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Cake Batter

Happy SIXTEENTH Birthday :iconanthinakukai:

man I wish I had photoshop for the letters fffff
they're all pixel-y and stuff ew

but yea dude congrats on turning 16 and uhhh I hope you don't look at this while I'm at your party haha that'd embarrass me a lot (yes i'm embarrassed of my art so shush)

tried my best to match the persona coloring style but I think I messed up so whatever.

Shinji is baking a cake for Minako but since this is a shipping fanart it doesn't have to make sense and therefore she hugs him for no good reason at all yes.

now watch me try my best to stay up during your party cause I've forced myself to stay up drawing this hehe

Shinji and Minako © Atlus
art © me
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© 2011 - 2021 sadnobody
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Do you do commissions?
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nice matched the colors I give you that.And whats important you made Shinji's eyes blue-gray color as they should be.Thanks.I get really pissed when people draw him with brown ones!
change Atlas to Atlus btw... :XD:
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oh pfft Atlus. my bad.
and thanks for the nice comments C:
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lol no problem :D
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this is so cute, i love how you drew them.
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OMGabcde! their so cute
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Awww, so cute 8D
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this is adorable!!! <3
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awwww best couple eva <3
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haha yea they're so cute C:
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Oh this is cool !
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You are welcome !
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Oh god, that´s so cute!!
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ah, thank you C:
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This is absolutely adorable! It looks great. :)
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