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sae-midori Deviantart ID by sae-midori

Kabegami - A Bridge of Hope

Kabegami - A Bridge of Hope by sae-midori

Green Spring Morning

Green Spring Morning by sae-midori

Reflections of Spring

Reflections of Spring by sae-midori

The Splendor of Autumn

The Splendor of Autumn by sae-midori

Lady in Blue

Lady in Blue by sae-midori

About Me

~ A little bit about me ~

My artist name 'saé midori' is named after a special type of Japanese sencha green tea. Once brewed, saé midori tea has this marvelous quality of retaining a rich, natural, and very clear emerald green color, hence the name of the tea – saé means clear, and midori means green in Japanese.

When looking at this tea in a white teacup, it instantly reminded me of the color of fresh, newly budding spring leaves, and it felt like I was looking at all the beauty of springtime all at once in one lovely cup of tea. That idea absolutely inspired me, and so the name 'saé midori' became something that I aspire to achieve with my art - to have artworks that visually capture all the fresh fragrances and vibrant colors of the seasons and bring forth one uniquely special moment in time for everyone to see and enjoy.


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Sae's Art Parade and Links for You

Tue Feb 12, 2019, 2:19 PM
:iconsatoshiwaveplz: ~salmon heart bullet Hello, hello, everyone! And a warm hello to all my new watchers too! I hope you've all been well.

Though it may seem (through my absence of posts) that I've neglected painting altogether, but nothing could be further from the truth. I have been extremely active and still continue to be behind the scenes. Here on DeviantART, I choose only to post finished pieces. And as many of you are aware, I like to take my time and enjoy my painting process. But I know at the same time, many of you are also very eager to see more art from me.

And so for you, I present a little parade of all the artwork I've been working on. Everything you see below is a collection of art posts from my twitter and tumblr, the two places where I keep a casual update of my current nature scenes, art studies, watercolor doodles, and new art style experiments. So if you're looking for more regular updates from me, feel free to follow me on either (or both!).

So without further ado, let me get you all caught up to my current projects in this little parade of Sae art:

(F2U) sparkles   cherry blossom   (F2U) sparkles  kaomoji set 2 52/67 (F2U) sparkles  cherry blossom  (F2U) sparkles 

Nature Scenes

I have so many ideas for nature scenes! I sketch out new ideas all the time, and my little stack of scenes only continues to grow. Lately I've been in a mountain landscape mood. I've been exploring everything from tundra to alpine to highland-themed works. And of course, scenes with trees are still a favorite, especially autumn-themed ones. Here are some WIP snippets from my most currently active nature scenes:

Parade - Inspired by Nature 1 by sae-midori

Exploring & Perfecting Art Techniques

No matter what subject I draw next, I continually reflect upon my previous works and decide where I wish to venture from there. I often ask myself, "What did I absolutely love about my last drawing? What did I not like about it? What can I change to avoid that pitfall in the future so I have lots of fun painting that subject again? Is there a more efficient way to paint this subject? How can I introduce exciting textures, colors, or lighting schemes?" And by asking myself these sorts of questions, I actively find ways to improve my art. So every now and then, I play around purely for the sake of experimenting with new techniques to see if any give rise to a new way of approaching my art. And that's how I end up creating works like these:

Parade - Perfecting Techniques 2-1 by sae-midori

Traditional Art & Watercolor Happiness

Long, long ago in a galaxy far away, I was once a traditional artist. And in fact, all of my digital art skills are still an adapted extension of my traditional art painting techniques. So although my current housing circumstances limit my ability to regularly practice traditional art, I still manage to find a few ways to stay in practice. I absolutely adore dabbling with brush markers, brush pens, and watercolors, even if just for an afternoon. It's time well spent as I drink a beautiful cup of tea, gaze out my window onto all the blossoming flowers in my garden, and simply enjoy the fun of doodling:

Parade - Traditional Art 1 by sae-midori

Parade - Traditional Art 2 by sae-midori

RWBY Nature Scenes

Quite some time ago, I noticed that although my art was steadily improving, I still kept leaning toward safely familiar color schemes and subjects. This had been fine in the past, but I was ready for more. And yet somehow I couldn't quite summon the courage to take a greater step beyond my initial comfort zone. Around this time, I also began watching the animated web series, RWBY. I was immediately struck by the amazing improvements in technical design, storytelling, and artistic aesthetics that arose with each volume of the show. Whether something worked well or didn't work at all, the production crew (affectionately called CRWBY) kept moving forward as a creative team and challenged themselves to develop an even better show with each passing year. And that in itself spoke volumes to me.

Inspired by CRWBY's accomplishments, I came up with a project to help myself improve as an artist - a RWBY nature scene art series. Each nature scene would feature a RWBY character and the scene itself would be based off the character's theme and color palette. With such boundaries as my guide, I ended up drawing fourteen (and possibly still a few more) character scenes. Working on them all together made me unbelievably happy and boosted my confidence to boldly explore. It allowed me to embrace a wide variety of new color schemes as well as try my hand at landscapes from across the globe that were inspired by each character's unique fairy tale origins. And though I'm not quite finished drawing them yet, I can already tell I've definitely grown beyond my old self. And what's more, each scene I draw continues to inspire countless new possibilities for more original art ideas! So here are a few of the many WIP snippets from my RWBY nature scene series that I've been sharing with everyone as I venture forth:

Parade - RWBY 1 by sae-midori

Parade - RWBY 2 by sae-midori

Parade - RWBY 3 by sae-midori

Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2]

And now you're all up to date!

Again, if you wish to see more of my art on a regular basis, feel free to follow me on my twitter and tumblr where I post works like the ones you've seen here in this journal. But if you'd rather sit tight and wait for the finished pieces, that's fine too! I will still share all my completed art pieces here on DeviantART with you.

Thank you always for your amazing support, everyone! You all have my utmost gratitude and appreciation and fill my life with great encouragement. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such lovelies as all of you.


(Psst! I have a pixiv too!) kaomoji set 2 62/67


Wishing you all great success and abundant happiness in your lives!


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