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Sleepless Guardian

New princess for my ''warrior princess'' project!! This time Sleeping beauty - Aurora : ) Her staff is kinda boring but there wasn't much room for bigger staff when you have only A4 paper size :: D My scanner made this picture little bit too bright....Also her face looks too long... and her hair -- OKAY IT'S FINE blaah blaah :B I made her flag colors from her both dresses blue and pink and those three color strings are from her godmothers ;) I HOPE YOU LIKE!

DOne: Copic markers, white/black inks
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Damn, she looks great in Armour. The Pink & Blue flag is a really nice touch and the details on it & her hair looks great.
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Absolutely LOVE this! I’m planning to make a doll inspired by this. I almost wish I could get a cosplay of her in time for NYCC!

I wish you had a Tiana one!
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Ooh I love a shiny princess in armor Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] FREE flying hearts Icon 
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Dayyuuuuuumm. Maleficent, You Bets To Watch The Fuck Out. Aurora Is Coming For Your Ass Bitch!
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I like it, it looks like she might have won the black, bat-like staff from Maleficent & she just hung her own colours from it. The psychological impact of that staff on her enemies , when she's called to battle, far outweigh it's use as a practical weapon.
A piece of spacing advice for the future: put the base of the staff Behind your warrior's legs, with the base of the staff in one corner of the paper. Then draw the staff on the diagonal (not straight up & down as you have. Nor side to side where you would have even less room). This way you get a whole triangle of space at the top of your page to create elaborate or very long staffs.
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Is Beautiful!!
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Great series! :aww:
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It looks simply beautiful (though blue is better)
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Very nice. The staff and the fact that you named this piece "Sleepless Guardian" kind of reminds me of W.I.T.C.H.
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*gasp* OMG that AMAZING!!
I love Aurora, she's my favorite Disney Princess.
You did her incredible justice in this!! <3
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Kinda reminds me of Alice from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
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... Somehow this makes me think about Bravely Default :D
AnnaMariaDeGrandpre's avatar
Cool~!!! :happybounce: ...hmm...say..The staff is not only her weapon, but a trophy after defeating Maleficent, rite rite? :D (Big Grin) 
LongLiveTheSovereign's avatar
Ah, I'm getting all sorts of Kingdom Hearts nostalgia :D
webbspinner3's avatar
Omg she looks like Joan of Ark :D she's wonderful. Would I be able to use this for a tattoo?
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I like the roses on her leg guards. The staff looks like something to do with Maleficent.
movedacccounts's avatar
I love how you drew her hair :love:
It looks so soft and beautiful
DawnbreakerDystopia's avatar
I love how you do non hypersexualized warrior women. It goes to show that they can be both beautiful and awesome-looking without being nearly naked. I really appreciate that because it's not easy to find art like that these days. :)
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These are absolutely amazing!
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For cosplay reasons, is her armor white or REALLY shiny chrome? 
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