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Skyborn's on Steam!

By Saehral
Little announcement doodle of Claret and Sully ^_^ Skyborn launched on Steam today! I'M SUPER EXCITED AND I LOVE STEAM!!! My baby grown up *game dev tear*

Anyway it's on sale for HALF OFF which is as cheap as it's ever been so hit up yer Steam accounts people!!… :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I'm certain he's enjoying that warm butt in his face.~

Skyborn was a pretty good game.  Kudos.  :)
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Very creative. Also, I love this game.
MattCarberry's avatar
Love the artwork, I'll have to give the game a peek when I get the chance!
for my favorites

i still hate steam, tough
PurpleChaos's avatar
Definitely fun.
oldshooter84's avatar
Got your game off the Humble Bundle. Became addicted right off the bat. Awesome RPG. Fought Saehral a thousand times before I finally won. I like this trophy by the way ;)
Saehral's avatar
Yay, I'm so glad you liked it!! And congrats on beating Saehral - that fight is TOUGH!!! :D
raejekii's avatar
I had no idea that it was your game. Actually playing it right now, and I ran into the character Saehral in the desert, and I'm like "WAIT! I know you!"

Just got it yesterday, and loving it. One of the best looking RPG Maker games I've seen yet.
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Haha, that's awesome!!! :D Glad you're liking the game :heart:
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Oh man! Congrats!

Bought the game in...holy crap, 2012?! it's been that long already o-o

Great fun, but the vendor handling credit card transactions... if I had known this would come, I think I would have held out and bought through steam.

Looking forward to more :D
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Yeah, I wish we could have launched on Steam originally, but 2 years ago putting games on there was a lot tougher than it is now.  I'm sorry you had vendor troubles!
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True, greenlight seems to be doing good getting indie games onto steam.

I think the trouble was mostly that I'm a US resident and it was a european vendor. It was more jumping through hoops for validation than anything.
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Will have to check this out so cute. greats!:happybounce: 
57AV3's avatar
Oh fun I didn't know you were a part of it! I  just got that game, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to play it yet.
N-ink's avatar
This is fantastic! :D Congrats! :la:
AngelERenoir's avatar
Congraaats~ :love: Will we get sequels now? *hopeful* :XD:
Saehral's avatar
We'll see how things go! :) I'd really like to work on one personally!
Salvatos's avatar
Ohh nice! Cog-ratulations :)
Saehral's avatar
Ahahaa! XD I see what you did there...thanks!
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