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Back from the abyss

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 6:45 AM





I appear to have ignored DeviantArt for well over a year.

The reasons are numerous, but very long story short: I have missed this community, have missed drawing for fun, have missed having my own projects, and am back to see if I can possibly reintegrate myself once more.

Further updates to come as I sweep out the dust.


Sarah :heart:

Cons, Comics, and Monsters

Journal Entry: Sun May 18, 2014, 8:06 AM

... latest in all the SADCAT news ...

So, few things to comment on!

First off, I had an awesome time at the Ottawa Comiccon. I know a few people I've met online stopped by, so if you watch me here--IT WAS GREAT MEETING YOU! It was packed for a relatively new convention, and I saw some amazing cosplays and stunning artwork (which I spent probably too much of my con earnings on but this is to be expected). I've booked my table for next year and am excited to do it again!


Next on the agenda... DO YOU LOVE MONSTERS? I KNOW YOU MUST LOVE MONSTERS TO SOME DEGREE IF YOU WATCH ME. I've tried in the past to throw together a creature-y art group here on DA, but kept digging myself into holes I couldn't get out of when I made the infrastructure 100% based on me doing absolutely everything and then I would keel over from exhaustion-related death after a week. So I've been thinking about how to make it work for aaaages (stalking a few popular RP and design groups to see how they survived) and have now tried again!


Basically it's an RP-style OC creation group. Make monsters, train monsters, upgrade monsters! Eventually breed and evolve monsters. There's also the option to refine your own Keeper OC. All set inside a fantasy world. And as the designing is up to the members (because honestly that's just more fun anyway), all I really have to do is roll out challenges and update the member list (but I'll definitely be participating with my own OCs).

It's got that fresh-group smell, but I'd love feedback to make it better. I'm also open to adding a couple experienced mods/co-founders to help shape this thing and make it super crazy awesome.

In the meantime, check it out! If it tickles your design fancy, I'd be delighted to have you join.


AND FINALLY, The Awakened. Yup, I'm still at it. Con prep had me in its clutches for a few weeks there, as well as my studio starting onto its very first feature film (SO EXCITING AHHH), but I'll be devoting some of this Victoria Day long weekend to the next page and should hopefully have it up soon.


~ Sarah Anne Davis :heart:

... commissions / trades / requests ...

(prices range: $10 for clean full-body sketches, $20 for full-body inks, $30 and up for coloured pieces--note me for a proper


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::: TRADE STATUS: Closed :::

::: REQUEST STATUS: Tentatively Open :::
(note me with requests--I reserve the right to choose what piques my interest)

... featured artworks ...

   The Baggins that showed real spirit by Inimeitiel-chan Grab your friends! by JakeKalbhenn
   Vermithrax by Carlo-Arellano