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A Third Option-COLORED


Finally! This was a bitch to color, let me tell you!
I've been trying to use tutorials to figure out how to color, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to make a clean solid color background, while not messing with the characters' colors, but then I just FUCK IT and used the PB tool to add the background color around them. Reversed the picture, because in the movie, Sarah is actually on the left.

Art by ME
Jareth and Sarah belong to Jim Henson co.
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© 2012 - 2021 sadieB798
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otherwise known as how the movie should have ended.
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Really beautiful.  I love the look on Jareth's face as Sarah kisses him.  Sweet. :iconinuilikeitplz:
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Aww love it wish this happened In the movie XD
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Are you selling this?
Its available on redbubble. Just thought I mentions it because some other artist have had their art stolen.
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Yes I am selling this, thank you for checking! I really appreciate it! :)
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wait you're on redbubble?!? awesome
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Yays! This so should have happen in the movie.
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Ha, this is awesome. :D How do ya like dem peaches Jareth? (I'm guessing very much. Very much indeed. :D )
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Hey, I have a Bowie/Jareth crossover contest going on an this is the type of entry I'm looking for. If you want to enter then draw Jareth or Bowie in one of your fav movies or tv or video games!

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I would do the same too lolololol!
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I was thinking the same thing....Good God woman! just kiss him already!!!!! love Jareth's expression :)
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if only that had happened
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Isso é o que todas nós gostaríamos de fazer!!
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heee :heart:
that guy just keeps sircling around the point :p
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What honest Laby didn't want the movie to end this way? That's right, no Laby. *sigh*
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I really wish this was the really ending. awesome colours btw
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Yes!!! That's exactly how it should have ended!
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