August babies and Art trades anyone?

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A shoutout to all the august babies.
One day all babies will be born in august I swear.

I have so many friends who are august babies. I'm pretty sure I've done more birthday gift art in this one month than all the other months combined.
Well only one more to go before I can stop (my very own brother C: )

I really enjoy drawing for others though and I don't want it to stop, so come september if anyone wants to do ART TRADES with me, leave me a note or comment ya?
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I'm down!

Llama Emoji 01 (Laughing) [V1]

I'm not the best drawer, but once I put myself into it, I can do WONDERS~
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Aahh if the offer's still up, I wouldn't mine taking up the opportunity for an art trade! *^*
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it's still up. i haven't started them yet. I want to finish up some prior work before i do. I'll send a note when the time comes C:
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Awesome,  thanks!
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haha, my sister and roommate are both august babies too... in fact, their birthdays are on the same day!

hmmm I would be interested in an art trade 8]
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oh man who's birthday party do you go to?
the conflicting feelingssss
I wouldn't be able to choose XD

and yea I'll send a note over when I finish up all my august biz C:
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haha well my sister's birthday is before my move-in day anyway, so I'm not even in the same state as my roomie. I just get her a late gift!

Awesome! I'll be waitin'~~~~
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oh so i guess it works out XD
and yea just give me a few days to sort out what's left.
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i've stupidly saddled myself up with a bunch of commissions and once school starts i'm gonna drown in work so i might regret this
but if you wanna do a trade, I would be honored, XD
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oh man oh man oh man

if you're busy with commissions and schoolwork (i know sequential majors work 24/7) you shouldn't worry too much about it, but I'll send you a note and we can talk about it.
heck i'd probably just end up gifting you art cause you're awesome
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I can't remember what major you were in. Was it animation? Aaaa I have the worst memory.
Whatever it was, I'm sure it's a helluva lot of work too, hahaha. I swear they drive us like...peasants here or something.

Well I definitely want to find time in my schedule to do fun things with other artists so I definitely want this to be a thing, hahaha. I just...have to...actually make references first whooops
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yea i'm animation. and I think it's the quarter system that's making them drive us like peasants here. They're trying to cram all that work into a short amount of time. Honestly I bet it'll be easier once we're out in the field XD

and yeaaaa.... gotta make references myself. i should've thought of this before i opened up trading ;;;
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Expect a note in the next few days pertaining the parameters of our trade.
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Haha, so the thing is...I forgot. This was, like 46 in a 90~ reply messages and I totally forgot. Are you still up for one? Yeah, I need to empty this stack more often. Sorry, sorry, sorry,sorry....
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oh i still haven't gotten to everyone XD
school started up so i've been getting all settled and stuff. I was going to send notes this weekend
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Yoooo I'd totally be down for doing an art trade with ya! :>
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I'll be sending you a note sometime next week so we can plan it out C:
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Awesome! I look forward to it! : D
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I'll have to contact the mother ship... they will NOT be pleased.
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please don't contact the mother ship. I promise I won't say another word on it!
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If you want, I'd like to do an art trade! :'D
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woo! I'll send you a note later once i finish up with august stuff C:
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