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Fishing for Dolphinfanatics

SadNobody has discovered levels on Photoshop! *shot*

This is for you baby~ :icondolphinfanatic:
lol I never really used that word before.
i know it's a few months overdue and I'm so sorry.

I haven't cged in a while and junk so it's not that good
i left all the sketchy marks and guidelines on but I think it looks better that way.
I hope you like it.

love ya!

ps the beagle is my dog Jang Goon
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Loving the warm tones in this one. Great sketchy textures too!
sadnobody's avatar
aww thank you :)
Sojubyeong's avatar
The dog's a bit too small to be a beagle (Or is it a hybrid from a beagle?)
sadnobody's avatar
i don't know. i can't draw animals. (has to practice)
i guess you can just call it a puppy.
s71ckfana71c99's avatar
Interesting...I checked out yur gallery on request of yur bro or something...Im havin an argument over whether u or :iconchanberry: was a better artist...Im kinda torn...yur both good. check her out and tell me what u think! (and if u still think yur better plz say why :icondestroyplz:
sadnobody's avatar
i'm not even going to look and tell you i'm worse...cause i probably am.
he's just being a jerk cause he knows how i hate it when people discover who i am. I prefer to be discreet.
so sorry you had to come here and have your precious time wasted. so very sorry.
s71ckfana71c99's avatar
hey, hey! calm down! your work is actually really good! much better than mine at least...^.^; just check..come on..I wanna know what u think. yeah, yur bro is weird...
sadnobody's avatar
your stuff's not half bad.
i know what my brother says can be harsh, but take my word for it, he's right and you won't find many people who'll criticise your work like that. Listen to what he says and just work on it. YOu'll get better in no time.
plus i'm weirder and funnier than him.
s71ckfana71c99's avatar
lol I agree. but are you sure hes always right? lol but he really cant draw so I dunno really how trustworthy he can be...does he read how to draw or sumting?
sadnobody's avatar
people don't have to be able to draw well to know what looks good or not. Feedback is always great. and just being a part of dA has opened his eyes to new things. Now when he watches cartoons he can't help but assess everything about it. so yea.
take his crit. Most people'll just tell you your stuff is good and that'll only give you a big head.
i sound like a teacher. not good.
s71ckfana71c99's avatar
O.o surprisingly you do lol. How many years younger are you? you sound a lot more mature than he mah new avatar?
sadnobody's avatar
yes i have noticed. it's very pretty

i'm only a year older.
i'm really not as mature as I sound. I just like to sound like this. lol.
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Dolphinfanatic's avatar
I dont mind it being late at all! Im just glad that you did one for mee
I really love the feeling of this drawing- you have a talent for these things- definetly. thank you!
sadnobody's avatar
you're welcome. I was going to email it to you, but I lost the sheet I wrote it down on. sorry.
Dolphinfanatic's avatar
Ahhh its finee. I love the picture- HUGSIES!!!!!
Higalack's avatar
Nice, bday pic

really like teh composition. esp how the back ground elements are more abstracted then the foreground stuff.

esp lovely texture work on the person fishing and teh dog.
sadnobody's avatar
The smudges on my drawing which I have neglected to erase looked lovely so I decided to leave them and not shade the skin and junk.
Higalack's avatar
ye that's nice to know.

Ye sometimes good art can be just happy accidents along the way.
sadnobody's avatar
I totally lucked out there. I probably would've messed it up if I tried to do something to it, but I didn't so it's fine.
Post-Facto's avatar
I love the vintage feel to this...
sadnobody's avatar
I drew it on orange paper and played around with the levels until I got this.
You should try it too it's fun.
Post-Facto's avatar
I think I shall...
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