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Saehral: Sunset

^_^; Man, it's been a while. The only art I've been doing lately is for my comic. This one was done for the new site design. YAY!
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I just wonder if there's ever a chance you'll be able to finish out Undertow. It's such a good read that .... well.... just askin' is all.
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I'm REEEEALLY hoping to get back to it in a few months. The project that has been consuming my life for the past year (Skyborn) is slated for release at the end of February, and then I've got Sakuracon in April, but after that my schedule is clear - my plan then is to get back on the ol' Undertow horse :) Thanks for commenting, I wonder sometimes if anyone would even read it when I start it up again - it's been SO long T_T
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I would really like to have it as a wallpaper too, if you have a bigger version :)
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THANK YOUUUU!!! *head explodes in joy*
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Say, does this exist in wallpaper size?
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EXTRAORDINARY work, beautiful lighting!
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Exellent work.
Would love to see a larger version for background usage.
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Very impressive! The coloration is absolutely incredible! I like the harmony of the colors and the ensemble anyway.

Simply a masterpiece in my opinion! :)

Also the integration of that picture into your actual weblayout was more than successful!

Keep on that good work, Brittany!
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I liked the old site design but the new one is nice too. I love the colours! This is a very pretty pic of Saehral.
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Ooooooooooooooooooooooh. Site looks great!
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Such amazing colors! You rock! :D
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Beautiful lighting <3 Love it.
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Awesome. Keep up the amazing work.
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ooo, a new site design?
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Holy crap, I'm commenting finally on your devArt.

I saw this on the website and I really liked how the colors worked with each other. It's a nice facelift you did and the pic is top notch. Slick work Britt!
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Holy crap, you're finally commenting on my devArt!! XD ^_^
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I know! I've been busy/lazy up until now.
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I'm sorry - I would say more, but that's the only word that comes to mind. You... You word-thief!
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Hey, nice to hear from you.

Wonderful color and shading, as always. And design, of course. Oh, well, I think all the other comments said (or gonna say) the same thing... Great art ^^
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I really like how you put the white design on the shirt! It doesn't scream out at you and yet it is a very nice touch!
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