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Holmes VS. Holmes

By Sadyna
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I just like both of them, that's all.

Now I'm going to go sleep....
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Wow! Talk about amazing
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DestinyArtist619Student Traditional Artist
RDJ!!!!! ALLL THE WAY!!!! W00P!

Is this with pencil or digital pencil? Either way it really good.
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lol hotson :D
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TalmenarHobbyist Artist
RDJ has been one of my faves for a long time. SH sort of started the whole thing. he also got me into SH in the first place. so, I'm routing for him. but I love you comics!! so funny!! preez do mow!!
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Oh GOD! XD. Just gotta LOVE it. And it's so CUTE (:squee:) the fact that they're on the shoulders of their Watsons. Or Watson and Hotson, I should say ;) XD
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The Watsons are looking at each other like, 'I run this way, you run that way, and let's hope they NEVER track each other down.'
CallMeAmarin's avatar
They're Holmeses, of course they0ll track each other down, much to Watsns' dismays.
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mayagypsy17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Foil!!!! Weeee!!!
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which holmes and watsons are they?
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whoaaaa sweeeet X3
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YAY Hotson! damn he really is so hot XD
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HOTson! Aahahhahahaahahahahahahahah !
Seriously, girl, you're totally amazing .
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That DOES say Hotson doesn't it......? It isn't just my terrible eyesight.....? XD
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SadynaStudent General Artist
Yes HOTson xDD
night-of-light's avatar
Very nice. XD
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Aaw, how cute :) <3
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Aha Hotson :giggle:
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moosewingzHobbyist General Artist


/caps. :D
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Wife carrying. 'Nough said.
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This one is so funny. xD And cute in some way...
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Haaa, I am so happy I have this picture as a card on my wall. And that I met you briefly in Tracon.

And I will now be adding this to my favourites, as I will do with pretty much every Holmes picture made by you.

That is all. :>
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JeremyBrettLover27Student Traditional Artist
(Jeremy) Sherlock and (David) Watson are so going to win!!!!!
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Ah, have you seen the 1954 Sherlock Holmes with Ronald Howard as Holmes and Howard Marion as Watson? It's back from the days of Black and white and quite good. There is one really sexist episode; but it's obviously written by a different-than-normal author (likely sponsored by the goverment of that time...) And the rest are quite remarkable and fresh for the time period.
Quite lovely........
Like this picture~~~~!
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