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Pirate Sora, revisited

By Saehral
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Maybe....if I spam the internet with enough fan art...Square-Enix will be convinced: SORA NEEDS TO BE A PIRATE.

This might be shrunk too much to see the keychain on the sword, but I bet you can figure it out. Davy Jones is a perfect candidate for a KH villain if I've ever seen one!

I'm not even sure at this point if Sora will even be *in* KH3, but he wasn't in the secret trailer from the first game either, so who knows.

'Kay, I, um, worked on this all week instead of my comic*runs and hides*
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:D He'll be in pirate clothes for KH3 for sure. I saw the trailer. They aren't as pretty looking as this outfit but he still looks dashing. XD
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Well, this is pretty funny in hindsight, eh? ;) (Wink) 
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I honestly would love to see this actually happen in the games. It would'be been awesome if it happened in someplace like Port Royale from KH2
He reminds me of the utaloid oliver
SarahMyriaCarter's avatar
Now that should be in the games
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HI I am looking for an artist who is interested in doing work on our new online facebook game Pirates of the Caribbean Isles of Revenge. If interested please message me at:
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Too perfect! :iconsqueeeeplz: Shoulda been his PotC outfit in KH2!
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Now this looks great! The level of details is just stunning!
AncientWisemon's avatar
Love the Kingdom Sword. Luxord approve!
7disney7's avatar
brilliant idea!
BBxRaelover's avatar
I love it!!!! They should've given him a special outfit for Port Royal like they did for Halloween Town. Then they turned him into a lion and a merman....He needs a pirate outfit!!!
trinityblodprincess's avatar
that is really freaking awesome :0
KillouSora's avatar
now THAT'a what i call art <3
MuhahahaXD's avatar
InspectorLlama's avatar
love the sword (a lot)
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You know, I was truly sad that they added the Pirates of the Caribean world, yet Sora didn't change into a more pirate looking form. I mean, would it really be that far fetched? He does after all change into a lion, and he also changes in Nightmare Before Christmas area.
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yay! I found you! I just realized I didn't have a business card from you! Anyway, I bought that print at Sakuracon, and now it's framed on my wall! :D love it!
Saehral's avatar
:D! That's awesome!!! :heart:
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