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Jedi - Yna

Oh hey it's that jedi I draw sometimes. She had a backstory once, but I forgot what it was. Undoubtedly it involved Dathomir because I love that planet and everyone from it XD

Please, PLEASE - do not take this and use it in a logo or anything (it happened last time). Logos a) should not be stolen and b) should be vector anyway.

Star Wars and stuff is © George Lucas, durr.
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¿is she an OC? ¿Did you create her?
Hi! I really love this picture, it has such wonderful detail! She looks so amazing, brimming confidence just in one stance. Would it be possible for me to use it as the cover for my fan fiction?
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This artwork is awesome. :)
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I hope to learn more about Jedi Yna of the planet Dathomir.
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gosh this is absolutely fantastic! really hope you keep doing a lot of stuff like this ok? Awesome Work!
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Does she blend Dathomiri culture with Jedi teachings?
your artwork is so amazing! i am definately using this "character" for my cosplay for the star wars convention in anaheim this year, and since this is your character that you created, what should i call this jedi so i can give you credit?? THANK YOU SO MUCH YOURE AWESOME!!!
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Nice jedi I am working on some sketches jedi and sith female will post some soon.
Impressive. Good job and pretty Jedi.
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Saehral, you do some amazing work. My partner (Elizabeth) will be soon playing a Jedi in a new Star Wars Role Playing Game, and I was hoping for her to be able to use this picture for her character (as clearly others have as well). Do you have a non-water-marked version that could be used? Do you also have a preferred link to link back to if I have permission to use this picture for her character.

It would be placed in the character section of my campaign page:


Le me know :)
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she is awesome!!!
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That's awesome!  You did a fantastic job.
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Nice! Need to see a cosplay of her!
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very old republic, nice :p
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She so pretty! Did you make her up as your own charcter or does she come from the books?
She looks amazing
I have to say that force is definitely with you about drawing :P
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OMG this is amazing! i love her lightsaber, totally awesome! ^^
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