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Painty Jedi

...Yeah! I finally got Painter to start doing what I wanted it to! I still need to mess around with this style some more before I'm comfortable with it, I think, but this is a step in the right direction ^_^ Bendy jedi, whee!
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¿is she an OC? ¿whats her name and story?
morningstarskid's avatar
Love What your doing ...Great Character Jedi ID
Impressive....If only I had your
Just a Shooters Loves Sci Fi and Folklore....😎
GamerAngel18's avatar
So cool! Nice work!
InvokeFinal's avatar
hot damn shes hot! lol Well done! :D
droidSC's avatar
Cool!  Love the dynamics of it all!
steviewonder1125's avatar
Beautiful work! Nice original Jedi.
DaikiTheWolfTIC's avatar
very very nice! ^^
NightrunnerXM's avatar
Very cool. I've been playing a Mandolorian Jedi in a recent d20 game, and she's got a lot in common with this one, I think.
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DragonStomp's avatar
i like it! how did you make her skin look so nice? it really is awesome :D
Sonic1234567891's avatar
i love jedi chicks with yellow lightsabers
ZaxTheHedgeHog's avatar
That looks like an orange saber to me...
Sonic1234567891's avatar
Maybe gold, but it doesn't really matter.
Z3ros's avatar
It looks pretty cool, i love the action pose!
Priyadarshi's avatar
u can run all u want ...but u cant hide ;)
avatarfreak52011's avatar
Ah! I love this! It's pictures like these that make me jealous that I can't draw. XD
Mihaihen's avatar
cool pic, i will try one with the same poze :P
nitocris's avatar
That pose is so energetic, especially so with the robe swoosh. :thumbsup:
StarMarine's avatar
Lovely and awesome!
Frozx398's avatar
Great pose! looks awesome!
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