aerokat inui Uneide dixey elf-shojo :devgastave rillystar thrushwings mooglekitty mesiaste hyula happyturk vyxee MinkuLul frisket17 kengiroo eringomez mangagirl aelice undergrounduno kiyo ellaine kjarting panatheist ladyofdragons ariakitty Sentinel13 morore angichan albyon myre tika GoddessVirage foolire MommySpike liquidd-1 JessicaMDouglas bleuphoria klawzie whisperelmwood dreamburnt xalan lilena kenderlein QueenSimia Springouille kobayashi kendre Lady-Silvercat Sayda mr-mister IvyBeth xxkorinxx alexsanlyra timflanagan Sanda Polar15 erisdoll strangledsiren eversordeus miredd Lord-Summerisle cheenot

Ahahaha! ARRR!
Um...does anyone know how to work Open Canvas?!?! Megs and I are trying to draw together and we can't figure it out!! It's version 1.1; maybe that has something to do with it...Or does anyone know another way to draw online with another person? Please write me back if you do!! We are about to kill this thing!
I am happy today, because I have free time lately! I'm looking around the DA for art contests to do or something; I feel like doing those again, I miss the days of the MOB and the MAG. I tried looking at them again but I just got confused, are they going down?? Meh! I know it's bad of me, but I want to WINNNN! XD I'm competitive! Mustwinfightfightwinwin yeaaaah. That, and since Megs and Brie hardly ever draw anymore, I never get gift art *sniff*
I have to do another Tactics picture, now that I'm playing Tactics Advanced. *-* I heart!! Yeah...I have to upload stuff when I get home too (I'm at school, freezing in the computer class) and color in a picture of AC Cloud =^_^=