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My new personal Jedi...because I couldn't NOT! XD
So much :heart::heart::heart: for Star Wars *_*
I haven't drawn sci-fi in...well......I can't remember the last one o_O;

Jedi are ©George Lucas, but this particular one is by me.
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© 2005 - 2021 Saehral
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Lovely 💕😍 and fun 
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I love her style ; hairdo, the whole outfit... So stylish+feminine+sensual, but truly badass in the same time (Y) Also : yellow lightsabers are my favorite. There are not much of those, in the modern era of the SW universe and I find it very nice, visually... Like pure light <3 
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Awesome Jedi you created!😎
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When I first saw the thumbnail for this, I could have SWORN it was Bastila Shan, in her pre- SW:KotOR days! :D

Even if that was not your intention, I still love this! :heart:
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Wicked cool pose, design, and styley!
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This is Kick Ass!!!!!! :D
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Love it :)

Are you on any sites that are item collection sites?
Like avatar or pet sites? I want to ask you to draw my OC Jedi/Sith but I am broke with IRL money at the moment xD

If not maybe once I find a job I can commission you? Thanks! :)

Again, awesome art :)
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Love it! Do you take Jedi requests?!
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shes so kick ass! I love her outfit!
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well done. i think that the world needs an institution like the Jedi for those who are nerdy and who dont really belong ya know. id sign up without thinking
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the force is strong with this one -_-!
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Amazing pic! Love Star Wars!!!!
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Nice pic! I like the amber-ish lightsaber.
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