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Holmes' bad hair day

By Sadyna
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I have nothing.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY thenizu!!! <3<3<3

And Holmes.. you should foresee that!


Holmes' and Watson's (c) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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ResettiLoverHobbyist Writer
RDJ Holmes: It was just a joke.
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beatrizseHobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love this! And all your comics, they are great!! Meow :3 Meow :3 
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addictedtopunkHobbyist General Artist
Oh god this is so funny xD
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MutuOfFinlandHobbyist General Artist
Brilliant and Beautifull! Awesome work! <^'^>
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baronessofbladesHobbyist General Artist
LOL at Jude!Watson chiding RDJ!Holmes....come now Brett!Holmes you look rather dashing with rumpled hair!
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Poor Grandpa Holmes his hair should not  messy. 
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Hawkstorm171Hobbyist Artist
I just love this~
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HanakoUchiha100Student Artist
yourself???--- my other self :P
LOL love the other holmes and watson pic in corner...
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CrazypaolaHobbyist General Artist
"I want to kill myself." "Yourself ?!""My otherself" LOL
hahahaha!!! XD
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xXAngellessXxHobbyist Digital Artist
aww but Brett!Sherlock's hair makes him look hotter :D
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DestinyArtist619Student Traditional Artist
Aw he just wanted to make your hair look cooler. up to date.
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AoiKamiNoShojoHobbyist Artist
But he looks so cute o*u*o
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aliceburnedHobbyist Artist
HA HA HA hit and run .... nice
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Today I was having a bad day and then I thought about this comic strip. It put a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart.
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SadynaStudent General Artist
D : <3 That makes me smile :)
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"My other self."

Just superb! :love:
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rar3028Hobbyist General Artist
*giggles uncontrollably* :heart:
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Hilarious! And adorable. :) Love Brett!Holmes' face. :)
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hehe check grab in the background is hilarious
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Another great piece of art! I love your drawing style and the way you portray the different Holmes' (Holmeses? Holmi?)
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pinctraethHobbyist General Artist
His hair always kind of annoyed me. It was so smooth and slick, I too wanted to get my hands at it, and would you look at that, he did it himself.
This is awesome
Holmes doesn't look half bad like that!
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