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Saehral in the snow

A panel from my latest comic page. It looks better at this size than it does in the comic ;_;
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OmegaZzyzx's avatar
No more Undertow? Just curious.
Alexwind's avatar
enjoy your comic, i understand you toke a break from it, but i have to say it was a fun read and i love art work you did for it =D, I hope you dont mind my comment. haha

I like this piece a lot, you really do a wonderful job capturing expression of people taking action. i like the whole hair floating around.
bbrtki's avatar
Still quite curious on how she plans to kill that giant snow bug ^_^
ChelseaBella's avatar
Am I going crazy, or has Undertow gone on hiatus? :/ I really hope you continue it. ^^
Saehral's avatar
Nope, you're not crazy - Undertow's definitely on hiatus, for a few more months at least T_T I do plan on continuing it in the new year!
MegaFlaff's avatar
I love this! :) The stance is awsome.
Unmeimiru's avatar
Whatever happened to Undertow?
Saehral's avatar
I got too bogged down in commissions to work on it for a while :/ It will be back though!
SeverusSnapesPotion's avatar
Do you have a guess when you'll be able to continue it? :D
I've been with Undertow since the beginning- it's sad to see it pause for so long. ):
Saehral's avatar
Soon, I hope, like always T_T Every time I think I've freed up some time to work on it, other stuff comes up. SO FRUSTRATING. Thanks for reading for so long...I apologize for the huge gaping abyssal wait between updates. ::shame::
SeverusSnapesPotion's avatar
B'aw, no problem! Real life can really get in the way of stuff. Especially when it's big, totally epic-awesome projects like yours. Glad to hear Undertow is still alive though. :]
PS: Maybe take a break on commissions? I've seen other artists do it and gain loads of free time.
SeverusSnapesPotion's avatar
I must also add that I almost died of fangirlism when you replied. UNDERTOW'S AUTHOR REPLIED TO ME XDDD.
... ^_^;
Unmeimiru's avatar
:) At least it's not completely dead! :dance:
PeachBum's avatar
I love how smooth your pictures always look! I love this comic too!
SkyDragono's avatar
I love this comic. I can't wait or you to add more to it. She reminds me of my friend actually. xD she would do the exact same thing in her position, so it's funny to read it. ^_^

Saehral looks awesome in this picture. Love her hair out and her pose.
Phenoca's avatar
I forgot you had a DeviantArt! I stumbled upon this... While I disagree with your latest content I would like to see the storyline and character development continued.
destinykitty's avatar
nice pose and coloring
angelsinthewindow's avatar
Love it! Your artwork is so wonderful! I'm a big fan!
fffan1995's avatar
She looks nice with her hair out :heart:w:heart:.
bbrtki's avatar
Action packed episode. Can't wait to see how "breakfast" turns out.

Wouldn't have thought her quite the cook though.
Saehral's avatar
Oh, there's no cooking involved. Raw meat FTW!
I so love your art, and I love your comic even more.
I want more of Saehral's asskickyness! SHE'S AWESOME!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Wow! Brilliant colors! Very nice pose! :D
kioasakka's avatar
...if she thought she was cold in summerday weather when fully clothed, no doubt she's freezing her ass off here :XD:
Gosh I luff Saehral *squeezes* I love your comic!! <33
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