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Warrior of Seven Arrows

So... I draw a warrior Snow white : D I love Soul Calibur games and one day I was playing SC4 and it hit me: PRINCESS + ARMORS= YES. YES YES. But I guess she is more like hunter than warrior. I trying to draw more Princess warriors when I have time BUT BUT soon I will be moving to new apartment sooo I don't have much free time to draw. But I totally want to draw more of these! SO MANY IDEAS!!!!

Done: Copic markers, ink, color pencils, white gel pen
I do not own Snow white, I only own the art.
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Oh, I love the idea behind this series, turning the princess into these epic fantasy warriors. Snow White is a great start. She's elegant but still badass. Having her be an archer is a great fit.
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Seven Arrows. Fitting. :D
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tipped with poison!

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are each of the arrows named after and have effects of the traditional dwarves...?! :omfg: :clap:
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Why not have her be the leader of 7 Dwarves & a Lt. General in the army who can control snow/winter weather (for her skin), Blood/healing (for her lips. Special resurrection kiss!) & coal/Fire (for her hair). Perhaps that helps keep her own forces warm & well, while she freezes the enemy with her blizzards.
If her mother was a witch before her, then she laid these powers into her daughter with her "wishes" for a child. Perhaps her "Prince Charming" is the only one in the King's army that thought her kiss may be able to resurrect herself (the "Beautiful Evil Queen" got someone in her own army to give her a poison apple) as she had once done for him... magical bond = Love!
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oh. my gosh. it's just perfect.
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This kinda reminds me of that magical girl anime with a girl in a muskateer outfit, and in Snow White's colors, too! ^^
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Love all of these Disney princesses turned into warrior princesses.
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Amazing shadows and detail. Also, I want to cosplay as this.
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This is fantastic!
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Oh god!! 0_0 
Sooooooooo cool!! 
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Warrior Snow White? There's a great idea! Love your Snow White and your coloring
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This is amazing!
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Hello, I've sent you a note, we organize art exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia, dedicated to Disney characters seen little differently. We would really love to have your pictures as we'll, could you please contact me on , or reply to the note, so I could tell you little bit more about the exhibition?

Thank you very much :)
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Interesting idea. I had the same one myself :) I was going to make all the disney princesses warriors themed by their origins.
Hmmm snowwhite i had with a long dagger i think. My Pocahontas was with the bow and arrow. Or was it a tomahawk ?

BTW: Snowwhite is one of my fav Disney princesses. Very good work, and love those lines.
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thise boots thoug <3 wish i had a pair inrl xD
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For some reason I see her showing she is not what people think she is by:

Holding a deadpan expression, taking that apple she is holding, tossing it straight up, and without looking shooting an arrow up after the apple, raises whichever hand and catches the two halves and and eats them. Eh? ;)
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Im not usually a fan of Snow White but you just turned me into one!
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