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//EDIT: I am no longer active in any kind of OC communities, so I'm looking to sell most of my characters (those that are very cheap I'll be trading for art). Because of this, I'm not really interested in art/characters for a lot of my CS characters, but I will still consider them (mostly for more humanoid or monster characters). If any of the characters listed with a price are not able to be sold in any capacity (including voucher), please let me know so I can fix it.

Characters Up for Offers

- Don't pm/comment on that toyhou.se profile. The account is a secondary account and I likely will not see it due to me rarely going on that account. Instead, message me through the comments on this journal, through a private message, or through my main TH account
- Prices on characters' profiles are a rough estimate of what I think they're worth. I received most of them years ago and have no idea what I got them for originally. Feel free to haggle!
- If I have proof of ownership of a character it will be listed on their profile. The same goes for masterlist entries on closed species characters

You Can Offer (in order of most wanted to least):
- Paypal (I do not take points)
- Steam games/keys
- Art/Characters (please give examples of art if offering! It's also helpful if you have a bit of an idea on how much you can offer. I am extremely picky with art and characters as mentioned in the edit)
Species/Designs/One-Offs WishlistThese are not in any kind of order

- old west/cowboy themed
- DND-looking characters (fantasy, medieval, etc.)
- superhero-looking characters/outfits (mainly vigilante character stuff)
- unique creatures (like these characters)
- creepy creatures/monsters
- characters with pale designs/muted colors
- characters with designs that incorporate gold
- characters with armor
- characters with top-heavy designs (designs with colors and markings centered towards the upper body/head)
- characters with braids and/or hair jewelry
- reptiles/amphibians
- extreme horror-based characters
- cute characters that have a second, extreme horror form
- designs with glass implemented somehow
- robots
- sleek designs (think characters with long snouts and flowy tails/torsos)
- PonchoLad (!!!)
- pityplant (!!!)
- Immonia (!!!)
- wizardcap (!!!)
- n-ain (!!!)
- cinnabutt (!!!)
- @Ponkoc

NOTE: I received some of my characters for free and have not given them any art. I have listed these characters as "UNSURE," (not all "UNSURE" characters are free) but this is just to weed out anyone who just takes free characters just because they're free. If someone shows interest in one of these characters, I will clarify that the character was actually free and they will be given the character. (Just clarifying in case anyone is worried I'm trying to profit off of characters I received for free!)
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Hey there! I realize you might not be super active anymore but could I buy the 25 dollar Cinnadog? If so, please message me on Toyhou.se as PotatoTheMoose. I'm easier to reach that way.