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I wanted to email you and say your art is amazing.  You are very talented.  I produced a video to go with your art and featured it on my Youtube music site.  If you want to check it out, here it is -…

 Keep up the great work.  

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One word...Okay, two words: 'Epic!' and 'Beautiful!'. Those two words are the only ones that describe this picture very well. :clap: :iconclapplz:
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I love this drawing but I was wondering what draws you with a graphic tablet and pen or paper if a sheet and pencils made tutorial because it's beautiful
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Kudos on this beautiful dragon image!! So much drama!!
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You've been featured with this piece in my Small Oddities post…
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mine was red and i had no staff.... i tried to run as he flew towards me but the fear paralyzed me slowly... i realized inside my dream i must turn around and meet him whatever happens... facing him was such a great feeling, like a release... after the firey breath ended on my barrier i opened my eyes to look into his but then i woke up! TT
waking up inside a dream is where you can learn true wisdom... a difficult ability to use even once, let alone to master it and use it by your evryday will.

thanks alot for your efforts!!!!!!
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Beautiful scene. I especially like the scetchy look and the dark color scheme, it's very evocative
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Really like how the jets of fire look.
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this .... is .... AMAZINGLY AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love when I see dragons and another mythical creature fighting it looks so epic
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This is epic, you can almost feel the intensity of the fire. Beautiful work!
Impressive use of darkness and shadow. The color contrast between the blue and red really emphasizes the struggle seen in the picture.
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