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By Saehral
This movie was so much fun!!! I loved it!
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great design nice colours
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This is amazing! I love all the detail
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incredible! love the fluent strokes for the hair and the color is amazing! 
i so agree with you, just hope there will be more of those, as for now Guardian of the galaxy comic book hunt begin!

also Gamora fraking hot! not as hot as Saehral (the OC)... i think i shouldnt have said that aloud...
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Lol!! I hope there will be more movies made the end of the film text appeared saying "THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY WILL RETURN" - fingers crossed!!!
yeah and what about the scene after the credit? are they planning an danger duck adventure? was kind of disappointed that i waited  the whole credit for that.
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I felt the same!! I was hoping for like, Ant Man or Dr. Strange or something...not THAT.
duck dodger! he could have died in that blast for all i cared. but is ant man or dr strange linked to the guardian of the galaxy?

Also it seem that the stone is linking to many marvel story. they could have show a link to another show, dont know make one of the six other stone (from what i heard) glow and it owner make a comment concerning that
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I have no idea what's linked in the MCU at this point - those infinity stones seem to go wherever they please so at this point I'm just assuming they can combine anything they want. I've heard they're planning a Dr. Strange movie though *shrug*
they go more and more into their less know comic :D
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Wow, this looks amazing, loved the style you used and still she looks like Zoe, terrific job!!
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Yes, I love this! There isn't enough Gamora fan art. 
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Wow, really love her hair. Beautiful.
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Love the lighting on this!
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Gorgeous rendering! That really was a beautiful artistic moment when she was free-floating in space.
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It was! That imagery definitely stuck with me <3
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