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I've changed my DA account to brandnewsheep.
I've done it mainly because I hate the user name sadisticwench, I mean I detest it, whatever posessed me when I wrote that user name...
I felt that now was the best time to change it so I have :)
Anyone who watches me/doesn't want to watch me anymore 'cause i'm so damn annoying, you all now know.
Emily x

*note* I'm not going to wipe the account. 1) I'm too lazy and 2) I don't feel like it. However contacting me from now on will be best through brandnewsheep and anything new (and a small few of old) uploads will be there.
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  • Reading: Brisingr
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Yippeee :D
Got my photography exam on Wednesday and after 24 hours of "Oh shit, I like this paper I can't choose" I have finally chosen and have ideas and I can see this working really well.
I feel productive.
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The Eden Project is going to be exhibiting 3 of my black and white images in Jan/Feb as part of their 'Bright Young Things' showcase.
*big grin*
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So i've just updated my whole DA Gallery, only 3 months after I posted a journal complaining about how badly I needed to do it...
Didn't delete as much as I planned to actually, I decided that some of my more embarrassing photography was probably more endearing in a "If only I knew then what I know now" type of way. Progress for Progress' sake etc.
Got a new scanner last week, it scans negatives so i've been able to play about with some older pictures that I couldn't be bothered to print in the darkroom. May upload some at one point, I was going to do that tonight but didn't.
Starting my new Photography Unit this week, i'm going to do an Artist Study of Annie Leibovitz. Partly because I like her work and partly because I need a wider range for my portfolio.
I also want to take some medium format photographs at one point soon but don't know when or where I'd develop them as our enlarger is 35mm...