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Skyla (Fuuro) and Woobat

This was unfinished for a while so I'm just getting it out of the way so I can finally mentally move on.
there was going to be a full on background and everything, but I can't even draw skies so I copped out with this :iconotlplz:
night teach meeeee!!!

skyla and woobat (c) gamefreak, nintendo
texture from `cloaks
art (c) me
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© 2011 - 2021 sadnobody
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I love the expression on her face, it is so bad ass
Flame-of-Icarus's avatar
Really awesome and dynamic!!! :3
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Awsome pokemon art work!
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finary uproaded dis! <3 texture suits well with the picture and i love the lighting
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yea i finally did.
took me long enough >:I
and thanks C:
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All the gung-ho energy in this piece makes me wanna CATCH EM ALL.
You made her look so pretty QwQ
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lol gung-ho.
I've seen so much fanart of her being either cute or sexy so I just wanted to portray her Gym Leader side.
so yea. gung-ho

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Yeah, that's true! I never really realized it but it's always one feminine extreme or another. Instead of taking the girl SERIOUSLY as a gym leader of worth! She didn't get the job by being a sissy!
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Such a beautiful drawing~ Q w Q
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No problem, you great artist! <3
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FFF THE COLORS AND TEXTURES yeah I know I always say that. But. SO PRETTY. Pfft it looks good this way, I thought it was meant to be a wallpaper 8D
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aww thank you. now that that's out of the way i'm going to start working on stuff I owe other people
i believe you're 2nd in the queue C:
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i don't know how 2 feel and how 2 react
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feel sorry for me cause I can't background >:I
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