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Fire Soul

By Saehral
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My role model *-*
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I gotta say Sailor Mars looks kinda looks like evil character from Disney's TV show 'Kim Possible', (June 7, 2002 – September 7, 2007); Shego.

She also looks like the character Xena, who was Lucy Lawless's character from the TV series; 'Xena: Warrior Princess', September 4, 1995 – June 18, 2001.

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So beautiful! awesome work!
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It's subtle but you can really tell you're blossoming into something truly special. Not just really good, but a unique, pioneering style. You just keep getting better and better.
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My favorite scout
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Great job! Btw, who is this? :)
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Sailor Mars...
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Oh okay. Excuse me, I know nothing about Manga & Anime :)
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No problem ^_^ I should have probably said it somewhere in the description!
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Legendary as always
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I missed your awesome art.
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I've been on tumblr! :D
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I know now! But I didn´t knew until you posted it a few days ago.
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I am weak to hype. There was hype for the sailor moon reboot. I watched the first episode and the irony of a line in the lyrics just, it was so ironic and hilarious. The only part of the intro song I remember was "We don't need no man" or however that went. LOLOLOLOLol. Isn't sailor moon almost boy crazy? That's why I found it ironic.
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Yeeeah the new reboot hasn't exactly lived up to my hopes and dreams... The original anime had way more girl power :| (Sailor Moon herself was always boy crazy though, it's a character trait XD)

And I will always like the original opening song better!
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