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Hell Yeah She Does

A great bro once asked:
"Bro, do you even lift?"

Upon seeing her reply he eagerly joins in her conquest for the freljord.


that's how I saw the lore in my head when I read it.

Happy (belated) birthday Kast!
I'm so good at giving late presents.
Well I hope you like it.

Sejuani (c) Riot
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Thats madness....THAT. IS. SEJUAAAANIIIII!
Damn, this girl is more badass then all other freljordians together!
lets see it like this: Tryn has a giant sword (man...u looooooser, even riven has a bigger one XD) but Sej not only lifts her heavy weapon, she also has to keep it in hand when centrifugal force kicks in!
and now she lifts her boar. Why? Because SHE CAN! <3

love this pic, nice art, really
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This sums up why I love Sejuani pretty well, honestly.
She's way more of a badass then her sisters are.
Awesome work! Looks great!
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Hi! Would it be possible if i could use this art as thumbnail photo for one of my youtube videos? :) Of course i will credit you in the description if its okay with you :D
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oh man sorry for getting to this so late. If there's still time, then sure thing C:
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Don't think about it man ;D Im just happy to share your awesome art. The video will be out 29th of june :) Ive linked you in the description ;D
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cool. I look forward to it C:
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Yeaaah girl lift it good. Awesome picture mate!
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haha thank you C:
Bigger res? this would be an awesome wallpaper
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Ah, sorry. I only gave the bigger res version to my friend because it was his gift ><;; . I hope you'll understand and thanks for liking my drawing enough to want a wallpaper (means a lot!)
Actually i see in the description there is a 1408x1024 res copy of it originally, is there a way i can get that? Like i said this would make a great wallpaper

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Sejui Pig is the best. I lol'd :)
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This is really cool, nice style!

That said, I will forever miss her old /joke :saddummy:
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yea that confused me cause she wasn't so old/outdated that they needed to change it imo.
I wonder if she still has all her old stuff in the traditional skin though cause I know you can still go back to that.
cubehero's avatar
She has the old sounds, but not the animations. So now the joke makes no sense at all because Bristle isn't actually falling asleep. :(
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oh lol. write a support ticket? maybe riot can bring it back
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Eh, I don't know, I don't like how Traditional looks in game anyway. :(

The rework made her a lot less interesting to me. While Darkrider actually looks better, I don't like the new voice and abilities very much. D:
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yea I didn't really like the new voice overs for ashe. I'd always kinda mockingly mimic her voice whenever I played her XD
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Strange, Ashe's new voice over is one of the not-too-many reworks I actually liked mostly.

She still has the same voice actress so you should still be able to do that! :P
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Idk I personally thought that her old voice overs had more uhh conviction and strength to them. So now when I play her I feel like i'm playing a weaker ashe even though I know she actually got better due to her crit being more reliable and stuff.
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Ad sej so troll pls report.
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i've yet to encounter an ad sej. guess i'll have to try it out myself...
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