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Silent Warrior

So this is my ''warrior'' version of Ariel. I'm gonna make another costume for her which is more like her mermaid form. I call her Silent warrior 'cause she can't talk, her voice and true strenght is inside that seashell. When she needs it, she can release her strength from it and transform more powerful warrior. Or something like that... I had in my mind... mm ( . u .; ) I'm not good at writing my thoughts.

Done: Copic markers, ink, color pencil, white ink
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I love that you have two different versions of her. Both of them being so different from each other. One being a warrior the other a mage. Love the aquatic design of her armor and her pink theme. So very fitting.
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Beautiful drawing, I wish I could cosplay it 
Heyyyy! I would really like to Cosplay this, and a couple of friends would like to do some of your other Warrior Princesses. Would that be cool?
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Doesn't Ariel ALREADY have super-strength?
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My favourite piece of this whole picture is the piece of canvas & rope hanging from her belt that show where she came from. YOUR BEAUTIFUL DETAIL BRINGS ME TO TEARS!
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Cool idea, like it.
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Swift and Silent, is how I like it.
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As both an artist and a lifetime fan of Princess Ariel, I absolutely LOVE both this piece and the one following it. Keep up the great work! :-)
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I dont want to bother you, but I love this Design and despite I already read that there are some people cosplaying this I want to ask you for your permisson to do a cosplay of this.
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just like asuna who i love.
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You made disney princesses look kickass.
That looks incredible!
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Great looking plate metal armor
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I like how you redesigned it
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She's like a Valkyrie !
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loove the fish sword and the crab on the armor! sweet!
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great imagination.
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Two things; One, could you do a Prince version of these?
and two; If I had the chance, is there a way I could make a costume of this?
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There is a major artery on the inside of your thigh. It's such a shame she has no armor there. So easy to make her bleed out.
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It isn't like she's here in real life. If she was that would be a problem. Same with a fan fiction. Which I think she might be making if I finally got something to get to my head.
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Final Fantasy anyone?
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