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Check out my bad handwriting

Ouka for ~KafeiKeton
Happy birthday man!
Have some wine now that you're legal.

Ouka (c) the .hack people (you know who you are)
Texture by `cloaks
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Man, I loved Ouka. I used to draw her all the time when I was little (I got in trouble for it too) :UU Her fur THING looks so flowy ;; ahh
sadnobody's avatar
how'd you get in trouble for that ono
also I know little to nothing about the .hack series.
I just drew ouka cause my friend really likes her XD
maybe it's worth looking into though...
KafeiKeton's avatar
Well, in the manga she just wears a bikini and the boa... so they censored her a bit in the anime hahaha
sadnobody's avatar
ohhhh. It was difficult finding good ref for her so I just went with the easiest i could find honestly. Would you have preferred the manga version? XD
KafeiKeton's avatar
Whatever is easier for you is preferred haha.
sadnobody's avatar
as long as it's mostly human/humanoid and doesn't involve a lot of armor I can handle it.
KumoNoKuni's avatar
Well, the manga that had her in it had really beautiful art and was a lot different (and less serious) than the normal .hack series. (I think it had something to do with twilight?? in the title?? idk)
I got in trouble cuz she wears next to nothing and also had really nice boobs lol I was rly young ;;
sadnobody's avatar
oh pfft. Okay yea i can see why you would've gotten in trouble XD
KafeiKeton's avatar
Thank you so much, It means a lot to me!

Also "(you know you you are)" : P hahaha
sadnobody's avatar
I may not know who they are, but they sure do (whoever they are)

and you're welcome C:
gotta love the classy. hell if I care if it's ooc or not.
KafeiKeton's avatar
I don't think it is too incredibly ooc haha, I think it suits her : P
Thank you so much, again.
sadnobody's avatar
It was my pleasure C:
I'm glad you like it
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