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Reinhard Heydrich: Cover Page

As explained before, I had to write a biography on someone who was assasinated, and I chose Reinhard Heydrich, a major man in the Nazi Party.

I got an A++ on this! :D

Heydrich image: SunnyPsyOp (

Eagle + Swastika image: Von-Richthofen ( (this image was used multiple times throughout the report and was complimented on its use)

**In no way do I support Nazi-ism. He was just a man of WWII that I felt compelled to do a biography on because he was behind much of the mutilation.
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you should publish it, i would read it! :D and this is really cool cover!
DasHenkerAusHalle's avatar
nicely done ..
heydrich was a complicated man
truly loved his family
he is an enigma considering all the facts
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He's one of my fave nazis to search as well as Hitler & Himmler, but I don't search any of them as much as I use too, that I've started to forget what I knew about them, too busy with other things.
Anyways you did a marvellous job on it, its a fave+
sadie-leona's avatar
oh, the holohoax
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Wow, this looks awesome :thumbsup: :)
sadie-leona's avatar
Thanks - and thanks for the excelent picture!
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You're welcome ;) :)
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You chose a good, strong image alright. I read a small portion of your writings - deserving of it's marks I'm sure :D
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