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Warrior Princess project, this time Cinderella. DON'T YELL AT ME. Yes she is android more or less but what ever I did to her costume she looked more and more futuristic and then I thought that '' Why she couldn't be android housekeeper?'' SO now she is. I cannot please everyone.

I really cannot draw weapons, I'm sorry : DDD That arm looks like some coffeemaker hahaha

STORY TIME! Okay, Cinderella's maker is a scientist. He is trying to make an android who have feelings and can be very human like. He treats Cinderella like his own daughter, gives her dress to wear and teach her new things everyday.

One day her maker dies and his wife(evil step-mother) is her new owner. Well she treat her like s*it, her own doughters rip Cinderellas dress for peaces 'cause they think servants cannot wear clothes like humans. Cinderella accept her place as an android-servant as any other androids in their world... Until she meets this fairy godmother lady! Who can make one of her wishes true. Cinderella wishes to be human but fairy godmother can make her a human just for one day and Cinderella agrees.
She becomes a human, escapes out for a day, she meet people in town and the accept her and she couldn't be more happier. She end up for a big big party where she meet very nice man and she dances with him and they talk etc. Cinderella forgets a clock and suddenly middle of the party she transforms(?) to android again and people around her triest to panic who is she guards are asking her to stay away from the prince(suprise!!) 'cause they think all the androids are threat and not allowed to enter prince' party/come to near him. Guards are trying to catch Cinderella and they rip off her left arm but she escapes and hides to shadows.
After this she wents home depressed and her owner(LAdy-evil-mother) gets mad when she sees Cinderella and her arm.  She start to mock Cinderella's maker-father and suddenly Cinderella cannot take it anymore.. She kills!!--/(or hurts) step-mother and becomes kingdoms most wanted android who is dangeorous for all humans!!! And then she builds her new hand and stops believing for good-humans... Or something.. Like that.
And the prince finds her arm and tries to find the owner but she is far away and nowhere to be wound...


It's so hard to explain my thoughs, english is very hard for me to write. SORRY! Enjoy, if you can. :)
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Interesting idea, to have Cinderella be an android. Sure leads to one messed up backstory.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
What a background story! :ohnoes:
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Fun fact: There actually is an android princess made by Disney. Her name is Drossel (Juno 14th Heizregister Fuerstin von Fluegel - I couldn't make this up if I tried! ^^;)
The story and your artwork are soo cool La la la la 
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my fav princess worrier yet p.s my oc is a worrier i would LOVE if u could draw her in to a worrer she can be very fisty and calm
ShoobaQueen's avatar
LOVE the story of her!!
LetYourDreamsSoar's avatar
So cool! Your story reminds me of "Cinder" from the Lunar Chronicles.
mareyagogojoy's avatar
I was just about to say that lol!
LetYourDreamsSoar's avatar
Do you read the Lunar Chronicles?
mareyagogojoy's avatar
Yes! It's become one of my favorites series so far!
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this should be a movie XD
Fukrazy's avatar
This looks Outstanding!😊😍
Gelefant's avatar
Very interesting concept.
Cu-bloo's avatar
This is so amaazinggg!!! What I would give to see this develop into a fully fledged story. :D
MoonbeamDragon1's avatar
Honestly I think this new twist looks really cool. You're the artist and you should be aloud to draw anything the way you want
Aznara's avatar
GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Sad  poor cinderella. She deserv being loved.
what about the stpe sisters?, they died too?GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Yay! 
bubbybubbles12's avatar
So that's how classic Cindy got her hair to stay up like that.  I wondered.
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Have you read Cinder? Because this seriously sounds just like it
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Have you read the book CINDER? This is extremely close to it. Which is awesome.

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