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Powhatan's Pride

By Sadyna
So Pocahontas for my ''Princess warrior'' project! YA! She was suck a pain to draw and color too ... ::: D And her design isn't so different from the orginal costume but I just wanted to make her more .. umm .. ruthless I guess... She is some kinda of executioner-warrior : DDDD
Also I didn't want to make armor to her or sword or anything like that I wanted to keep her ''wild'' : ) I love pocahontas BTW!

I hope you like it. Comments plz! ;)

ps. She didn't kill Meeko if you think one of those tails is his.

Done with: Copic markers, ink, white ink.
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Cool 😸 👍 
gordhanx's avatar
Love, how you incorporated more of her Powhatan theme into her. The shoulder cape, the paint, the club, the beads, even the raccoon tails are a great touch.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Who also has her mother's spirit. :D
TerminallyPrudential's avatar
This is so excellent.  It would be a much better world if she had really done that.   But I  really like this concept as far as the Soul Caliber theme is depicted. 
suntwilig's avatar
looks the hot As a warrior
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I actually hated the Disney version of Pocahontas because it involved romance between her and John Smith, which is completely wrong. In the original story she looked up to John like a father figure and not a romance figure. And she was 12...and he was like...20 something...nice art though. But I believe her tribe was peaceful, i can't remember the whole story sadly. So many classes and you kinda get over whelmed. I'm Mi'kmaq btw, if interested in tribes you should check out some of our history too, would be pretty cool :D
foxyxmangle4evah's avatar
john was a round 27 or so and she was about 10-14 yrs old. if there was any romance at all, it might have been just a little girl's crush on an older man, who might have just humored her.
Cruolt's avatar
Yeah disney made them a couple though, thats what i was mainly aiming towards
foxyxmangle4evah's avatar
yeah, disney probably shouldn't have done that

i mean its y favorite god damn disney movie of all time, and none of the disney movies re accurate to their origin, but this movie just honestly didnt need to be made.
Cruolt's avatar
Disney just wants stories and they do this by taking others. But I love this piece of art you did. And Disney can go away (although I'm sadly still in love with some Disney films)
foxyxmangle4evah's avatar
mulan was of by alot too
jaguarcats's avatar
Wonderful design though....are those raccoon tails on her outfit? *should not one of her best friends is a raccoon!*
Kateri911's avatar
This stunning!!! All the little details are just awesome
Bomi-Bun's avatar
loooooooooooooong face man
just l0000000000000000000000000000000000ng
Prunel-M's avatar
Ooooh my !! Seriously I love the way you done her ! You keeped all her beauty in this version, she is just perfect !!

She's my favourite disney princess by the way, so just perfect !! 
LizzyChrome's avatar
This is pretty damn badass! And her outfit looks a lot cooler *and* more comfortable than the Disney canon version. I love John's compass on her thigh, and the white streaks in her hair! You are an amazing artist. 
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