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FE - Lethe and Ranulf

This is for :icongreat-animejunkie: (she has the real copy now)

After I stupidly unverified myself
see journal
she re-verified my account for me cause she's such an awesome friend.

When I showed it to her after class her face turned red and she was speechless...kinda.

I had such a fun time watching her reaction~!
i'm smiling right now~ it was just so amusing~!

i had no idea she'd act that way...
i thought she'd just jump and go OMG it's lethe and ranulf!

but no...
she just HAD to make my day.

oh and also i have made his eye a tad bit more purple and if i'm missing anything i'm so sorry...
i used a pics where they were in 3/4 turns for reference so i couldn't see all of them

i guess this is non-fanart fanart cause i never played the game and i don't know anything about (i'm not a fan) but it's still considered fanart cause i drew something from a game...


lol i edit this like 3 times
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omg i luv this couple for fire emblem their sooo cute together.:3
screw Lyre.>:C
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haha well I'm not really familiar with the game and its characters.
I did this more for a friend.
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aww thank you :)
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xD I don't even know what's going on, but Ranulf's expression is just the cutest thing ever.
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i don't really know what's going on either.
never played the game before.
i just did this to thank my friend.
oh and thank you.
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Ah ha ha, that's kind of funny, then. xD
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lol yea.
i sometimes do non-fanart that's still fanart every now and then for various reasons.
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you have the original now...
you don't have to scream in my face...i mean comment box
Great-Animejunkie's avatar
I mean, I was happy...
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i saw you write this in school...
why do you even bother when i'm right next to you?
i was yelling at you yaknow. It was sooo annoying
Great-Animejunkie's avatar
I meant it was funny.
sadnobody's avatar
not as funny as your face when i showed you the picturee
Great-Animejunkie's avatar
I wish I could've seen myself in a mirror...
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next time i give you something as awesome as that pic i'll bring a camera...
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Haha, that's so cute xD
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have you played the game?
i know i haven't
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